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Cartel Banks Playing Their Same Old Tricks

Price rallies, Banks add shorts. Price falls, Banks cover shorts. This is how the game has been played for years and it continues to this day.

Caution Here

As we discussed in Friday's podcast, be on the lookout for some Cartel selling this week as gold approaches some key resistance and silver gets a bit overextended.

Commodity Resurgence

Nearly every commodity market has rallied sharply over the past week. Could it be that last Friday's BLSBS finally awakened to investing world to the shallowness of Fed jawboning? There can be no rate hikes. Their is no "balance sheet normalization". The only tool they have is the printing press.


What's the old phrase? We may not agree on what pornography is but we all know it when we see it? The same is true in gold and silver. We may not all agree on the culprits and methods of price manipulation, but we all know it when we see it. The action last night and today are your most recent examples.

Gold Battles Its 100-Day MA Again

In an absolutely stunning development, gold was once again rigged lower earlier today...down and away from its 100-day moving average.

On shemitahs, blood moons, collapse and war

Hey, lets monger some fear!

September 28 came and went without earthquakes, asteroids, flooding, fires and other such natural disasters that prophets of doom love to ascribe to the hand of God. Sure, there have been a few natural events, but nothing of biblical proportions. WW3 has not started. Israel is still sovereign. The economy has not collapsed.

So why all the fuss, and don’t those forecasters look foolish now?

Paper Metal Update

Some solid action yesterday across the metals board with only gold not participating...and that, of course, was due to to a rising USDJPY. Today, let's take a quick peek at the charts to see where we stand.

The Green Candle of Hope

Last month, we wrote about the recent "Death Candle" for the S&P 500. Equity investors everywhere should be sure to note with extreme caution that history is once again repeating itself.

The Straight Skinny

Job growth = non-existent. Wage growth = flat. Chance of rate hikes = zero. Dollar falls. Yen rises. Stocks fall. Gold rises. There you go, that's pretty much all you need to know.

Russia, Syria, China and The Demise of The Petrodollar

Global events are moving quickly now and the end of the petrodollar and U.S. dollar hegemony can be seen coming over the horizon. All of the warnings that we've given over the past five years will one day soon come to fruition.

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