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A New Contest

Thanks to the good folks at Provident Metals, I'm happy to announce a new price contest. It's only open to Vault subscribers...BUT...if you subscribe today, you'll find that the prizes for winning more than compensate you for a few months of Vault membership!

WoodyCare Disaster

After last week's PPI, we thought that the CPI would come in flat, too. WRONG! Of course "producer" prices are down. The US economy is dead. But "consumer" prices are rising. Why? The WoodyCare Act is causing healthcare prices to rise, not fall. Wow. A government program that is doing the opposite of what we were sold told it would do. There's a stunner!

India's Convoluted Gold Scheme

There's been a lot of talk about this today, highlighted by a dedicated post at ZeroHedge this evening. In the hope of minimizing the confusion, I thought we should give this topic its own thread.

Plowing The Field

At this time of year, the first step in preparation for planting is to plow the field. Turn the soil upside down so that it's ready to accomplish it's purpose. Same thing today in gold. Plow the field. Turn the market upside down so that it's ready to accomplish its purpose. And what's the purpose?

GLD Drain Accelerates Again

The GLD is once again being drained of "inventory" during a period of rising prices. Is this a sign of tight, global supply? Unfortunately, we can only speculate.

Central Banks Seek Total Control

This is madness. The intraday moves, particularly in Forex, are mind-numbing. Are the central planners losing control or, in the other extreme, are they taking complete control? At this point, it's nearly impossible to tell.

Great New Video

Lots of talk lately about China and its gold reserves and this is the topic of this latest, excellent video from our friends at Future Money Trends.

World Getting Nervous

A very interesting day today as the world begins to come to terms with the idea that this whole "Grexit" deal is a real possibility.

No Surprises Overnight

The POSX rallied to the critical 94 level and the metals pulled back. Now we wait. Wait to see where this all settles out at the end of the day.

Guest Post: "The Real Reason China Is Buying Up The World's Gold", by Avery Goodman

This excellent piece was written yesterday and posted to the Seeking Alpha website. It contains some ideas that, heretofore, many of us had likely failed to consider. Please be sure to give this your full attention.

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