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Hoping To Come Out The Other Side

The week begins with Comex gold marginally higher. But it's going to be long week, full of economic datapoints, Comex expirations and Chief Goon Powell's first Hump-Hawk. By Friday, if we're able to paint even the smallest of green candles, we'll consider it a victory.

Guest Post: "How To Spot Fake Gold and Avoid Fraud", by Olivier Garret of Hard Assets Alliance

We've maintained an affiliation with our friends at Hard Assets Alliance since 2012 and I hope they are always on your list of bullion dealers when making a purchase.  They provide a fantastic service and you'll likely find this new post from Olivier Garret, the Founder and CEO of HAA, to be extremely helpful and interesting.

Ready For This Week To Be Over

Ever since the price of gold was hit for $7 after the Comex close last Friday, it has been clear that the Bank intention has been to maneuver it lower. We had hoped this would abate once option expiry was behind us and it has. Now we just need some weakness in the all-important USDJPY. Will it come next week?

Navigating Through Comex Option Expiry

With the FOMC minutes behind us, the primary remaining hurdle for the week is today's expiration of Mar18 Comex options. We identified the Bank "sweet spots" a few days ago and those levels have played out. The question becomes, once we get this behind us, can prices begin to rally back tomorrow?

More Vital Info From Batchelor and Cohen

As the "Russiagate" narrative continues to crumble, John and Steve discuss the origins of the conspiracy theory and the detrimental impact it has had on US-Russia relations during this New Cold War.

Sayonara, Mother!

As the world awaits Mother's final FOMC minutes, let's choose instead to focus upon reality and not economic fantasy.

Whack Job

As we discussed in yesterday's podcast, the Comex metals were scheduled to get whacked this week as the deeply oversold USDJPY and POSX rebound. However, the trend in both HFT inputs remains lower so another set up to find a tradable entry point is emerging.

Guest Post: "Do You Believe In BLS Unicorns?", by Jim Quinn

Our old pal Jim Quinn cuts to the chase today with a quick post that lays bare all of the lies and fraud of the US government-generated inflation statistics.


I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies.
This is the dawning of the rest of our lives.
This is our lives on Holiday.

The New TA

I don’t mean technical analysis.

  1. Have you ever sworn off trading, but only lasted for a couple of days?
  2. Have you ever slammed your fist on your desk when you get stopped out, or just miss filling your order by one penny?
  3. Do you believe you can stop trading any time you want, even though you keep losing?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, you may need to slow down and rethink your life. You just may be a …Trade-a-holic!

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