The end of the Great Keynesian Experiment is upon us. Turd Ferguson and his band of loyal Turdites patrol this Watchtower. We are here to help each other navigate the coming economic chaos. However, no one can predict every eventuality, so please read the disclaimer and community guidelines before proceeding.

The Jackass -- Our Own Yankee Doodle Dandy

Continuing a TFMR tradition, Jim Willie joins us for a 90-minute discussion that ranges from dollar demise to Greece to China. If you can find the time, I highly encourage you to give this a thorough listen over the holiday weekend.

The Jackass Discusses Greece and The Euro

Tomorrow, we'll release the full 90-minute holiday special. For now, Vault subscribers get this snippet to review where Jim Willie discusses Greece, the euro and the potential impacts of this weekend's referendum.

The Shills and Their Lies

Today's discussion on CNBS regarding the latest "jobs report" would have been laughable if it wasn't so pathetically disingenuous and deceptive.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, July 1

With prices at/near 2015 lows and sentiment at/near all-time lows, today we discuss what to expect tomorrow and into next week.

Some Days Are Better Than Others

"Some days take less but most days take more. Some slip through your fingers and onto the floor." -- Paul Hewson

Another Update from Batchelor and Cohen

With the Minsk Peace Agreements all but dead and the crisis no longer contained to The Black Sea basin, please take the time each week to listen to these informative discussions.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, June 30

Silver stared into the abyss today with a sub $15.50 low before recovering. What might tomorrow and the start of Q3 bring? And what about our short squeeze? When will it finally get started?

A Moment of Truth

Look, I'm not going to try to blow sunshine up your rear end. Two years ago today, it looked like The Final Washout Bottom and that was with prices at $1180 and $18.20. And now here we are...still near $1180 but down another 15% in silver. Is this it? Are we at support again or are the metals about to take the plunge to even lower levels?

Origins of The Current Crisis

Earlier today, our pal Koos Jansen sent out a link to this terrific Dutch documentary from 2012. If you need a reminder of how and why the crisis in Greece has reached these current levels, then please take the time to watch.

TFMR Podcast - Monday, June 29

A wild start to a week that only promises to get more volatile in the days ahead. How will gold and silver respond as the calendar advances into July? I've got come ideas for you.

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