The end of the Great Keynesian Experiment is upon us. Turd Ferguson and his band of loyal Turdites patrol this Watchtower. We are here to help each other navigate the coming economic chaos. However, no one can predict every eventuality, so please read the disclaimer and community guidelines before proceeding.

A2A with Dr. Dave Janda of Operation Freedom

Another tremendous A2A webinar with our friend, Dr. Dave Janda of Operation Freedom. If you want to get a true sense of the state of American healthcare in the wake of The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), you should be sure to listen to this recording.

Mother Fellen and The Hole

As the annual Jackson Hole Hoedown begins, all we can hope for is a massive eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera. Absent that, I'm afraid we'll be tortured with all sorts of Goonspeak up to and including Mother's speech at 10:00 am EDT tomorrow.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, August 24

It was a nasty day of deliberate Cartel price manipulation that led to widescale Spec selling in the metals and miners. However, other than the mass exodus from the mining shares, today's price action was actually quite in line with what we forecast just yesterday. So, is it all over? Is it time to head for the hills with what profits you have left? C'mon in and listen as we've got some important information to share with you.

This Week's JBSFC

Another must listen hour last night with Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen. As The New Cold War grows in intensity and danger, it is imperative that you remain on top of the situation by listening to these weekly discussions.

A Deliberate Smash To Take Out Gold's 50-Day Moving Average

Just as we anticipated and laid out for you in yesterday's podcast, the metals were smashed again this morning in a deliberate attempt to drive gold down through its 50-day MA and run the sell-stops below that level. Again, this is all about the reset of price as low as possible before Mother Fellen's speech on Friday.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, August 23

The metals were pressured again today ahead of Sep16 Comex silver option expiry on Thursday and Mother Fellen on Friday. But that's OK. This week has begun precisely as we had expected. Now, can we just get it to end as we expect, too?

Sell The Rumor, Buy The News

It's a busy Tuesday with interesting news all around. That doesn't seem to matter to the metals, however, as the price sapping in gold and the impending options expiration in silver are serving to keep a lid on prices...for now.

TFMR Podcast - Monday, August 22

There are several important adages and truisms that we follow here at TFMR...and we're going to test a number of them this week. Opportunity is about to knock again. Will you be there to answer?

Garbage Time

As we head toward Sep16 Comex silver option and contract expiration, we know that JPM et al would come for price. And they did just that, hitting silver for 20¢ at the Globex open last evening and then smashing it for 3% before anyone could react. Meh, whatever. They're playing right into our hands.

On Again with Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog

It was a pleasure to visit with Greg Hunter again late last week.

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