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Weekend Conversation - Dave Collum


Our old friend, Professor Dave Collum, stops by today for an extensive discussion of the year ahead. This would normally have been posted as a "Thursday Conversation" but you may need extra time to be able to listen and digest the entire thing.

As you know, I'm out today so this post shall serve as your Friday podcast and weekend thread, too. Frankly, this is a more informative discussion than your usual Friday summary, anyway. Why?

Dave Collum's day job is a tenured professor of organic chemistry at Cornell University. As I've said before, organic chemistry was the most difficult course I ever took at college so Dave, as an Ivy League professor in the subject, is quite obviously way smarter than I am.

But understand, this is not a discussion of carbon compounds. Instead, Dave is an acute observer of global events and markets. As such, he's someone whose opinion I highly value. You may know Dave from his annual Year in Review. This highly anticipated summary of the year's events is something that Dave has been writing annually for over a decade. If you missed last year's review, here are links to Chris Martenson's site, where it is always published free of charge:

For today's podcast, Dave and I begin with a discussion of the global markets and what he thinks may be in store for 2024. From there, we venture into gold, politics, DEI programs and other items that are currently on Dave's radar. Oh, and be sure to keep a pen and paper with you and Dave mentions four or five books that he has recently read. You might want to write down the titles and check them out.

Many, many thanks to Dave for so generously sharing his time with us. As you know, I'm often reluctant to record podcasts that exceed thirty minutes in length, especially during the week. But Dave is a brilliant guy and he had a lot to say, so this baby checks in at over an hour. Please take some time this weekend to give it a thorough listen. You'll be glad you did.


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