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Our old pal Jim Willie, The Golden Jackass, stops by today for his annual year-in-review and look ahead. If you can find some time over the holiday, you should be sure to have a listen.

As usual, Jim is full of valuable information. Over the course of this podcast, just a few of the topics discussed are:

  • the ongoing REPO/QE crisis
  • central bank and media tricks and semantics
  • the growing alliances against the US$
  • how gold will be central to the next monetary system
  • the US treasury bond as the new global contagion
  • and, as you might imagine, a whole lot more

Thanks again to Jim for his time and willingness to share his insights with all of us at TFMR. It is going to be a volatile and unpredictable 2020. Listen to this podcast and begin to mentally prepare for what's ahead.



Jan 1, 2020 - 12:12pm

Jim is hanging with the wrong NY’ers

Plenty of aware people on my part of Long Island.

just saying.....

Jan 1, 2020 - 12:11pm

Jim Willie

Why does this man get to come on this site and ask for donations from me? This is not the first time he has asked for help. What if the demons and satanist get wind and start haunting those who donate. I do not know if this was a End of year spoof or the worse podcast ever but I felt like I just wasted an hour. Sorry Turd but this was not value added. If Jim makes bad investments he needs to face them and fix them not hold out his hand for gifts. The views expressed here are my own. Five years ago Jim was the man I seriously suspect he has now lost his grip on reality. I mean him no ill will but he has progressively gotten scarier and scarier.

Jan 1, 2020 - 10:43am

End of the year silver remarks from another site:

January Silver Deliveries are now in full swing with the Demand Count now at 233 fully paid for contracts (dropping 24 from yesterday) waiting for receipts to either take delivery here at the Comex, or get their pieces of paper sent over the trusting lands of London. Yesterday’s activity in January ended with a Volume of 82 and with a trading range between $17.91 and $17.85 with the last trade at $17.89 ending with an adjusted settlement price of $17.908.

Over the past 4+ years, Silver’s Overall Open Interest has remained elevated, with the prices subdued because the burden of paper overwhelms real price discovery, and that has yet to lapse with this mornings count at 226,858 Overnighters proving 1,067 more shorts had to be “applied to the lie” we call the price. When it’s all said and done, the solution will present itself at the Comex!

By law, the Comex is obligated to find these products at the prices they claim, or the entire Commodity Complex will melt Up/Down! The increased prices will include Precious Metals, Foods, Energy, Softs, everything physical that is traded at the Exchanges which in turn will leave all the bankers play toys (all debts, treasuries, currencies, et al) looking like paper-chaff on a windy day. The Crossfire Hurricane phrase may be an applicable expression when this happens. We’ll all be in it when the prices really move, and whether we like it or not. Preparation is why we write our missives.

Gold is another one of those commodities that has a CFTC approved overbearing amount of paper applied to the price with last night’s World Record closing Comex Count at 772,683 Overnighters proving a paper increase of 5,606 more shorts as Gold gained only 50 cents. One has to wonder how many other commodity markets have this overbearing; paper shorts applied to the price we know is a lie? We must keep in the back of our heads the Q-Quote #2619; Yes. Gold shall destroy FED. How? Maybe by letting the criminal element have its way at first, then not allowing them to change the rules when they run out of product, like they did in 1980 with Silver.

Happy New Year Everyone! Keep the attitudes positive, have a smile on your face no matter what, and as always …

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson


Looks like the Comex is the new HUNT BROS...

Island Teal
Jan 1, 2020 - 10:23am

Happy New Years to all

Thanks to TFMR and CraigF for all of his work. As someone who also follows WolfRichter I'm going along with the comments from Ben and Black that 2020 is going to be both different and difficult.

Jan 1, 2020 - 10:04am

I'm tellin ya

Something is in the wind gents. I can smell it and yes I bathe regularly.


I've got that something looking over my shoulder and it ain't friendly feeling.

Jan 1, 2020 - 9:21am

Happy New Year Everyone


Silver Recliner Report 89
Ben Stackin
Jan 1, 2020 - 8:36am

Resolution time

We're still on "weekend rules", right? It IS a holiday today.

If anyone is resolving for 2020 to try and wake up their family and friends to the lying, bought and paid for MSM industry, this article by Sharyl Attkisson might be a good place to start;


Despite the short term pain and suffering you're going to inflict upon yourself by doing so, this is a step one must take if you're going to be able to rally close family and friends to the right side of the upcoming civil war/mass civil disobedience that appears less and less likely to be avoided. The shit show that we saw in late 2016 to try and keep Trump from being inaugurated is going to be repeated in 2020, albeit with increased effectiveness and escalation owing to "lessons learned" from Round 1. "We wont be fooled again" sez the man behind the curtain.

As most of you know by now, I don't like "Agent Orange" any more than I like Obama, Bush 1 and Bush Zero, Whiskey Bill, Hildebeast, etc etc.... same pants, different pocket. Make Izzy great again. Forever War. Department of Offense. Where is the Wall? Where are the perp walks? Greatest (fill in the blank) of all Time! Pathological narcissism ^2. Financial ruin baked in.

Have we had a good POTUS since TR? Was TR even any good? Probably not, in the larger scheme of things, as his Bull Moose Party bankster-led 3rd party helped put Woody in office, whose first year in office brought us the Fed and the Income Tax, and later, WW1. That he later regretted the Fed doesn't diminish the bad Karma on his ass for doing so. At least he could have put in a sunset provision so it could have been ended like the first 2 private central banks that the US had forced upon us. JFK seemed to be coming around, could have been one for Mt. Rushmore but for those who were threatened by his exposing the nascent "deep state."

Rant over. Everyone have a great year. As one of the guys mentioned above, let's try and focus on our health, our families, spirituality, the finer things in life, and Plan B this year. I think the metals will take care of themselves.

Finally, a shout out to Turd for all the work you do. All the interviews on 3rd party sites, the insightful tweets, the occasional but necessary rants, the podcasts from the front seat of the car, the care you put into your work which has benefited us all and created this great community of independent thinkers and patriots.

Jan 1, 2020 - 12:23am

A final word for this decade & I'm going to bed early!

When you get really sick and the doctors begin to plan your life going forward, nothing matters anymore except health. The money, the stack, the real estate, the toys, the stock and bonds, all lose their value. We only ponder a way of escape from suffering and death. This is the world that we all live in and I am tired of funerals.

We have noticed that there are not very many old fat people out there. The old ladies that we see, at the coffee shop, are all in their nineties. Not an over weight one in the bunch. They eat healthy and small portion meals. They walk as much as possible. They have all outlived their husbands.

There are a few things that will extend our lives "if" we would start them early. Yep, jmo! Cutting carbs a big one. Exercise, walking, quitting the usual bad habits, and adding a few items that naturally kill internal cancer cells. Study the effects of goji juice on the blood. Study the effects of the mushrooms, Host Defense, on cancer. Research turmeric, garlic, and black seed oil. Study the amazing results of cbd-a and thc-a and the available information on real cancer s being cured. Look at RSO (Rick Simpson)! B-17 and stem cell!

This is my short list. If we do not make some changes early, we will pay the full price in time. What good is a stack of metals if we are terminal? You must become an outlier in health. This is a better goal for 2020 than having a concern about the shot to the moon in metals. Yes, we get many concerned ones, and they are seeking a way to avoid what their doctors have told them and we are not doctors. We do not give them medical advise. We just tell them of the funerals and those who made the changes and overcame death.

Make a few changes, prevent the sickness, build up the internal systems that have been given to you. Said enough! Jim

The life is in the blood:


Goji Juice: Blood before & after taking Goji Juice


A word that should be in our thoughts, for the decade of health, is APOPTOSIS and the natural alternative ways to have that working within!

Jan 1, 2020 - 12:13am
Dec 31, 2019 - 11:26pm

Jim Willie Interview


Great interview with the jackass (I am a subscriber). You made a comment along the line "the people are worried about the impeachment process and this keeps them from recognizing the failure of our financial system". THANK YOU FOR EMPHASIZING THIS MISDIRECTION BY THE msm. I try to explain to friends that "politics" is a sham to keep us from learning of the financial problems that are slowly destroying our wealth and liberty. Sadly they are not able tear way from the pablum served p daily. Keep on preaching the truth about the failing financial system and how to protect ourselves via the shiny.

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