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The Week Gets Even Better

We've been anticipating this current week as a vital and important one for setting the trend for perhaps the full first half of the year. Well so far, so good, as the Comex Digital Metals continue to rally on the backs of the declining POSX and USDJPY.

Awaiting The Fedlines

Not much to write about this morning as everything centers around Mother and her Fedlines at 2:00 pm EST. So, let's just take a step back and assess once again the sham/fraud/scam/con of the Comex Paper Derivative Pricing Scheme.

An Cold War Update From Batchelor and Cohen

Another comprehensive update last evening from Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen. Please be sure to listen.

More Interesting By The Day

Well, we promised you an interesting week...and it's only Tuesday!

A Pivotal Week Begins

Since 2017 began, we've pointed to this week as being critical for the underlying trend and the maintenance of The Generally Accepted Narrative. Well, here we go.


As we look back on 2016, will we recognize the year for what it was? As economic data confirms yet again today, Mother, her Goons and her sycophant media have now reached Peak MOPE and SPIN.

Downside Support Targets

As we began to discuss earlier this week, the metals are now in a short-term downtrend due to a number of converging factors. How far might prices fall and where we should hope for expect some support?

Bankers Seize Control

What began as a cautionary note in Monday's podcast turned into a full warning yesterday and now we are seeing the manipulation play out in real time today.

Trump and The New Kremlin-Baiting

A thorough update last evening from John and Steve where the primary topic was the continued "Kremlin-baiting" by the American War Party.

Tuesday Tedium

Most days, this "job" is fun. There are always things to write about and the words flow rather easily. Today? Not so much.

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