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In Need Of A Vacation

You know the old saying, "the beatings will continue until morale improves"? I'm not sure morale can get much lower but the beatings continue, nonetheless.

A Russian Explanation

Over the weekend, an original Turdite sent me a link to this very interesting video. You should take time to watch it.

Ned Naylor-Leyland on "Get Real" with Jan Skoyles

Late last week, Ned joined Jan for a terrific discussion of the global gold markets.

"Save us, Oh FED"

Turd deserves a day off!

And we must have something new to read!

I was on an anniversary vacation (27 years) in lovely Sedona Arizona yesterday when I noticed the headline on the USA Today weekend edition praising the FED for saving the stock markets. I had to stop and read ... It just burns me to see news manipulation in action while I am trying to relax.

Guest Post: "Measuring Indian Precious Metal Imports", by Koos Jansen

Another great piece of work from Koos Jansen that you simply must be sure to read and consider.

A Pending Sale?

Is The Gold Cartel preparing to mark down prices again, just in time for all of your holiday shopping needs?

NIRP Negative For Gold?

So the Swiss National Bank announces a plan for negative interest rates and gold prices fall. Of course negative interest rates are negative for gold! Only a blockhead would think that NIRP should be gold bullish.

A Pre-Fedline Look At Gold

As we await Old Mother Fellen and her 2:00 pm Fedlines, just a quick update on gold and GOFO.

Turdville Open Thread

As historic events unfold around us, and with markets moving so quickly around the globe, I thought we should try something different today. Hopefully this open thread provides a forum for the free exchange of ideas and opinions as well as headline updates for all the global markets.

A Brief Calm

After a calm Monday open, the financial "markets" are beginning to roil again as I type. Will this week be an extension of last week? Maybe even worse?

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