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Size Matters

Are you well endowed with a large stack?

This past weekend Gamble put the question to everyone, “How much physical is enough? I thought I was good until I saw a picture of someone's stack, I think there was over a hundred ounces!” First of all, it is never good to compare your metal endowment to pictures others... you know?

An In-Depth look at a Major Cycle in Spot Silver

Some people debate the existence of cycles in financial markets. They are certainly not regular, and come and go for unknown reasons. Here I look into two pretty large alleged cycles in silver and we can track them over the coming weeks to verify if they are really there or just illusions!

Saturday Morning Chart Update

A sudden turn in the metals and miners yesterday has set us up for an interesting Monday. Then, with August contract and options expiration, a GDP guesstimate and the BLSBS all later in the week, the stage is set for considerable volatility. Before the week begins, here's a look at where we stand.

Thoughts on the Documentary "America: Imagine the World Without Her"

Powerful, compelling, and yes, flawed, Dinesh D'Souza's documentary "America: Imagine the World Without Her" should be required viewing in classrooms across America regardless of its minor shortcomings.

It won't be. The very people who need to see this film the most won't even allow themselves to see it - even if they were given a free copy to watch and thus would not be "profiting" the film creator. If they do see it, they'll be too consumed with their own pretentious snark to get it.

Jury Anger Displayed - The Public is Awake

As a follow-up to some earlier posts, this post brings into view the public perception component of the housing crisis, in real time, in a definitive, compelling manner.

Last week, in a quiet, bucolic part of this lovely state of California, the jury rendered a verdict in a predatory lending case.

The Next Step In Their Plan

Back on Tuesday I wrote that "they would be coming again". And so they are. What should come as no surprise is that today's manufactured selloff was prompted/signaled by another bearish report from Goldman Sachs.

Just A Quickie

Just a brief post this morning with a couple of charts. The reason? Frankly, it's more important that you listen to the Cohen-Batchelor discussion in the other thread.

Here They Come Again

Just yesterday, I was optimistic that prices would soon rally again through $1320. After seeing the overnight action, I've changed my mind.

Something doesn't smell right about this recovery

My wife and I watched Margin Call the other night. As the film wound down to a close, Jeremy Iron’s character (not sure if he was Blankfein or Dimon) explained to Sam, who thought it was wrong of them to sell the toxic mortgages to their clients,  that crises like this were normal. That particular scene has led me to conclude that the movie was allowed to be made to explain to all the sheep that 2008 was normal, we will recover—just another crisis like the ones we have always weathered. Is that our take-away from a good movie—that financial crises are normal and we should expect them? That we will always recover? More propaganda!  What Hollywood failed to mention in Margin Call was that the FEDs actions to create a recovery didn’t work this time.

Guest Post: "What The Media Won't Report About MalAir Flight MH17", by Dr. Ron Paul

As usual, Dr. Paul cuts to the heart of the debate, not bothering to mess around with niceties and political correctness.

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