Nothing Really Matters, Anyone Can See

The US labor force is rapidly shrinking. Wage growth is non-existent. The vast majority of the American people have no savings and little hope for economic improvement. But none of that matters with the G-3 central banks in charge!

So today saw the latest installment of the BLSBS. If you check your "mainstream" sources, you;ll be led to believe that everything is great and getting even better!

But look under the hood and you see that this is all bullshit. The unemployment rate that Drudge blares on behalf of Trump is only at its "lowest since 2000" because October saw an astonishing 968,000 people leave the labor force. This leaves the total number of people NOT in the labor force at a record 95,385,000. Then, as ZH notes, "this took place as the number of employed Americans declined by 484,000, however since the unemployment rate denominator dropped more, it translated into an actual decline in the unemployment rate!"  Read all about it here:

Secondly, about this notion of "hiring bouncing back" and the "economy rebounds". Do you recall this very prescient chart from Morgan Stanley? Well, the two hurricanes messed up the math BUT, since this BLSBS is all about "catch up", let's take another look:

If this chart had continued to be accurate (no hurricanes), the combined total of "new jobs" for September and October would have been 345,000. And what was the actual total? September was revised today to +18,000 and this latest report had October at 261,000. That's a total of 279,000. Hmmmm. How about that for your "rebounding" economy and job market?!?

And the wage growth component was terrible, too, with wages FLAT month-over-month and coming in at a growth of just 2.4% year-over-year. This includes all of the high-end, top-salary types so can you imagine what the actual wage growth is for the vast majority of Americans who actually do all the living, working and dying? Try close to ZERO!

But, of course, here's the thing. When the G-3 central banks attempt to control everything, none of this matters at all. In typical G-3 fashion, the all-important USDJPY sank on the news, it immediately double-bottomed and then moved higher at 45 degrees until it was right back to where it was at 8:29 EDT.

And as I type, nothing has changed in the time since. The USDJPY has continued to creep higher and I have a last of 114.10. CDG had nearly hit $1280 but it's back to $1276 and CDS is now down 4¢ at $17.10.

So, in the end what happens? As per usual, average and everyday Americans continue to get squeezed as they work multiple jobs attempting to feed their families and pay their taxes. The filthy rich and Wall Street bankers line their pockets with ill gotten profits derived from the endless creation of fiat cash by the central bankers.

Oh, and don't forget that you're now repeatedly told about how "the Fed is tightening" and how this "makes the dollar stronger". Yes, the dollar appears stronger but that only because other fiat is weakening even faster. Don't believe me? Well check The Fed's own charts! M1 and M2 money supply are both at all-time highs!!

And here's a fun, little "anomaly" for you. Below is the same M2 money supply chart but I've added the price of Comex gold. The scales are off and this makes the chart a bit difficult to read. However, you can plainly see that, beginning in the fall of 2011, something changed. After tracking money supply growth pretty closely since 2002, there seems to be a bit of a disconnect. Gee, I wonder why and how?

But, whatever. It is what it is and as long as The Criminal Bankers remain in charge, not much is going to change.

To that end, look at what has happened to CDG and CDS while I've been typing! Though the USDJPY is still 114.10, suddenly prices are getting smashed lower. And why not? Again, when The Bankers control everything, they can pretty much do whatever they want.

So we'll have to see where we finish the day. It certainly appears that this onslaught has been designed to take out the 200-day MA on a closing basis. For today, that level is $1268.40 so watch it closely. 



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Trump touring Asia... this should be interesting

Here is the picture I have in my head of it...

Image result for trumpzilla

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Angry Chef on forgive the FBI...

Nice rant!  I'm sure you won't do one on the CIA, as the moderators would kick you off for the language you would need to use...

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Nothing really matters?

Stay loyal to your dreams! 

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if you read between the lines she is saying that mostly people like Schultz are incompetant. Not corrupt.

Big difference of course if you are deemed stupid vs criminal. I think thats what they are trying to get established.

Remember Comey also said that about Hillary-was stupid or something  like that in saying there was no bad intent on doing what she did.

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What a sham

Was just looking at SNB purchases 3rd Qtr in stocks.  Must be nice to print money from thin air and buy foreign assets and destroy their markets.  Since this all seems to be OK, why do we even have taxes?  Maybe the SNB can have an "adopt a US household" program.  Just print to cover all their costs.  

Shouldn't we all be allowed to counterfeit?  Banks do it for loans but charge us interest / principle obtained by real labor.

Seems that many can also just create PM's out of thin air.  Miners should just buy futures and use them settle supply contracts.  I often feel sorrow watching Gold Rush / Gold shows.  Here they bust their butt for a season to get what someone else does with a key stroke.

My name.

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Important update on TFMR sentiment

all time low today November 3rd, 2017. Gold may take out the 200 day but my bet is

miners hold then rally hard. We'll see! May take a sustained selloff in Bitcoin (only caveat)

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meanwhile on Apple TV

it's all CNBS, CNBS, CNBS what a love-in!

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things are soooo bad......... How bad you ask?

Eldorado Gold - most hated miner in the world. Down 90% April 2018 $1.00 calls are offered at 35 pennies of which all but 11 pennies are in the money. this is what I call incredible risk/reward trade.


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"It makes me wonder about how much desperation there is in suburbia compared to 10-15 years ago."

"Not enough, yet," would be the only logical answer. ;-)

The level of desperation is still quite low. Was he desperate? No, he just believed that the odds were quite good for him to get away with it. He even covered his plate #, so he was rather logical than desperate. And those managers were not desperate either, right? The only person caught off guard and surprised, nervous and running around, was you. ;-)

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The standard for how to deal with theft has been set at the highest levels of leadership starting with the President (no Criminal Justice Division), The Supreme Court through Citizens United, and Congress through being bought out by Corporate Lobbyists/interests.

The standard has been set to transfer wealth from the productive to the wealthy nonproductive.  That kind of leadership often leads to demotivation and eventually revolution in some form the victims...the people. Our Constitution has a strong bias for equal treatment under the law.  The prevailing leadership holds contrary views, possibly from weak character, partly from mental illness or both.  

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Craig - did you dress up like Freddy Mercury to sing that tune

this morning?

One of those days, but hopefully those with a little crypto exposure feel better.  At least we have football tomorrow.

Mavens - how you feeling with Penn State coming to town?  Doc Janda - is Peters going to keep the Little Brown Jug at home?

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Gary Gensler

Am I the last one to realize Gary Gensler was Hillary Clinton’s campaign financial manager?

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Why Aren't I 50 points Ahead ?

You might ask.....

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Everyday I wake up and Hillary is not President

feels like Christmas morning

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Sometimes it's hard to keep track of everything


Sometimes it's hard to keep track of everything when the corruption is so systemic. Don't be too hard on yourself.

Response to: Gary Gensler
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one more thing re Gensler


Many folks thought that he was in line to be SecTreas under the Hillary administration. 

Chew on that for a while...

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Your Absolutely Correct

Boehemian - You are absolutely correct I was the only one surprised and wondering "does anyone care about this theft"?

I guess I'm old fashioned. At 50 years old this is the first time I've really felt old. Except for sore knees and ankles of course.

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@joe black...

yes, true, I feel the same, but then comes New Years Day and all we are left with is the Trump hangover !  

Same shit, different Pres.

In the end it doesn't matter who becomes President/Premier/Chairman etc... its the BANKS that run the world.  Until our (greater pop.) focus turns to them nothing will change.  

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Agree Lakedweller2 - I still hold out hope that some of these criminals at the highest level will be brought to justice.  I pray that these folks be brought to justice for the sake of the country and future generations. If the current standard is left un-prosecuted it will lead to much more chaos/disorder down the road.

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Unfortunately Turds

In a corrupt world, run by intelligent, corrupt people, those with a combination of intelligence and morals lose.  This forum is filled with losers (only by the moral definition). There are too many sheep to do anything about it. 

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The Deep State trafficking killer opioids

Ancientmoney: I wish that was my rant. I pulled it off a certain somebody's web site. That certain somebody has stated not to use his name when linking his articles because it may result in your PC getting hit with malware.

So you fight a War in Afghanistan to control the drug trade that kills your own citizens and you get to pay for it with your taxes. Wrap your head around that for a moment. And by the way. The chemicals that are produced to create drugs like fentanyl. Are manufactured by 3 European Pharmaceutical companies. I believe they're in France, Netherlands and I can't remember the third country. My daughter lost her good friend a few years back when she overdosed on anti-depressants. She was a kind and beautiful young woman at the time. Only eighteen. I couldn't help but think the cause was the opioids used in the F&^%$#G drugs.

And by the way. The major owners of all these Pharmaceutical companies are the same people that own the BIS and the Central banks.

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37 trading days left...

in 2017. So another one bites the dust but 2018 is going to be different... Yeah, rrright.

Stupid me... I still have hope. Think I'll go jump on the bed for awhile.

PS: I've never heard of Gary Gensler so raider10 you're off the hook.

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I picked the wrong day to quit opiates.

I've seen a picture circulating of Bix Weir that looks like he's pulling this same stunt and reversed the picture;

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How does Bix get that rodent on his head not to move

He's trained that animal well!  Like a COMEX banker!

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HTF is this continuous smashing of PMs not a criminal act?

It doesn't happen in any other markets but gold and silver.

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Mr Donut picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue

A 'short' comment on problems brewing in the world of finance.  

Working title

"You can be the donkey or you can be the stacker".

The world is filling to the brim with trillions worth of unutterable garbage financing.  The Big Short redux approaches.  I give it maybe 12-18 months.  

All MBS, CDO and CLO will assume their intrinsic value    ZERO

The donkey is a foolish bloke

He bought some single tranche bespoke

CDOs from banker Citi

The ratings were much more than shitty

And poor sad Eyore just went broke

Keep stackin'  

Or take part in a $100 billion offering of fresh new bundled synthetic CDOs now for sale at CitiBank,  backed by 1200 drowned F 150s at Lone Star Ford in Houston,  65 flooded homes in a  San Juan PR neighborhood and a Aa1 rating from Fitch.

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Apologies for bring this up...

but is anyone going to put any of their bitcoin on coinbase before Nov. 16th (the fork) so as to get the free bitcoin2x? I missed out on the bitcoin cash which is now $680 up 20% today. I had my bitcoin on my keepkey at the time. It sounds like I could put my bitcoin on coinbase before the 16th then a day of two later put them both back on my hard wallet.

Any suggestions? 

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