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Is It Really This Simple?

In this age where everything is run by computer and where pre-programmed algos run trades and pair trades based solely off of technical patterns, I suppose that the charts below shouldn't be too surprising.

The Exigence

A truth we teach in the field of rhetoric is that a speech responds to a problem in society and retains its power as long as the situation which called it forth still exists. We call this an “exigence.” I suppose there was a time when people read Patrick Henry’s most famous speech, after the war was over, after the exigence had been satisfied, and these people appreciated Henry for his passion and efforts. But the speech’s work was done, it had no more grounds by which to move people. It was just another lesson in history. But today a growing situation has reinvigorated Henry’s speech. And it forces those of us in the US to examine ourselves as a parallel exigence arises.

Rediscovered In An Old Thread

Earlier this evening, I discovered this fascinating blog comment from a few years back. It comes from David Schectman and it's the Last Will and Testament of one of his close friends and mentors. As you read this, be sure to keep in mind that the gentleman in question passed away in 1986.

Examining Comex Silver Open Interest

With open interest in Comex silver soaring to all-time highs late last week, I thought that we should begin the week by looking at the open interest levels of the other metals that trade on the Comex. I'll think you'll find this pretty interesting.

Is Anything Missing?

Sherlock Holmes mentioned "the dog that didn't bark" at the crime scene and knew the culprit must the the dog's owner. What isn't to be seen can be more revealing than what is.

Dancin' in September

So what changed on September 1, 2014. I'm open to suggestions.

The Lure of Fear Porn

The Scream

How many of you thought that something might happen on the anniversary of 9/11? And yet, the day came and went without much fanfare, and the media was focused on their latest mob lynching - this time, football player Ray Rice. (While I don't condone violence against women, I don't condone violence, period, and Ray Rice's transgression pales in comparison to the beheadings and religious genocide going on in the Middle East right now.)

Most Peculiar, Mama...

These are strange days, indeed. The US dollar and the US stock market keep chugging higher while nearly everything else, including the US bond market, is getting slammed lower. What the heck is going on here?

Kamala Harris Loses Second Amendment Case

I know its 9/11.

This Might Be Helpful

I've noticed a rather interesting trend in the "inventory" numbers of the GLD and it may indicate that this current selloff has nearly run its course.

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