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Thursday Conversation - Steph Pomboy


Our friend, Steph, stops by today to share her thoughts on the current macro environment, which appears to be rapidly deteriorating. If that's the case, the implications for monetary policy are myriad and Steph provides a full analysis. You should be sure to listen.

As always, these Thursday Conversation podcasts are free, public threads. Therefore, please feel free to widely share and post this link. You've heard me state repeatedly that all of us need access to as much objective and honest information as we can get...and Steph is one of the objective and honest analysts you'll find!

Over the course of this call, Steph and I focus on three primary topics, with much detail in between.

  • the current state of the US economy
  • whether the US is headed toward a regular recession or a nasty stagflationary recession, instead
  • how The Fed will attempt to remediate the situation in the months ahead

If you're interested in all of this stuff and using macroeconomic analysis in your investment plans, a subscription to Steph's site would be a great place to start. You can find information on her services at this link: https://macromavens.com

Many thanks to Steph for so generously sharing her time with us today. I hope to have her back for another podcast sometime later this year as the economic sands continue to rapidly shift.


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