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Some Days Are Better Than Others

"Some days take less but most days take more. Some slip through your fingers and onto the floor." -- Paul Hewson

A Moment of Truth

Look, I'm not going to try to blow sunshine up your rear end. Two years ago today, it looked like The Final Washout Bottom and that was with prices at $1180 and $18.20. And now here we are...still near $1180 but down another 15% in silver. Is this it? Are we at support again or are the metals about to take the plunge to even lower levels?

Origins of The Current Crisis

Earlier today, our pal Koos Jansen sent out a link to this terrific Dutch documentary from 2012. If you need a reminder of how and why the crisis in Greece has reached these current levels, then please take the time to watch.

No Markets, Just Manipulations

Chris Powell of GATA once famously quipped, "there are no markets, just manipulations". Never has that been more clearly displayed for all to see than on Monday, June 29, 2015.

The Criminality of The Comex

How is this even legal? That's a serious question and I'd like a serious answer after the you read what is presented below.

<This was written Saturday morning for publication Sunday evening. With all of the Greek-related turmoil, it has been made a public thread.>

Days Like These

Not much fun in Metals Land these days. Prices continue to be pressed lower, regardless of the global situation and the impending deadlines for Greece. And why are there never any "flash rallies"?

The Silver Short Bubble

For the first time ever, total Comex silver open interest exceeded 200M contracts yesterday, settling at 200,273. This means that the coming Spec short squeeze is going to be violent and substantial. And why isn't anyone calling this a "bubble"?

Jawboning Fed Goons

The LIES, SPIN and MOPE are thick this morning as a random Fed Goon reports that "rates will soon be rising 1% per year if the economy continues to grow". Uh-huh. Just like the old adage, "if my aunt had nuts she'd be my uncle".

And Gold Is Down Why?

Still searching for the rationale for today's bombing of the paper gold price. Clearly it has everything to do with the fundamentals.

FMT with Keith Neumeyer of First Majestic Silver

Late last week, our pal Dan at Future Money Trends interviewed Keith Neumeyer of First Majestic Silver. Recall that earlier this month, Mr. Neumeyer boldly submitted to the criminally-complicit CFTC a letter calling for renewed investigation of the manipulated paper silver market.

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