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Our old pal Jim Willie, The Golden Jackass, stops by today for his annual year-in-review and look ahead. If you can find some time over the holiday, you should be sure to have a listen.

As usual, Jim is full of valuable information. Over the course of this podcast, just a few of the topics discussed are:

  • the ongoing REPO/QE crisis
  • central bank and media tricks and semantics
  • the growing alliances against the US$
  • how gold will be central to the next monetary system
  • the US treasury bond as the new global contagion
  • and, as you might imagine, a whole lot more

Thanks again to Jim for his time and willingness to share his insights with all of us at TFMR. It is going to be a volatile and unpredictable 2020. Listen to this podcast and begin to mentally prepare for what's ahead.



Jan 1, 2020 - 3:57pm


Oh yes!

The alarm bells in my head are deafening when i listen to Jim Willie.

He tells us how intelligent he thinks he is and how stupid he thinks so many people are and yet this financially super well informed individual loses the shirt on his back on ONE SOLITARY property deal??? Really??? Talk about putting your eggs in one basket! Can he really be that dumb? If so should we really be paying any attention to what he says?

If he isn't that dumb then why is he asking for regular folk to send him their money? Reminds me of those "you have inherited some money. Please send $2 to this bank account in Africa for admin costs" scams.

Sorry if this comes across a bit strong Turd but i am tired of people who claim on the one hand to be shrewd and can help you get wealthy then suddenly ask you for money because they are in trouble. He should have more self respect if he is genuine and also be smart enough not to have gotten scammed for every penny in one hit.

ancient Egyptian...ex-canary
Jan 1, 2020 - 3:55pm

When we celebrated the New Year last night...

There was a big sign "2 0 2 0 year" hanging from the ceiling above the country band.

The singer pointed to the sign and said: " It looks to me like it's going to be just a S O S O year".

Edit....Just a so so year for gold?

Jan 1, 2020 - 3:36pm

Insight on the Belt and Road from history

Reading American Diplomacy 1900-50 by George Kennan, I ran across this passage, pp. 42-43

"At the turn of the century much of Manchuria represented both for China and for Russia a semideveloped frontier area. Both countries had important interests in it. The Chinese had nominal sovereignty, and the area was rapidly filling up with Chinese pioneers and colonists. But it occupied a geographic position of unquestionable strategic importance to Russia.

"Once the Russians undertook as they did in the 1890s, to build a railroad across Siberia to the Pacific Ocean, the Russian interest in northern Manchuria was established. It was idle to deny it or expect it to disappear behind a polite deference to Western concepts of state sovereignty and international amenities. We must bear in mind that the administrative and technical vigor of Chinese government at the turn of the century was not adequate either to the construction of railways in northern Manchuria or to the provision of a suitable framework of administrative protection for such railways as might be constructed. And once China had consented to the building of the Chinese Eastern Railway by the Russian government, a significant degree of Russian administrative and strategic influence in the area was inevitable.

"The attainment of this position in northern Manchuria naturally gave the Russians new facilities for projecting their influence in to the southern part of Manchuria as well as Korea and northern China. The evens following the Sino-Japanese War of 1895 showed the the Russians would not be averse to exploiting these possibilities. They also showed that the Chinese government, as it existed at that time, was not able to mount effective resistance to these efforts and to prevent Russian domination of these additional areas. The only alternative to Russian power on the Gulf of Pechili was at that time Japanese power, not Chinese."

NW VIEWLandowner
Jan 1, 2020 - 2:57pm

Leukemia and goji juice!

I have know a man from Tacoma for 30 years. He developed leukemia several years ago. I am a bit shocked at the number of people who have leukemia.

I had lunch with him and his son a couple of years ago. He said that he had followed his doctors meds and that they cannot figure out why he was not dead long ago. I asked him what he was doing that was not in the doctors medical drugs. He said that the only thing was that he eats goji berries every day. Then I understood why he is alive and he is still doing well today. Jim

LandownerNW VIEW
Jan 1, 2020 - 2:47pm

Goji follow-up

After seeing the goji video on benefits to the blood, I got myself goji plants for the yard to get easy access to the berries (the dried berries are pretty pricey at the health food store)

I bought some 2 year old bushes from a nursery and planted them last fall. One bush survived and provided lots of berries this year. Also provided a lot of sucker plants that were easily transplanted to expand the number of bushes. Great to snack on the berries through the fall and get the health benefits. Also a nice looking plant with the red berries.


Angry Chef
Jan 1, 2020 - 2:31pm

"A Nation Dying" - Opioid Deaths Linked To Auto Plant Closures..

...Study Says

So I decided to order " Dope, Inc ", Britains Opium War Against the World ". I'm less than half way through but something occurred to me while reading it. Does anybody here recall some five years ago or so Wells Fargo in California having their ATM's go down ? They said it was a technical glitch. It turns out the CIA flew a plane down to Mexico and got an emergency 400 million in cash from the Drug Cartels. They flew back to California and the technical glitch got fixed.

In the book " Dope, Inc ", I've gotten the impression that the liquidity in the Banking system is in fact the flow of drug money and other illicit gains that have to flow through the Banking system in order to keep the " derivative " time bomb from blowing...again.


These bastards have been running the drugs and Banking system since the 1840's. And the CIA and other security agencies are the muscle that backs them up. Whether it was Opium, Heroin, Marijuana, LSD, Coke, Amphetamines, Crystal Meth, Ecstasy, Opioids. They've managed to take control of the Banking system and our Governments.

IMHO the only way to combat this is to get rid of the Central Banks and start issuing the currency for dealings within the Nation. Without interest. No reserve currency should ever be allowed to be hoisted upon the face of the earth again.

Any Politician that states otherwise needs to be removed.

Jan 1, 2020 - 2:15pm

YEP, I get it! Banks needed REPOs & QE4


Probably BULLION banks - holding silver and gold very short in their derivatives by the MULTI-TRILLIONS of DOLLARS. Some FED jerk has to bail them out...

[email protected]@K at the shorts in COMEX on GOLD at historical records not to mention SILVER (and probably PLATINUM! TOO)

A trillion here a trillion there and pretty soon we are talking real big money! LOL

Graphic sexy Visual on a TRILLION $$$:


The SAD SAD SAD STORY is that the USA lost, HID, CAN NOT FIND some 21 $$$ TRILLION DOLLARS...

Imagine that?

BTW GOT GOLD, GOT SILVER, GOT PLATINUM? - held close and dear so that you really own it? Not some paper certificate...

Angry Chef
Jan 1, 2020 - 1:23pm
Jan 1, 2020 - 12:50pm

Extreme COTS, an opinion

While it may have been true in the recent past that extreme COTS were a cause for deep concern (in that they usually marked the point at which the bullion banks were preparing for another "wash, rinse, repeat" raid on prices), my view is that extreme COT structures are not to be feared as they once were. Yes, they should certainly continue to be taken into account, of course, but they're no longer the boogie man they once were. I am now shifting to the belief that while price will continue upward and that the banks will fight us every step of the way (fighting us is what they do), the fight will be done in the context of higher open interest numbers with regard to the number of contracts that they, the banks, issue. If, for example, you look at the COT structure of crude oil, you will see that the commercial interests are always short and sometimes to an extreme degree. That is the "normal" for crude oil as the commercial interests manage price (or attempt to) and that will likely be the new normal for gold going forward. So, when Turd says that an open interest of 1,000,000 contracts is possible in gold, I have to agree and say "why not?". Desperate times call for desperate measures (and I do think the bullion banks are starting to show signs of desperation, as witnessed by the new category of "pledged gold" from HSBC), so an OI of 1,000,000 wouldn't surprise me in the days ahead. Hell, it might even go to 2 or 3 million so that with the benefit of hindsight, the COT structure as it currently exists will be seen as very bullish. In short, what I'm saying is that while COT structure should never be completely ignored, it does not and will not carry as much weight as it once did.

This is all conjecture on my part, nothing more.

Jan 1, 2020 - 12:33pm

Keep an eye on 4000 troops to cover U.S. crisis...

Paratroopers too! Like Band of Brothers, only in Iraq. All Embassies should have their own helicopters with


A few of those might get rid of an aggressive bunch of terrorists...


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