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Gold Magically Flows Back Into The GLD

Even without speculating whether or not the GLD actually holds all of the gold that it claims, the remarkable additions to "inventory" over the past month are certainly noteworthy.

The Deepening BS of The BLS

Lots of excitement today that the U.S. "unemployment rate" is under 5%. (I started chuckling just typing that!) How can this rate be so low given the paltry jobs numbers? And why are gold and silver down today? C'mon in and we'll explain (again).

Guest Post: "Gold -- It's Time To Pay Attention", by Mike Krieger of LibertyBlitzkrieg

I've gotten to know Mike over the years so I consider him a friend. Though his primary focus now is documenting the loss of civil liberties and the advancing tyranny of government and central planners, he's still an excellent financial analyst. Therefore, this piece he published yesterday regarding gold should definitely merit your attention.

Fast Market

Boy oh boy, things are moving really quickly this morning. With gold surging through it's 200-day MA and a collapsing USDJPY, there's a lot to cover and very little time to do it.

Dangerous Moves In The New Cold War

Just two weeks after diplomatic overtures gave some optimism to John and Steve, the recently announced plans by the U.S. to quadruple its military presence on the Russian border have left our experts as concerned as they've been at any time in the two years that they've held these weekly discussions.

Connecting The Comex Dots

Last week, there was a lot of hubbub regarding the record low Comex registered gold inventory. At the time, we suspected that the vault movements were due to December "deliveries" and today we got our answer.

Tumultuous Tuesday

An interesting day is setting up. Stocks are down hard. The 10-year note is down to 1.88%. Crude is back below $30. DoucheBank is making new lows near $17. And, as expected, gold is being repelled from its 200-day moving average. Will these trends continue?

S&P 500 "Death Candle" Update

As you know, the U.S. stock market just began the year with its worst January performance since 2008. Hmmm. And what happened later in 2008? To that end, we have been projecting an end to this current bull market in stocks since the August 2015 appearance of a "death candle" on the charts. Today, we provide an update.

A Major New Offensive In The Currency Wars

The news today that the Bank of Japan has formally begun a policy of negative interest rates or NIRP has rocked the global markets. Go ahead and party on today, Garth, but the real world may intervene on your fun as soon as Monday.

The LBMA Strikes Back

We were alerted on Tuesday to an interesting new development in the Physical Exchange Wars. While we all patiently await the arrival of the Allocated Bullion Exchange, the LBMA has clearly cast its lot and support behind something called Allocated Bullion Solutions. If this sounds fishy to you...well, you're not the only one.

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