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Removing Any Doubt

You may have missed it. In fact, you probably did. While you were out enjoying your holiday, we saw more proof of how Cartel algos are set to manage and control price, regardless of the day or time.

The Critical Mind, Inner Scripting, & The "Game" of Trading

If you trade or invest in financial markets, it matters a lot whether you are  using your inner adult or your inner child to decide your next trade.

The Paper Armageddon Portfolio, One Year Later

One year ago, I wrote an article here titled The Paper Armageddon Portfolio outlining a rationale for investing in certain sectors from a “hard assets/tangible value” perspective that would reflect the TFMR understanding of the ongoing Keynesian process of QE, artificially low interest rates, market manipulation, and dollar devaluation. One year later, I thought it would be worthwhile to check back in on this investing thesis to see how these picks and sectors fared and to discuss what we might learn from their performance over the last year.

Waiting For Tuesday

Of course, maybe everything will be fine. Personally, however, there are a number of things that I would rather do than be short paper metal over the upcoming 3-day weekend:

  • Be waterboarded
  • Give birth
  • Prepare for a colonoscopy

Even Lower Rates

How could it be that I've been up for over three hours yet still find myself late and behind schedule. Somehow, this must all be the fault of that foul temptress, MrsF.

Just In: Acquittal - Real Fraudsters were the Banksters!

Real estate flippers avoided criminal conviction because they argued, and persuaded the jurors, that the REAL criminals were the banksters!!  No way!!!

“In an unprecedented trial, four people charged with mortgage fraud were acquitted Friday by a jury in Sacramento federal court after defense attorneys argued the real culprits are the so-called victim lenders.”

Let’s do a little background.

ZIRP Morphs to NIRP

Never in my wildest dreams did I envision having a job where I wrote about acronyms like "ZIRP" and "NIRP". But, I guess, never in my wildest dreams did I think that the world would get as utterly screwed up as it is.

Silver Showing Some Signs of Life

Though today's rally is only related to September option expiry and The Banks moving price into the "sweet spot", the rally is appreciated, regardless. As we discussed yesterday, an expiry rally might help silver turn the corner and end its current decline.

Uninformed & Assuming

I hope that most of you recall the structure of logic that you should have learned in school: Do you remember the Syllogism—the thought formula that leads us from truth, through the available data to sound conclusions?

Given a major premise (truth), and considering a minor premise (fact), we can conclude that…

  • All men are mortal. Socrates is a man. Therefore, Socrates is mortal.
  • Lawbreakers try to escape the police. OJ Simpson ran from the police. Therefore, OJ broke the law.
  • Men have wider shoulders than women. Michele has wide shoulders. Michele is really a man.
  • Normal trading patterns reflect human psychology and news events. Gold charts are erratic. Therefore, human agency is unduly influencing the price of gold.

It is the “givens” that cause problems, not the logic. Our certitude of the major premise determines the likelihood the conclusion is true.

Gold & 2nd Term US Presidents

Does it  matter for the gold price who is President of the United States? Sure it does!

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