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Desperate Bank Shorting Continues

Again, the paper derivative price of gold can only go up if there are is more demand for the derivative than there is supply. And with The Banks increasing supply by over 10% on Friday, and God only knows how much again today, you get a gold price that is only up a few dollars, despite crashing equities and soaring bonds.

Onward Toward Bullion Bank Collapse

The events of Friday not only speed the eventual collapse of the Bullion Bank Paper Derivative Pricing Scheme, they also highlight the fraud of this current system and shine light upon the utter desperation of these Banks to maintain it.

The Morning After

Though significant Central Bank intervention has levitated equities and forex, while deflating paper gold from its overnight highs, the Brexit news is the most significant event in the financial markets since 2008. Therefore, DO NOT get distracted with tick-by-tick movements in the metals. Think long-term...and the long-term rationale for holding physical metal took a BIG step forward today.


Man, am I ready for this nonsense to be over. As we've stated repeatedly...what The City wants, The City gets. That this folly has been used to smash gold for $50 this week is almost unbelievable.

One Day To Brexit Vote

With the Brexit vote coming up tomorrow, today we should take a moment to consider what should happen with gold following the outcome.

Absolute Must Listen Batchelor-Cohen

We post these each week and we have been doing so for the past 2.5 years. Sadly, the crisis of The New Cold War has only worsened over the months and this latest update from Batchelor and Cohen is a must listen.

When Monkeys Attack

Once again, there's no real reason for gold to go down in "price". Fundamentals remain strong and Fed policy is impossibly trapped into a corner by easy money and global NIRP. So why is the "price" of gold down today? Because The Banks want it down. Or, more accurately, because The Banks need it down.

Bankers Fight Back

In a win for the status quo, global equities have rallied today and gold is down as "Brexit fear have eased". But it's going to be a long and eventful week so come on in and let's get started.

Maintaining Perspective

Well, here we are again, writing another post about "keeping perspective" after the fourth significant Cartel attack in as many months. It wouldn't be necessary if it weren't for the usual assortment of permabears crawling out from under their bridges to push their agenda and declare that gold is dead.

Gold Breaking Out; Silver To Follow

The response to yesterday's FOMC fedlines has been even stronger than most would have expected. However, the utter collapse of the USDJPY overnight certainly helped to speed things along.

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