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Perhaps you're one of those people who has been aware for a long time that something has not been right in the financial world. Or, perhaps you have recently "woke up" to the realization that we're living in a monetary house of cards. You've been looking into precious metals, either as a store of wealth to "stash," or as an opportunity to do some trading. You want to know how to protect your assets, and find safer investments for your money.

Turd Ferguson is here to help.

"Turd Ferguson" was just an average Joe doing some day trading when he noticed that things in the markets were getting a bit screwy. He shared some of his observations on the renowned alternative financial blog, Zero Hedge, and became so popular with his forecasts and insights that Turd was urged to start his own website. In one short year, his blog and community, TF Metals Report, became one of the top alternative financial sites on the Internet. His podcast provides timely, useful information on how to navigate the troubled financial times we live in. Turd is known for his humor and relaxed style. He's no stuffed shirt and he's not going to mince words. He's going to tell you the truth.

By subscribing to Turd Ferguson's premium service, "Turd's Vault," you'll get extra, value-added content that you won't find anywhere else on the Internet.

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  • Regular podcast updates and humorous commentary on the metals markets, almost every day.
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  • Accessible information provided in a fun, entertaining format. No stuffy academic tone here!
  • Private Vault Members Forum - a haven from drive-by trolls.
  • No BS. Turd is a no-nonsense kind of guy.

Part of the reason you are here, we presume, is because you are sick and tired of the mainstream media covering up the extent of the financial malfeasance of Wall Street. Your subscription to TF Metals Report gives you full access to Turd's Vault, and it also supports alternative media.


Been a member for 5 years. TFMR offers the best analysis, interviews and news aggregation about the Precious Metals industry for the ridiculously low cost of $.27 per day. A great value!

- HeyJoe

The tfmetalsreport or Turdville as it's fondly called by its members is a very special community of gold and silver investors looking for fundamental and technical expertise. Yet the community has a unique camaraderie that has touched everyone from sharing over the years all coming to life everyday thanks to Turd Ferguson.

- Silver10sguy

Time, money & effort vs. the cost of this site is a no brainer. Craig offers, hands down, the best UNBIASED analysis of the metals and related markets of anyone out there and it's not even close. The content on the site is worth 10 times the cost of subscribing and the collateral knowledge you gain simply by reading and interacting with his audience and frequent message board contributors is invaluable.

- ty