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Batchelor and Cohen Look Ahead

With the US mid-term elections looming in 70 days, John and Steve look ahead to what we can expect in terms of Russian "meddling" and other distractions from The New Cold War.

The Dedollarization Bandwagon

Actions by the US to enforce sanctions and tariffs against OBOR countries are beginning to get noticed across the financial media and the pace of de-dollarization appears to be accelerating.

Holiday Week

It will be a low-volume, volatile week as the few carbon-based traders that remain celebrate the end of summer with a few days off. And it's an important week, too, after last Friday's upward break of the trendline that has contained Comex gold since April.

Chief Goon Powell Sparks A...Rally?

You can't be faulted for feeling that the world is entirely upside down, especially when a Fed Head Jackson Holedown speech actually helps to add fuel to a rally in the Comex metals. There's a first time for everything, I guess!

Rodin Would Be Proud

Spending a lot of time in thought this morning. Not specifically about price and the yuan etc etc...instead focusing on The Big Picture. Let's see if we can summarize some stuff into this post.

Another Batchelor-Cohen Update

Another thought-provoking discussion last evening with John and Steve. Please be sure to listen.


The POSX continues to fall today as the political environment in the US turns even hotter. Can this eventually lead to new lows for the dollar, an ease in the CNY devaluations and a rebound in Comex gold?

Why We Are Where We Are

Comex gold actually reached back above $1200 overnight before being worked back lower by The London Monkeys. It's not more than $30 off last Thursday's lows but definitely not yet out of the woods.

Peak Spec Positioning

It's not just Comex gold where we have record Speculator short extremes. The Spec crowd is also at extremes in shorting bonds, long the POSX and long the S&P. Does this seem like a Bank set-up to you, too?

Getting richer panning for gold

4:30 AM came early for this would be prospector. But I arose, made some strong coffee, and tried to wake up while catching up on the overnight posts at TFMR.  I crawled in my truck, which had been loaded with shovels and buckets and rubber boots the night before, and headed south to the Goldfields near Prescott AZ. After a 2 Hour drive, I met one of my buddies, we’ll call him “Stumpy.” We planned this prospecting trip to get rich.

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