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An Important Close

Today marks the end of the month and quarter. To that end, there are several key items to watch today into the close.

August 2015 Redux?

Not a lot of time this morning but this is something worth noting.

Flatter and Flatter

For the reasons we've discussed over the past several years, the US yield curve continues to flatten with today seeing new, 11-year low spreads. As you know by now, this has significant long-term implications.

Cold War History with JBSFC

John and Steve used their discussion last evening to share a history lesson on diplomacy in the Cold War. They then compare and contrast previous Cold War diplomacy with current efforts in 2018.

The Seven Stages of Golden Grief

All in one chart...

A Big Week For The Buck

A new week begins. It's the last week of the month. It's the last week of the quarter. It's the last week of the first half of 2018. And it's a big week for the POSX as the action through Friday will likely reveal which direction it's headed next.

Finishing Friday

The week appears that it may end on an uptick but that hardly erases the sting of the way the week unfolded. However, upticks are always appreciated and now we'll see if we can build on this into next week.

Down $50 In A Week

Periods like this sure are no fun and while we know what the old adage says, how do you pick the time when "things look the worst"?

Humdrum Wednesday

It's a rather mundane Wednesday as the Comex metals search for a floor from which they can begin the next rally.

On With Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog

It's always great fun to be on with Greg Hunter. In this segment recorded yesterday, we discuss global debt, the corner into which The Fed has painted itself and the rationale of doing "what the Russians and Chinese are doing".

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