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Your Latest Batchelor-Cohen

Did not have time to listen live last evening so am posting this "sound unheard". However, given consistent high quality of these weekly discussions, I'm certain that this latest edition is a must listen.

The Return of The London Monkeys

One of the pleasant changes in 2016 has been the absence of regular, daily "London Monkey" attacks. After years of seeing this manipulation four nights out of five each week, in 2016 these attacks have often only come once per week. Until this week. So, what has changed?

Full Perspective

Weakness in the euro and the yen has led to dollar strength and further decline in the metals today. Now that the key levels we've been watching for support have been broken, it's time to take stock of where we are and perhaps prepare for additional weakness as the June gold contract comes off the board.

GoonSpeak, HFT and Fundamentals

So what really matters? What drives the paper derivative gold price? Is it Fed policy? Is it changes to the relative value of the US dollar? How about the whims of the HFT algos? Whatever it is, price certainly isn't affected by such arcane notions as physical demand fundamentals. That much we know for certain.

It's a long hard journey ...

Aaaahhh, the life of a farmer …  filled with healthy food, baby animals, fun for the kids, beautiful land, lying back in a field, hands folded behind my head, watching clouds while chewing on an grass stem... and… a whole lot of hard work, government meddling, spring storms that kill blossoms, pests, drought, skunks running amok in the garden, zombies, and did I mention hard work?

Back To Business As Usual

After two days of downside volatility, it's back to business as usual today. The London Monkeys stood down overnight so, as you have come to expect, The Banks on the Comex soon took over and slammed price backward. It is what it is in the new, post-April 19 normal.

Hot Money Heads For The Exits

Just two days ago, we wrote about the "epic battle" where The Banks were once again throwing huge amounts of open interest at The Specs in another attempt to cap and turn price. What you're seeing today is the success of that plan as once again the hot Spec money is all heading to the exits at the same time.

Ahead Of The Minutes

It's all fun, games and HFT shenanigans today until 2:00 pm EDT when the April FOMC minutes are released. Once these notes are public, we should quickly know whether or not yesterday's chart analysis will prove to be correct.


We have posted these weekly discussions for over two years now...all because of our firm belief that we are living through the most dangerous period of Cold War since The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Recent events conform this analysis and John and Steve are here to explain why.

The Epic Battle Continues

On one side, we have The Specs. These" investors" seek an exposure to gold through ownership of the paper derivative offered by The Comex. On the other side, we have The Banks. These "criminals" fraudulently create unlimited amounts of unbacked paper gold and sell them to The Specs in an attempt to cap price and, ultimately, profit by covering at lower prices. Which side will win? With open interest near record levels in both gold and silver, we're likely not going to have to wait much longer to find out.

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