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TFMR Podcast - Monday, July 28

Officially, Turd is on siesta. Therefore, don't let MrsF know that he snuck away to record this brief podcast update. wink

This Week's JB with SFC

John and Steve had another interesting discussion on Tuesday. With the lack of debate in "the West" regarding the crisis in Ukraine, I urge you to give this a listen.

Size Matters

Are you well endowed with a large stack?

This past weekend Gamble put the question to everyone, “How much physical is enough? I thought I was good until I saw a picture of someone's stack, I think there was over a hundred ounces!” First of all, it is never good to compare your metal endowment to pictures others... you know?

An In-Depth look at a Major Cycle in Spot Silver

Some people debate the existence of cycles in financial markets. They are certainly not regular, and come and go for unknown reasons. Here I look into two pretty large alleged cycles in silver and we can track them over the coming weeks to verify if they are really there or just illusions!

Saturday Morning Chart Update

A sudden turn in the metals and miners yesterday has set us up for an interesting Monday. Then, with August contract and options expiration, a GDP guesstimate and the BLSBS all later in the week, the stage is set for considerable volatility. Before the week begins, here's a look at where we stand.

Thoughts on the Documentary "America: Imagine the World Without Her"

Powerful, compelling, and yes, flawed, Dinesh D'Souza's documentary "America: Imagine the World Without Her" should be required viewing in classrooms across America regardless of its minor shortcomings.

It won't be. The very people who need to see this film the most won't even allow themselves to see it - even if they were given a free copy to watch and thus would not be "profiting" the film creator. If they do see it, they'll be too consumed with their own pretentious snark to get it.

TFMR Podcast - Thursday, July 24

It has been a crazy day. The metals raid that we've been waiting for since June 19 finally materialized. The situation in Ukraine deteriorated further and the conflict in and around Israel took a dramatic turn for the worse. And yet, many are worried about the paper price of gold and silver. Thus, this late night podcast update.

A2A with Greg Mannarino of

Independent trader and blogger/analyst Greg Mannarino stopped by Turdville earlier today to update everyone on his views of the global markets.

Jury Anger Displayed - The Public is Awake

As a follow-up to some earlier posts, this post brings into view the public perception component of the housing crisis, in real time, in a definitive, compelling manner.

Last week, in a quiet, bucolic part of this lovely state of California, the jury rendered a verdict in a predatory lending case.

The Next Step In Their Plan

Back on Tuesday I wrote that "they would be coming again". And so they are. What should come as no surprise is that today's manufactured selloff was prompted/signaled by another bearish report from Goldman Sachs.

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