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Events Moving Quickly

With the active and ongoing situation in Ottawa, just a quick thread with some links and a few charts.

Another Crazy Tuesday

Once again, things are moving really fast and I feel like I'm already behind the proverbial 8-ball. However, just as we discussed yesterday, gold is breaking higher and the S&P is nearing critical resistance near 1926. The rest of the day is going to be pretty interesting.

More GLD Drawdowns

Longtime readers will recall that we've been covering the ongoing depletion of the GLD since early 2013. After today's massive withdrawal, the total alleged "inventory" of the GLD now stands at a multi-year low of just 751.96 metric tonnes and down 5.8% on the year. This while the paper price of gold is actually up on the year by nearly 4%.

So What Will This Week Bring?

Last week saw tremendous volatility in the equity and bond markets. It also saw a strong rebound on gold, right back up to the primary trendline we've been following all year. Holy moly, where do we go from here?

Religious Liberty Under Assault in the Name of Transgender Bathroom Access in Houston

I finally realized the core of what has been bothering me about what's happening in America lately - how Ebola is being mishandled, the idea that more debt is the path to prosperity, the never ending parade of PC lynch mobs ready to destroy someone's career or livelihood for not holding the proper opinion. 

Our very reality is under assault.


In Wednesday's podcast, we discussed the strong likelihood of a bounce and rally in the S&P to close out the week. A little bit of Fed and ECB jawboning and there you go. So, is that it? Has the "deflation bias" selling run its course? Perhaps we should revisit what else we discussed earlier this week.

The Current Cap

Less than two weeks ago, gold again bounced from the same $1180 level which had supported it in the past. The "safe haven" bid has pushed gold higher since but now it seems stuck and capped at/near $1245. Why would this be? Regular readers know the answer...for the same reason gold has been capped all year!

Getting More Wild By The Day

Well, I guess if you've been following along these past few weeks, none of this current market turmoil should be catching you by surprise. However, I think even I'm a little caught off guard by the rapidly increasing severity of the declines.

Jim Rickards on with Greg Hunter

Posted just yesterday, this new video interview of Jim Rickards by Greg Hunter is definitely worth your time.

Tuesday Tumult

Stocks are trying to bounce back this morning but who knows how long that will last? More importantly, crude is down another dollar, The Long Bond is under 3% and gold is firm at $1234. In other words, the disinflation/deflation bias still holds in anticipation of the eventuality of more QE∞.

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