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Holiday Jackass


It's a three-day US market holiday weekend. You know what that means! An update from The Golden Jackass himself, Jim Willie.

By now, you know the drill. I ask Jim to pontificate on three primary topics and Jim, of course, never disappoints. For this call, those three topics are:

  1. The renewed and ongoing bull markets for both gold and silver.
  2. Negative interest rates and the end of the debt-based monetary system.
  3. Signals from central bankers that the dollar's days as reserve currency are numbered.

As always, I urge you to check out Jim's Hat Trick Letter service. More details can be found at his website, www.golden-jackass.com.

Have a great weekend but be ready for another wild week ahead.



J Siefert
Aug 31, 2019 - 2:40pm

The (last) Financial Crisis explained in a Couple of Minutes

The Financial Crisis FINALLY Explained!
Aug 31, 2019 - 11:39am

Not bad, Sir Hemke

You kept Jim pretty much on target this time.

PS. I'm okay with "Sir", but I'll have to draw the line if it gets to "Majesty" or "Your Highness". Just saying.

Arise, Sir Loin of Beef
Aug 31, 2019 - 10:22am

Uno Dos; One Two Tres Quatro

Sam the Sham

Hey Wooly Willie Time.

Watch it now, Watch it.

Here it comes, here it comes

Watch it now, he'll get ya

Aug 31, 2019 - 10:11am


What a month for us silver bugs! Happy to hear more from the Jackass today.

Enjoy Your Labor Day Weekend!

Aug 31, 2019 - 10:10am
Aug 31, 2019 - 9:09am

Funny thing

Listening to Erik Townsend, he’s adopted Jim willies view (for lo these several years) that the dollar is going to rise until it dies.

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