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What if we are wrong?

In the spirit of considering both sides of a question, why not take a thought trip and explore a future where all of our relatives and friends who have rolled their eyes at us turn out to be right? What if we have been deluded all along…

Hot War in Ukraine

The situation in southern Ukraine has rapidly deteriorated today as the NAF have begun an "offensive operation" in Mariupol. How this plays out in the days ahead remains to be seen but wait until you see and hear the YouTube clip we've found.

A Notice From Andrew Maguire

Andy's new business and website is finally up and running and it goes live on Monday. Since there are some folks here in Turdville that were clients of his at Coghlan Capital, I thought I should make everyone aware of this announcement.


We do live in remarkable times. I guess this is what happens when humans print the money and computers do the trading.

A Measured Response

You didn't really think that gold would soar $100 or €100 today on the ECBQE news...did you? Of course not! It's allowed to rise a little run away, significantly higher...that's just not going to be allowed. Confidence in paper currency must be maintained, particularly at this critical hour.

(Currency) Wars and Rumors of (Currency) Wars

Back in Friday's podcast, I warned you to expect extreme volatility this week and a "sell the news" type of reaction to the ECBQE announcement. Well, it's only Wednesday and things are already shaking around the globe with more craziness to come.

Great Stuff from Santiago Capital

Our friend and Turdite, Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital, has crafted another excellent presentation to kick off 2015. Tremendous information and just 10 minutes in length, this is a must watch.

This Is Getting Fun Again

Gold up. Silver up. Miners up. Bonds up. Stocks down (sorry paperbugs). As we begin what will be a very interesting and volatile week, it's finally getting fun to look at the charts again.

The other 1%—Ready, Relaxed and Right

I suspect a quick scan of the headlines each morning as the markets open, and reading a bit in the afternoon to catch up is all that is needed. With that much attention, we can stay on our toes. All y’all here will keep us apprised of significant stories that indicate what may come and when. But getting stressed out about it--that is for the birds.

Swiss Repercussions

As the financial system continues to shake from the surprise Swiss de-pegging announcement yesterday, how about the continued move in gold? And what about silver? Just yesterday I told you to "expect" a pop toward $17.70. Hmmm. That's worked out pretty well.

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