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Chart Check

It's a Friday before a holiday weekend. Here are some levels to watch into the close.

The Comex Delivery Charade

We attempted to explain this in yesterday's podcast but it seemed as though this data needed a written post in order to be truly understood. Thus, we give it a try today.

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Turd on with Rory and Dave

The Shadow of Truth series featuring Rory Hall and Dave Kranzler is one of the best channels on YouTube. To be invited as a guest is always an honor and I had the privilege of visiting with Rory and Dave back on Tuesday.

Den Of Vipers

Ever wonder how it is that 90% of all Comex traders get completely wiped out within 90 days of wandering into The Den of Vipers? Today's action is a perfect illustration of how these "markets" are utterly controlled by the Bullion Banks and the HFTs, all to the detriment of anyone foolish enough to think they are trading on a fair and level playing field.

A Death Candle for the S&P 500

Past performance is not always a reliable indicator of future results. In this case, however, it very well may be. Therefore if you have stock market exposure, either through mutual funds or your 401(k), you definitely want to make note of this long-term chart.

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Almost September

As we drop the curtain on all of the volatility of August, today we check the monthly charts for clues as to what the often-important month of September may hold.

Turd on with Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog

Friday afternoon, I had the honor of visiting with Greg Hunter of the USA Watchdog website and YouTube channel.

Circling the toilet, or light at the end of tunnel?

Feeling somewhat prolific lately, here is another sermon for the choir for your weekend reading. Perhaps I am just getting some ideas sorted out of the messy desk of my mind.  I have sent this open letter to my friends and family, not wanting them to hate me for not warning them. I'd rather they think me crazy. I told them it would be my last word on the subject. Feel free to copy, paste, and forward to anyone you like, if you believe it may help the cause. And please, straighten me out if I have said something in error. I tried to err on the side of caution in making claims, staying on solid reasonable ground to make an argument that people who are disinclined to believe might be able to accept or at least consider.

August Gold Delivery Update

Another item of great interest that we follow each month is the ongoing sham/charade/fraud of The Comex metal deliveries. After the extraordinary and unusual happenings in July silver, we've been monitoring August gold all month for similar oddities.

Key Levels For Friday

It has been a wild and volatile week and this has left the metals in a precarious spot. As we move through the day and head into the weekly close, here are the levels that you must watch very closely.

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