Discussing "In Gold We Trust 2018" With Ronni Stoeferle

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As posted here last week, the much-anticipated "In Gold We Trust" report for 2018 is now available for everyone to read. To give it additional context, we tracked down our pal Ronni Stoeferle, the principal author of this seminal report on all things gold.

It was great fun to speak with Ronni earlier this week and I've always found it beneficial and fascinating to speak with authors directly about their work. This is no different as Ronni explains the motivations that drove this year's report and looks ahead to what may be the focus of In Gold We Trust 2019.

Please take some time to give this audio a thorough listen and thanks again to Ronni for sharing it with everyone!


In Gold We Trust 2018 Compact Version English by Turd Ferguson on Scribd


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this week with Eric


And here's this week's wrap-up with Eric Sprott: https://soundcloud.com/sprottmoney/sprott-money-news-weekly-wrap-up-6813

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Gold, we do trust

Not much else in today's world of central banking.

Thanks Craig

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Turd you're a great interviewer!

And thanks to Ronni for his report.

I loved his work in the movie Django,  

compare 3:42 to 4:20 in the podcast to his Django scene in the clip below--

(this clip starts at about 1:51, warning if you watch the first part, it's a little graphic)



ok, so much for my little lame morning attempt at humor...

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@ Craig Re Sprott Interview and Excellon

Many thanks for posing the question Craig. It is much appreciated. I thought perhaps I was missing something, but apparently not, as Excellon is close to halving its production costs whilst doubling its silver production. Last week they announced excellent drill results with very high bonanza grades of circa 3,400 ozs Ag equiv per tonne.

I guess the market will recognise Excellon's merits in due course. 

Again, many thanks.

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would love to hear your take on Michael Ballanger's silver commentary today over at www.streetwisereports.

I like him, grew up at same time and place (roughly) and also had a friend much like Frankie. Anyway,

please have a read Craig.

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Sprott Interview

"Freakin Good"

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Turd, being the good little Catholic boy that you are?

Politics in Catholicism, NEVER? My ASS! I was raised in a Catholic elementary school myself. What an embarrasment?  


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Yesterday I delivered 2 baby goats

I couldn't care less about gold, silver, etc. at the moment. What really matters to me is the miracle of life we have here on this rock of ours rotating around a firery sun.

My buck had impregnated Leochin75's alpine goat and yesterday was the due date. I was freaking out as Leo's attitude was one of "God will take care of it." My attitude was that "We needed to help this goat along. After all, it is her very first time birthing." His attitude was the proper one as : God did take care of it all, quite nicely, I might add.

I had been told that the when you cross Nubians and Alpines, they have very funny appearance and funny ears. My Nubian Bucks ears won out. These babies were simply beautiful. And they were very big babies compared to what I am used to.  My goats have the triplet + gene, so all my goats have three or more babies. His goat does not have that gene. So just two huge babies came out, a boy and a girl.

Last summer he went to the county fair and bought some baby goats, both for meat and some for milk. I asked him if he had ever tasted alpine milk. He had not.

Warning folks! Not all goat's milk tastes the same. Nubian milk tastes delicious to me.  (My step kids do not like it. "Too Rich." they say. They were raised on low fat milk.) Nubian milk has 7% milk fat and is very sweet.  Alpine goat milk, (for me) is not my favorite. So before you purchase a dairy goat, make sure you try their milk first.

Needless to say, once again I got to witness a miracle. And baby goats hit all the buttons for being a miracle. Wow! Just Wow!

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Nice boring CoTs


podcast in 90 mins or so

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You can be assured that we


You can be assured that we will discuss this again today, too:

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