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Turd with Wall St. for Main St.

My friend, Jason, at requested that we record another interview. So, we connected late Thursday evening and recorded this 42-minute conversation. If you have some extra time over the holiday weekend, please give  it a listen.

Michael C. Ruppert's Suicide and the Importance of Mental Health Prepping

The stress in the air is palpable. I had actually been planning on writing an article this week on managing stress while all this craziness is going on in the world, and then I heard the sad news that Michael C. Ruppert had committed suicide. Michael C. Ruppert was a prepper, 9/11 activist, and Peak Oil proponent. He had apparently suffered from severe depression over the years, so his friends are cautioning the conspiracy-minded from concluding that he had actually been taken out.

You can listen to his last podcast here.

Taking this news at face value, I feel it is incredibly important that people are taught better coping mechanisms for dealing with the stress of everything falling apart in the world. We talk a lot about prepping financially and physically, but not much is being done to "prep" people for the mental health challenges that are sure to come up if the schnitzel really does hit the fan.

Additional Context

I've had more time to consider the ideas and theories of yesterday and I'm more convinced than ever that we're onto something.

Sriracha - Follow Up

I only have time for a quick one.  This is a follow up to my earlier report that meddling local government workers tried to shut down one of my beloved condiment makers, Huy Fong foods, which manufactures Sriracha hot sauce.

The story is simple: after citizen complaints of strong odors, local govt thugs filed a court action seeking an immediate shut down of the business.  The judge refused the immediate, emergency order, but instead some interim orders and set the matter for a trial later this year.


Having 24 hours to consider yesterday's price smash, I feel compelled to share with you some of the conclusions I've drawn.


Not that I'm a wily veteran or "a man out of Europe with over 50 years of experience" but I do think I've been around long enough to have seen almost everything. And then a morning like today dawns.

Power & Moral relativity

Keynesian theory is a constructionist worldview applied to money. Austrian economics takes much more of an essentialist view. We gold bugs are essentialists when it comes to money, stubbornly clinging to the surety and scarcity of our barbarous relics. Keynes, Krugman & Bernanke teach that money is created—created by human will through their wise and benevolent leadership. But are they consciously duping us?

Plunging GOFO Rates

As expected, London gold forward rates are plunging again during the New York Comex delivery month. In the recent past, this signal of tight physical supplies has correlated with higher prices. So, are we on the verge of another rally?

Locked and Loaded


Well, it seems the world is on edge, waiting to see what will happen next in Ukraine. Let's look at some of our favorite indicators and see if we can read the read the tea leaves, flip the tarot cards and gaze into the crystal ball.

When will the Money Creation End?

Some ideas of how the end of QE may look, from Argentus Maximus.

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