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Yes, I realize that it's Friday but this week's schedule is such that this podcast could not be posted on Thursday. Additionally, this discussion with Alasdair is so valuable that I wanted to post it at the top of the TFMR homepage and leave it there all weekend.

My purpose in reaching out to my old friend, Alasdair, was to discuss these two recent research pieces. As gold and silver are progressing higher in our 2010+9 scenario (, it's important to consider the potential ramifications of both:

Many thanks to Alasdair for the generous donation of his time. Please be sure to listen and give this podcast your thorough consideration.



Aug 17, 2019 - 8:11pm

Redbreast 12 yr and Caladan Pain box

I need to check that tipple out at Total Vino. The rat bastard inventory gremlins at Total have been out of the $41 Tyrconnel for a week. Lots of the $91 to $105 bottles but hells bells, I'm too freaking cheap to spend that much on Tyr.

I need to drink outside the box and see what I've been missing

Caladan Pain Box is a personal mash up of Duke Leto and Paul Atreides home planet Caladan in the Herbert novel Dune. The pain box was a punishment threatened by a Guild Navigator to Emperor Shaddam IV if he failed to smash House Atreides as they took over the Choam Combine spice harvesting franchise on Arrakis, aka Dune

Taking the threat seriously S IV assigned several legions of his Sardaukar troops to the task.

Baron Harkonnen conspired with Shaddam IV to take down House Atreides but failed, thus manifesting the God Emperor of Dune aka Paul Maud-dib. Things went down hill from there.

But Tyrconnel, like spice, must flow

As for living long, my dad lived the motto

If deprived of his Scotch, beef, pipe, and fine food, by some Canadian doctor, he simple said

"If that's what it requires, I don't want to live that long"

He lived a storied life but his greatest accomplishment was flying 33 bombing missions over Fortress Europe. Survival rate was around 5%.

If Hitler couldn't kill him he sure as heck wasn't going to worry about some nicotine, booze and rich food.

I'm not worried about Nazis but there are plenty of ass holes and rat bastards out there, mostly in the employ of the gummint, who are hell bent for election to shorten my life span. I think not.

Aug 17, 2019 - 7:21pm

Living to 100


I applaud your adventurous spirit! I can see you're already shaving years off that "100" target (Tyrconnell excepted). I also admire the succinctness in your feedback -- you've been quite verbose lately, and I was expecting I'd need to prepare a suitable cocktail before sitting down to peruse your post.

I figured I'm already on "borrowed time", ever since the age of 12 when some friends and I managed, while mowing lawns, to set a 1 gallon glass cider jug full of gasoline on fire, and lived to tell the tale (while we all stood 3-5 feet from the bottle, staring at it, Bill Adams put his foot on the top of the bottle, and the flame went out).

Most of us old farts know that "living to 100" or "enjoying life to the fullest" may require conflicting paths. I'd rather croak next year, with a smile on my face, than a few decades from now drooling "I made it to 100!" from my wheelchair . . I suspect you're a kindred spirit.

For now, I'm going to grab my thesaurus and dictionary, and look up what the Hell you're talking about! (I'm especially intrigued by that Caladan pain box.) Tonight I'll pour a "wee dram" of Redbreast 12-Year old and drink a toast to you, and your path to death, destruction, and depravity (probably not in that order).

Cheers! Rickshaw

Aug 17, 2019 - 7:18pm

O.K. AGXIIK, a riddle for the weekend!

Your post above made my head spin again. To get even, I will give you your health formula:

No smoking or drinking, low carb and not a single can of pop. Cut sugar intake by 90% and no GMO, eating organic. Add D3 with K2 daily, teaspoon of black seed oil and a bit of ashwagandha. Next, locked in a cell with Bo Polny and Douglas Vogt, trying to figure out "if' you will be here when you reach 100. (I have a different location). Jim

Aug 17, 2019 - 6:47pm

RICKSHAW ETF I have good news and I have bad news

After reading tales of your magnificent concoctions involving adult beverages, then your missives on finely ground and magically brewed coffee confections, fermented in the deepest recesses of Frisco's Famed Coffee Clutches; to then be treated to epically crafted prose extolling your gustatory epicurean peregrinations in the Land of the Rising Sun, traveling, as it were, on your stomach and taste buds like a high spending starfish, I just about wept at what I've been missing.


Paying the obligatory annual visit to my local sawbones last month, he did his perfunctory exam of all bodily orifices, peering into eyes, ears and snout, probing giblets and joints with the ill-concealed glee of a cheesy sheep herder, listening to my rumblings with the attentiveness of a rufous crested woodpecker sounding for grubs under tree bark; he then step back with a smile only otherwise seen on a hyena, pronounced me in the best of health.

'AGX he said, you'll live to be 100.'

Piffle I retorted and asked warily, what's the catch?

'You only have to give up 3 things.'




'YOU SON OF A BITCH, I thundered, you're a fraud, a cad, a toady, a lick spittle, a mountebank and charlatan of the worst order. '

'Your medical degree was printed on a soggy piece of water logged wall paper.'

'Your children are the spawn of either your demented brother, inbred uncle, white trash pool boy and MS 13 wanna be lawn guy.' D, all the above.

'Your wife is a banjo lipped skillet licking pencil necked ill-bred misbegotten Malthusian Morphodite midget, accomodating all four males mentioned above simultaneously'

'Live to 100 you say? '

'You deserve to be flogged, horsewhipped, hung, drawn. quartered, keep hauled then sentenced to 10,000 years in a Caladan pain box.'

'I'm half tempted to beat you to a fair the well with my well used Roget Thethoruth'


I will immediately eschew your criminally suspect and completely spurious advice and embark on the systematic and species-specific Herculean task of eating drinking and guzzling myself into an orgiastic paroxysm of gluttonous excesses. Mr. Croesote ain't got nuttin' on me. Wafer thin, my ass.

Wish me luck. I plan to start anon and will report back, hopefully not from the here after.


Have lots of freaking fun titillating your taste buds and us readers with the recollections of eating and drinking comestibles fit for a king

Aug 17, 2019 - 6:02pm

Rick Rule

Enjoyed his interview. Thought it was great. Looking forward to hearing him more.

Aug 17, 2019 - 5:00pm

Things I see that aren't said

I understand that most of you just don't have the time or are just too fricken tired. Life just sucks out all the spare of your time. So I thought I'd start pointing out simple things that will make you go Huh..

This week. Rail Gun tech. We all have watched on tv that Rail Guns have now been advanced to the point that they can be installed on a ship and have been. Their weakness is the amount of electricity they need to fire and heat dissipation. The solution has been to re-route the electrical power used for propulsion to fire the gun. This gives the ship a serious increase of weapon range but the ship loses speed when using the gun. The new upgrades are using large fast discharge capacitors to help mitigate this. Only issue so far is the Capacitors can fail catastrophically killing anyone nearby. Work continues.

What is not talked about is land based Rail gun emplacements/mobile units. Think about this, two tractor trailers, one generator one gun. Why do you need anti balistic missiles other than to engage at extreme ranges? When you have a device that throws projectiles in excess of mach 6 at a standard range of 100 to 150 miles. Range and speed of projectiles is limited by power available and heat dissipation. What kind of range do you think you would get if you parked one of these beside a dam and used the power output. If you go back to video's from the 80's 90's there are a couple that show this tech in operation.


What is not talked about is. The other side of rail gun tech is Magneto Hydrodynamic propulsion. If you have one you have the other. So what is MHD? Remember the movie The "Hunt for Red October". It's a silent way to propel a vessel through the water. Simply put. If you want to really get into it just Google it. Lots of links. I just wanted to point out that the U.S. has had this tech for some time. It's operational. Just not spoken about.

Aug 17, 2019 - 3:42pm

TFMR Rounds

I honestly felt some regret in not having grabbed some while they were around. It would be a nice souvenir of sorts from having been to see the big economic shit show. One day I'll be sittin' around the old-fart home wearin' my Pink Floyd T-shirt on flippin' a TFMR round yelling at the kids to get off the damn lawn! All while bitchin' about the how a cup of coffee back in my day was only $3.50 plus tax!

You get them minted and I'll buy some! Make-em' shinny!

Aug 17, 2019 - 3:35pm

Just something to think about

Sigh. What the coroner didn't say. That 6 of the seven bones in Epstein's neck were broken and the hyoid bone shattered in the front. Did you know that in most hangings no more than 3 bones are broken. That in those deaths a drop of at least 10 feet with a hard rope is required. Not a soft wrapped sheet which definitely has a mitigating effect. Pretty much is proof positive of physical violence of a very strong individual. Why don't you all google an image/history of Mr Epstein's ex cell mate Nicholas Tartaglione .

Still no word on all those CD's taken from the island. Literally boxes of CD's. That's hundreds of CD's. Who would like to bet only a couple of unprotected individuals will be paraded out and vilified, prosecuted and reviled by the media. While the rest quietly disappear into the background.

With this version from the coroner it pretty much ties the hands of any investigation. How can you or I ever expect anything remotely close to justice when this is the response. I have nothing but utter disgust for all involved.

Angry Chef
Aug 17, 2019 - 3:15pm

Hillary is a Chinese Agent

Hillary is a Chinese Agent
Aug 17, 2019 - 2:20pm

Form 8621

Is there a Sprott Turdite that might be able to comment.

I can't say I am any wiser after reading this:

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