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A Discussion with Keith Neumeyer, CEO of First Majestic Silver


Silver prices are finishing up a solid 2019 and appear poised to continue with a renewed bull market in 2020. As you know, we expect great things from the mining sector next year and one of our favorite silver miners is First Majestic Silver, where I am a long-term shareholder.

Keith Neumeyer has been a TFMR favorite for years. Not only does he do a terrific job as CEO of First Majestic, quite simply he's just a good guy. He fights for his shareholders. He works to improve the prospects of his employees. And he's the rare mining executive who actually understands the detrimental role that the Bullion Banks play in the pricing process of his primary product.

Over the course of this call, Keith addresses:

  • recent short-selling activity in First Majestic shares
  • the responsibility he feels to his employees and their communities
  • current innovation and exploration successes
  • his outlook for First Majestic as a company and the price of silver, in general.

Two more things...

As an investor, please do not fall for random and anonymous "research reports". Always conduct your own due diligence and one of the most constructive steps anyone can take is to call a company directly and have them answer your questions. At First Majestic, questions are happily addressed by the investor relations department and you can reach them through the First Majestic website or you can simply call them at 866-529-2807.

Additionally, my friend Eric Sprott is involved with an organization called the Save Canadian Mining initiative and I urge you to investigate and support this cause. Predatory short selling is a practice that has crushed many companies in the mining business. While there's always a place for bulls and bears in every market, a reintroduction of the "up-tick rule" may help to provide a marketplace that is more free and fair for all involved. Please click this link to find out more: SAVE CANADIAN MINING

Again, many thanks to Keith for his time today. Please give this podcast your full consideration.


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