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TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, October 24

Stockroaches worldwide brace for an eventful Thursday.

It was a wild, wild day across all markets. However, the wildest action came in the US "stock market", which went out on its lows and finished at the lowest level since early May, completely wiping out all of the gains made earlier in 2018. Sound familiar?

So, tomorrow sets up as a...

Outright Theft

The criminality continues as Switzerland imports 92 metric tonnes of U.K. gold in September.


The criminality continues as Switzerland imports 92 metric tonnes of U.K. gold in September.

Sometimes, even after all these years, I can still see something that stops me in my tracks. Today, it's the latest Swiss gold import and export data.

As you can see below, for just...

The Cold War Darkens

As the U.S. threatens to withdraw from the INF Treaty that was signed decades ago, the New Cold War has taken a darker and more dangerous turn.


As the U.S. threatens to withdraw from the INF Treaty that was signed decades ago, the New Cold War has taken a darker and more dangerous turn.

If you've been listening to these podcasts over the years, then you know that a history lesson is one of their foremost benefits...Professor...

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, October 23

It was a "magical" day in the markets.

Lots of MAGIC to go around today as the "stock market" is rescued and Comex gold is driven back under its 100-day moving average.

Let's start with the "stock market". As you know, the key algo input that The Bankers manipulate in order to keep the the "stock market" afloat is the...

Do You Believe In Magic?

It's going to take some serious Central Bank Magic to rescue the "stock market" today.


It's going to take some serious Central Bank Magic to rescue the "stock market" today. And it's not a question of "IF" the intervention will occur, it's a function of "when".

So far, though, it has been straight down for the S&P. The futures were down all through the overnight and...

TFMR Podcast - Monday, October 22


The Comex metals began the week on a down note but there were definitely some interesting developments that caught our eye today.

First of all, after rolling over late Friday, the "stock market" fell again today and the S&P finished the day below its 200-day MA again. It will be...

Manic Monday


As we all attempt to adjust to the updated TFMR, the "markets" keep on trading, regardless. So let's dig in and attempt to assess where things might be headed this week.

Thanks again to everyone for your patience and understanding with the updated site. While there are things you may...

Starting Fresh


The updated TFMR is up and running!

As you've no doubt noticed, the revamped TFMR is a complex beast. There are all sorts of updates and added capabilities and this will make the experience for all of us here even better.

The old site was built on a Drupal platform in 2011 and...

Moving Day


As the final glitches get worked out on the site transition, just this quick post and update.

Let's begin with the "stock market". It's the 31st anniversary of the 1987 crash and it appears that TPTB are working to ensure that no hint of any such event occurs today. Regardless of...

Thursday Conversation - David Brady


David Brady of Global Pro Traders stops by for an informative discussion on the stock market, gold and the existence of a yuan-gold "peg".

Amidst A Sea Of Red


The entire commodity complex is down today as the POSX has strengthened following yesterday's FOMC minutes.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, October 17

We survived another day of Comex precious metal price capping and FOMC shenanigans. Now can we close the week with any sort of upward momentum?

Ahead of the FOMC Minutes


Both Comex digital metals are up this morning ahead of the 2:00 pm EDT release of the minutes to last month's FOMC.

This Week With Batchelor and Cohen


After taking last week off, John and Steve returned last evening with an interesting history lesson of Cold War espionage mixed in with a discussion of current events.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, October 16


After another magical rally in the Bank-controlled "stock market", perhaps we should feel grateful that the Comex metals finished largely unchanged on the day.

Clawing Higher


It has been a terrific, 5-day stretch for Comex gold and now prices are climbing even higher today as some of the bond market selling eases and the POSX falls back below 95.

TFMR Podcast - Monday, October 15


Comex gold and silver finished the day solidly higher while the US "stock market" went out in its lows. It sure looks like another week where no one should quit smoking, drinking or sniffing glue.

October Surprises


The week begins with a falling POSX and rising Comex precious metals. Will it end that way, too?

TFMR Podcast - Friday, October 12


The week ends with some of the most obvious and overt manipulation of the "stock market" that we've seen in some time. Regardless, none of this lessens the value of the breakout in Comex gold that was sustained into today's close.

Back Up


The "stock market" has bounced higher today but, in a variation of an old TFMR adage, it's not how the S&P begins today that matters. It's how the S&P ends today and this week that will be important.

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