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Preparing For A Wild Week Next

By this time next Friday, the picture for the metals will become much more clear. With August expirations, an FOMC meeting and some clarity from the Bank of Japan, where we stand one week from today may look considerably different from this morning.

A Timeline For The Next Rally In Gold

We've been watching for two weeks as prices have once again been pushed backward into expirations. However, the pattern calls for a renewed up trend to begin as soon as next week. Is it possible to connect the dots and project that far out? Yes!

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Metals Getting Pounded

Gold and silver are down today for all the reasons we've been discussing. USDJPY and interest rates moving higher coupled with the impending expiration of August gold and August gold options. There are still key levels to watch going forward so be sure to read this post.

On With Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog

Yesterday, we had the honor of visiting again with Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog. Much of what we discussed is covered here on a daily basis but you might find it fun to watch, regardless.

Getting It All Wrong

After perusing the internet and Twitter over the weekend, I find the level of misunderstanding in the gold space to be astonishing. The paper derivative price of "gold" fell last week because of the huge rise in the USDJPY and the spike in interest rates that accompanied it. That's it. That's why. That's all you need to know.

Cycles, Mindsets, Where Some Mindsets Come From, Reaction to Shock

Ever hear the phrase "disaster capitalism". Not yet? 

In that case, read on ....

Here We Go Again

My, how quickly the narrative changes. Just one week ago, global interest rates were at record lows as Brexit and looming bank failures dominated the headlines. And now today? Everything is "great"! The US economy is "booming" and European banks are "stable". Yeah, well, whatever. Let's see what next week brings.

<Insert Own Title>

Banker and Central Banker desperation has been taken to new levels this week and the effect on gold has been brutal to watch. All things considered, the clip below sums my emotions quite well.

Not May Yet

As we discussed in yesterday's podcast, there are a couple of key indicators to watch as we attempt to discern whether the next stage is a move to new highs for 2016 or a return to the May doldrums. We're glad to report that, so far, the former is looking more likely than the latter.

This Week With JB & SFC

Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen return with their latest update on the New Cold War. Sadly, this situation continues to deteriorate and you must stay on top of the current conditions. These weekly podcasts from The John Batchelor Show are the best way to do it.

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