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Gold Fighting Hard

Though nearly all external factors would suggest another major selloff in paper gold, so far price has somehow managed to hold. Why? How?? The only possible explanation is wholesale physical demand in London. C'mon in and we'll explain.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, October 26

After a day that can only be described as one giant Snoozefest, Turd checks in with a few items to watch for the back half of the week.

Ying and Yang

No, this is not a post about some new Chinese law firm. Instead, it's just an update on the metals markets which, while refusing to go further down, aren't making much progress to the upside, either.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, October 25

Today was potentially a very constructive day as the paper gold price surged back above its 200-day moving average and the mining shares recaptured the losses sustained yesterday. So, what will tomorrow bring?

Some Possible Encouragement

Longtime readers of this site know that forces we've termed "The London Monkeys" usually attack and lower paper metal prices about four days out of every five. However, during periods of strong physical demand, we've sometimes seen where these "Monkeys" stand down and prices rise in the U.S. overnight, instead. Is this beginning to occur again?

TFMR Podcast - Monday, October 24

The new week begins with a yawn but...considering the moves in bonds, the yen and The Pig...I guess we'll take it. However, the HUI has begun to give back some of its gains from last week so the shares need to be closely monitored.

Another Turd Hat

Just when it looked like the week might get off to a nice start, some positive economic news came along. This spiked rates and the USDJPY and the result is another one of those "Turd Hat" formations we've all come to loathe.

October Comex Gold "Deliveries"

As we've been monitoring all year, the total amount of gold allegedly "delivered" through the Comex has soared in 2016. This is simply another anecdotal datapoint of gold demand but the trend is certainly noteworthy, particularly when you see the numbers thus far in October.

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Wrapping The Week

Paper metal prices are hovering in slightly positive territory for the week while the mining shares are still up significantly. As we get this week wrapped up, keep an eye on the USDJPY and let's hope for a close back below 104.

A2A with Bill Murphy

What a great time for a return visit with Bill Murphy, chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee and proprietor of the great website, Le Metropole Cafe.

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