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TFMR Podcast - Thursday, October 23

If you like listening to a sustained 20-minute rant, then this podcast for you. Apparently Turd had some pent up frustrations to get off his chest so today's podcast is a little more animated than most.

Must Watch Video

By now, most have seen last week's announcement from First Majestic Silver regarding their decision to withhold some silver from the market at these price levels. In this remarkably candid interview, the CEO of First Majestic proposes a new "Silver Producer Cartel" to counter the price manipulations so prevalent in today's paper markets.

The China Gold Association Confirms Koos' Numbers

Now even the China Gold Association is openly admitting that total Chinese wholesale demand was 2,200 metric tonnes in 2013. Of course, the only "analysis" that seems to matter creeps from the bowels of The World Gold Council, which continues to understate Chines demand fully by half. Why does the WGC persist with their imaginary numbers? Could an agenda be involved?

Something Other Than Charts

While we watch prices be stomped lower yet again, here are a couple of items to help take your mind off of things and maybe feel a little bit better.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, October 22

Oh, boy. Here they come again. Gold and silver were both lower today and crude has fallen back toward last week's lows. What might the remainder of the week hold? C'mon in and let's talk about it.

Events Moving Quickly

With the active and ongoing situation in Ottawa, just a quick thread with some links and a few charts.

This Week's JB with SFC

There was another great discussion last night between Professor Cohen and John Batchelor. Just because the Ukraine Crisis is not currently the lead global story does NOT mean it has gone away. And with the onset of winter, you'd better still be paying attention to this situation.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, October 21

Prices have held for a second day above $1245 and the all-important, primary trendline from 2013.

Another Crazy Tuesday

Once again, things are moving really fast and I feel like I'm already behind the proverbial 8-ball. However, just as we discussed yesterday, gold is breaking higher and the S&P is nearing critical resistance near 1926. The rest of the day is going to be pretty interesting.

More GLD Drawdowns

Longtime readers will recall that we've been covering the ongoing depletion of the GLD since early 2013. After today's massive withdrawal, the total alleged "inventory" of the GLD now stands at a multi-year low of just 751.96 metric tonnes and down 5.8% on the year. This while the paper price of gold is actually up on the year by nearly 4%.

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