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Eurasianism, Dugin and Ukraine (Part 1)

“Putin is trying to reassemble the Soviet Union.” “Putin is out of control.” “Putin is Hitler.” “Putin is Satan.”  More than likely, people are just repeating what the talking box in the living room told them.  What most don’t know is that there is a very valid reason why these claims may, in fact, be true (well, except for the Satan part).

Double Jeopardy

If you've been playing along at home, you know that today was the day that the pennants closed and, to no surprise, they broke to the downside. Well, if you thought that was fun and you'd like to do it again, wait till you see what's coming next.

Killing Time

One look at these updated charts and you'll see why there's really not much to discuss this morning.

Slaves To The Data

In the preposterous world of paper derivatives, pries and values have become slaves to the data. No fundamental factor is significant. All that matters is the data, the headlines that proclaim it and how the HFT algos react.

Buying Bug-out Bunkers 101

My wife and I will be completing a sale on our new bug-out property in a couple of weeks. We are getting a smoking deal. I know that many of you are interested in a similar deal, but perhaps do not know all the tricks of the trade to get the kind of deal you deserve. Not that I know them all either, but we have had some experience buying properties on the cheap and I simply wanted to share what we have learned and open a conversation that invites the expertise of several real estate pros that I know haunt these forums.

About Last Night...

A bit of a late start this morning so I'll try to keep it brief but I've got a few things you have to see.

The Imperial Presidency

After finding no resistance to his "executive action" on such issues as illegal immigration and ammunition sales, President Woody II is about to boldly go in a direction we should have expected all along.

Guest Post: "Breaking Bad (Debt), by Jim Quinn

Two weeks ago, Jim Quinn wrote a definitive, four-part series on "The Fourth Turning" and the works of Strauss and Howe. Jim is back this week with a comprehensive, three-part expose on the looming, continued debt crisis and how this unsustainable system is certain to crash again in the near future.


Just like the post from a few days ago. However this time, instead of "different day", are we staring down the barrel of "same sh*t, different week"?

<This is now free and public because everyone should read it before Friday.>

The Fog of War

We are already in the middle of a very real information and psychological war between two of the world's largest powers.  And as I understand the conflict, BOTH sides view the war as an existential struggle--and both sides are playing deceptively and unethically.

Welcome to the fog of war.

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