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S&P 500 "Death Candle" Update

As the month of April is now in the books, it's time to once again update the S&P charts to see if the lines are still crossed. Is a 2001 or 2008 stock market crash still imminent or is it time to sound the all clear?

Not Just Another Manic Monday

With a nod to Prince, the new week begins with markets closed in China and in London. This has made for a somewhat quiet trade as prices moved higher overnight, only to be shoved back lower on The Comex. So, though today is not so "manic", it's unlikely that the same will be said about the rest of the week.

Margin Hikes

Because somebody needed to get this on record...

Freaky Friday

Not sure where to start on this fine and fun Friday. Plus, it's already rather late. So, here are just a handful of charts to watch as we go through the day and, remember, it's not where you start the day/week, it's where you finish it that matters.

Lousy GDP and Plunging USDJPY

In what should be no surprise to anyone here, the first guesstimate of Q1 GDP came in at just +0.5%. In what should also be no surprise, this headline was used as cover to press metals prices lower.

Mother Fellen Declareth

Within hours, we'll have the latest mutterings of Mother Fellen and her Band of Goons. Will there be a "rate hike"? Probably not. Will there be a few punctuation changes that allow CNBS et al to dedicate wall-to-wall coverage for hours? Most likely, yes. Will there be raids/slams/rallies/spikes in the paper precious metal "markets"? Most definitely.

Spinning The Yarn

Another one of Mother Fellen's Tea & Doily Parties begins today amidst a haze of economic collapse and negative interest rates. Just last week, Mother held three unscheduled meetings with her Goons and she even visited the brain trust at The White House. So the question becomes, might Mother have some surprises up her sleeve when the Fedlines are released tomorrow?

A Cool Start To A Crazy Week

After the enormous rally Friday, the USDJPY is back down today and this is prompting the same HFT which sold paper gold last week to but it back this morning. But, whatever. I'm just glad to see gold back above its 50-day MA.

Major Volatility Ahead

While a huge move in the USDJPY is restraining gold today, silver is charging higher again along with copper and crude oil. This sets up a wild week ahead as the FOMC and key economic data combine with May silver option and contract expiration. Get ready!

What A Day

Well, that was certainly interesting. If anything, by being a subscriber to this site, you've had at least some idea of the forces in place behind the "markets". That perspective should have helped you navigate today's madness with a sense of calm and purpose.

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