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It Is What It Is But It's Not What It Seems

That line was only recently penned by the great Irish poet and philosopher, Paul Hewson. It no doubt applies here to our daily struggle against The Banks and their paper derivative pricing scheme.

Battling Forward

In a sort of 21st century trench warfare, the Comex Metals are inching forward today and looking to move through the post-FOMC highs of last week. This would be an important accomplishment in terms of a higher high and setting in place the new trend.

For Today, More Of The Same

Once again, stocks are driven higher and the metals are shoved lower by a NYSE-opening spike in the USDJPY. OK, fine. Whatever. This is all just setting up to make the impending short squeeze that much more interesting.

Spec Shorts Double Down

Most of yesterday's gains have now been taken back as Spec shorting resumed anew as soon as the Comex opened this morning. Meh, whatever. Let 'em. They're simply sowing the seeds of their own future losses.

Batchelor and Cohen Return

The good professor returned from a two-week hiatus last evening and the discussion picks up right where it last left off...namely, the New Cold War and the elements in The West that seem hell-bent on driving it toward hot war.

Pre-Fedline Open Thread

Uh-oh. You know what that means, don't you? It's time for a Hat Contest!

"Take A Look Around You, Ellen. We're At The Threshold Of Hell!"

Wow, it definitely feels like we've slipped through a wormhole and found ourselves again in December of 2015. I've mentioned several times this year that 2015 felt like a capitulation. If it was, then December 2017 is painting a capitulation double bottom.

Here Comes Mother

The long-awaited and final Tea & Doily Party commences tomorrow and concludes on Wednesday. What does Mother have in store for us? Does she have any parting gifts for everyone on her way out?

Just Get Me Through Wednesday

At this point, it hardly matters how the Comex metals trade today or early next week. All that matters is the reaction into month end that follows the FOMC. Will prices bounce and rally as they did in 2015 and 2016 or will these current declines extend to even deeper lows?

One Day Closer

By forcing price back under the 200-day moving average, The Banks have engendered the selling and Spec flushing you are seeing again today. Even though this was not unexpected, it's sure not much fun to watch.

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