The Ballad of Turdville

In Turdville town, at the foot of the hill,

Lived folks with hearts full of goodwill.

But atop the hill, in a shadowy lair,

Lurked the Cabal-Grinch, with a covetous stare.


The villagers had gold and silver so bright,

That shone in the sun and sparkled at night.

But the Cabal-Grinch wanted it all,

To hoard in its lair and watch Turdville fall.


For the Cabal-Grinch was a Central Bank beast,

That printed money and caused inflation to feast.

And as the money lost value each day,

The precious metals seemed to gain in their sway.


In Switzerland, the Central Banks met,

To plot and scheme and lay their net.

They wanted to gain advantage and power,

Over Turdville’s people, hour by hour.


The Central Banks had buildings so grand,

While Turdville’s people were told to downsize their land.

And when prices rose and inflation did soar,

The Central Banks blamed the people more and more.


But the villagers knew the truth of it all,

That their gold and silver didn’t rise or fall.

It was the money that lost its worth,

As the Cabal-Grinch caused economic dearth.


Then one day, a better time did arrive,

As Central Bank workers opened their eyes.

They saw what they were doing and joined Turdville’s side,

Leaving the shadowy bosses alone to hide.


For no one wanted to do their work anymore,

And the Cabal-Grinch was left without a roar.

Turdville rejoiced and lived free and bright,

With their gold and silver shining in the light. 😊

p.s. Please be sure to visit Argentus's TFMR forum. It's a great place to discuss and interact. too. It celebrated its 10th birthday back in January!

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