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I trust that today's action doesn't come as a surprise to anyone. If you are still trying to trade this "market", I hope you are short.

Rather than regurgitate all that we've discussed since last Wednesday, let's just sum up:

1) Central banks are lending gold to the bullion banks at a negative rate of over -0.5%. This means that the EE can borrow gold and sell it on the Comex or LBMA and actually get paid interest to do it! The last time we saw lease rates this low was back in September and we all remember what happened then.

2) EE selling has now turned the charts decidedly negative. WOPR is using this information to accelerate that downward pressure by mindlessly spitting out sell orders.

3) Actual human beings are selling Comex paper because they are finally learning via the MFG-HSBC lawsuit mess that trusting your broker to hold and/or deliver your precious metal is a fool's errand.

That's a lot of combined selling pressure. Regardless of the fundamentals, paper metal is going down. How far? Well that's the question, now isn't it?

It may be foolish to try to find support and a bottom by looking at the charts. What do I know? I'm just a Turd. However, there will be a point where investors and traders will halt the paper carnage, if anything because the paper system still exists and there will be an arbitrage opportunity with physical. So, what do the charts show? I'll let you draw your own conclusions but I think you can plainly see where ultimate support will lie. I wouldn't buy any futures, options, etfs or miners until we get close to these levels.

Lastly, just another word about the discussion I had over the weekend where "bulk" metal prices were mentioned. Please use your brains on this. Of course anyone can log onto Apmex and buy a couple of AGEs for 5% over spot. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about big money. Big money. If you've got 20, 30 or 50 million dollars you're looking to move into gold and/or silver....and you want it in your hands and out of JPM or HSBC or are going to pay a very hefty premium. It appears to be something like $200 over spot in gold and $7-8 over spot in silver. Non-cartel metal in bulk size is very hard to come by. One only needs to review the MFG-HSBC lawsuit documents to get a feel for why.

I've got a last of 1666 in gold and 31.07 in silver. If you're trading, I sincerely hope that you heeded my advice back on Wednesday and Thursday and used the strength of Friday to liquidate some longs. If not, be prepared for at least another $100 on the downside. Paper is de-coupling from physical and the process is going to be ugly and bizarre. We are sailing into uncharted waters where anything is possible.

Be cautious. Do not use margin or leverage. Buy physical only. Prepare accordingly. TF

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