A Timely Discussion with Keith Neumeyer


As you likely know, Keith Neumeyer is an industry leader as founder of both First Majestic Silver and First Mining Gold Corp. Thus, whenever we get the chance to speak with Keith, we jump at the opportunity as the insights he provides on gold and silver are always helpful and interesting.

This discussion primarily focuses upon two areas:

  1. The Comex silver market, the digital derivative price and the physical supply picture. Keith discusses the extreme levels of the gold:silver ratio as well as the earnings capabilities of silver miners, both primary and secondary. This leads to a discussion of First Majestic and their structure for success in the future.
  2. Exciting changes for the future at First Mining Gold Corp (formerly First Mining Finance). Keith explains why the name change is emblematic of the future path of the company and he provides details on some of the exciting mining prospects within the First Mining portfolio. More specific and detailed information can be found through this link: https://www.wealthresearchgroup.com/gold2000/

Thanks again to Keith for taking the time to bring us all up-to-speed with these updates. Please be sure to give this podcast a thorough listen and, as always, do plenty of your own due diligence before making any investment decisions.



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Apr 28, 2018 - 10:27am


just because

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For Charlie

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Apr 28, 2018 - 11:22am

Saturday Morning Boomer View+

A quiet morning so I will throw out a NW View.

The party spirit is alive and well. Nothing changes. I have been watching the POTUS winners from the days of Eisenhower. Those were the days that we knew little of the inner workings of corrupted governments. We were never really involved in the political world. We did not vote for Mr. Obama or Mr. Trump. However, we did have out belief system and knew that God raised up or lowered whoever He wished. (Yes simple view, a backed by the scriptures). So, we do not get lathered up of the elections nor the winners.

I viewed Mr. Obama as one to bring judgment upon America for our departure from our roots, obtaining what we deserved. Then Mr. Trump came along, viewing him as a new era player, like one sliding a curling stone into the proper positions to knock the enemies out of their secure positions. He has given many silent ones some hope for a future. It is quite amazing as to his effect in North Korea. Blessed are the "peace makers". It is a good day to be thankful and we are. He appears to be the right man for the job, a curling expert, lining up future stones to bring a measure of peace where there has been no peace.

We will watch the next election, from the sidelines, and look for the good and the bad and the plans set before out nation with great hope. jmo Jim (Time to go to our coffee shop and morning walk, we are thankful today)

indiana rod
Apr 28, 2018 - 1:41pm


I completely agree with your comment. However I did vote for Trump and proudly did not vote for Obama.

I have asked the question several times, "name me one good thing Obama did for America." I have yet to receive an answer.

When Obama was first elected he said, 'there should not be only one Super power in the world,' and he set out to make it happen.

He did two things to make America poor; Climate Control and Obamacare.

Eight years of regulations stifled business. Regulate a farm pond? 10 years of paper work to build a bridge? Put the coal miners out of business. Place millions of acres off limits for oil drilling. For the first time more businesses were dissolved than formed. He was the first President to never have a year of 3% GDP growth.

The average family pays $7,900.00 a year for health care insurance. 62% already couldn't lay their hands on $500.00, no wonder they voted for Trump.

Was it Franklin Graham that said God really blessed America by giving us Donald Trump. My son and many others didn't like Trump personally but voted for him. We weren't voting for a Pastor. We were voting for some one that would save the country from going all the way down the tube. (And saving us from Hillary. She would have finished the job of destroying the country.)

Katie Rose
Apr 28, 2018 - 1:44pm

Nehemiah Gordon

There is a Jewish man named Nehemiah Gordon who is the go to man on the most ancient Hebrew translations.

I discovered his website: www.nehemiahswall.com and wanted to share with you one of his short clips. It is about three men who put YHVH's name on their shutters/ boards during Hurricane Irma.

Here is the clip. It is well worth listening to:


I don't want to spoil it for you, but none of the homes were damaged in any way.

I might add that I feel OK posting this here, as today is the Sabbath.

Apr 28, 2018 - 4:29pm
Apr 28, 2018 - 5:02pm

Is There an Asian Debt Crisis on the Horizon?

Posted Apr 28, 2018 by Martin Armstrong

China is on its way to reaching the title of the Financial Capital of the World post-2032. However, that is also NOT going to be accomplished all on its own. In part, this is the moving trend and the shift our computer has been forecasting also because the West is in a Sovereign Debt Crisis and by raising taxes and imposing stiff regulations to try to keep the game going, GDP in the West will decline.

Nevertheless, China has some adjustment it must go through before it reaches that goal. It will surpass the EU, but the EU is hard at work of just trying to protect the jobs of bureaucrats rather than to actually make Europe a better place to live. Right now, China’s Debt to GDP stands at 250% mainly because to stimulate their economy, they actually lent money to people. The Western government bought their own bonds back to the “indirectly stimulate” the economy which never made it to the people. This is why Europe is still in deep trouble. The US took the bad loans from the banks and stuffed them in Freddie & Fannie. The EU left the bad loans on the books of the banks because it was seen as a bailout for Southern Europe. Now we have a banking crisis in Europe that never ends.

China’s debt problem is quite different. On the back of a boom in property prices, household borrowing has been climbing for the past 10 years straight. We are now approaching the correction point in this trend. The borrowing had expanded at a pace that exceeded the biggest speculative booms in the West. Now, some $6.7 trillion in personal debt also exists and this is now 50% of GDP. Private debt is now approaching crimping consumer spending power and therefore lies the recession ahead.


Apr 28, 2018 - 5:26pm

1 good thing Obama did

He got a lot of people to get off their asses and say NO WAY for Hillary, by voting for Donald Trump. Other than that, not a damn thing!!!

Apr 28, 2018 - 5:36pm

China is FUBAR

250% debt to GDP if anyone can figure out their GDP

Ours is at least 150-200% if someone could figure out the real, not manipulated GDP.

Being the world reserve currency helps a lot when printing $1.5 trillion in new debt a year

But China's real debt to GDP $40 trillion debt including shadow banking et at compared to a $8 trillion GDP (a lofty estimate IMO) that's 400% debt to GDP.

Not saying China will go Tango Uniform anytime soon.

Criminal bankers tend to jump when Xi says jump If they fail they get executed

Our bankers tell the government when to jump. When the pols fail they get unelected.

Who goes tits up first?

China's centrally planned economy is relatively inflexible so pressures tend to cause breakage.

In the US our debt is huge but at the WRC we can move in a more flexible manner.

Not that we are safe by any means but we'll be the last domino to fall if China STB.

Euro is another odd man out with massive systemic problems in their peripheral banks such at Italy, Spain Portugal and Greece.

Apr 28, 2018 - 7:02pm

what is the real debt

the govt never discusses contingent liabilities, eg freddie fannie fdic sipc

does not include unfunded.

unfunded only incl soc sec and medicare-not medicaid, prescription Obamacare.

there is little discussion about how much welfare and support is given to immigrants, legal or not. It would ne nic eto know how much its costing us as we go BK

Freddie Mac is giving 3% down loans, no credit chec reqd, go back up here in and see no contingent liability for freddie. Fannie at leasts checks credit rating before accepting the account. When these go under its more welfare oaid out, and as well when your utilities raise your rates for the "needy" who is paying for that? When Apple gives free ipads to schools, who is really paying for that?

I say all this as pretty soon, either as a last ditch effort or we are already on BK, some serious spending has to be cut.

My congressman, who I used to golf with, once said we are the richest nation around and can afford this.

He is nuts.

we are getting real close to our "come to Jesus" moment and congress does not give a fuck-and since that's the case, I will continue to buy more metals.

I think we take everybody with us.

Apr 28, 2018 - 7:49pm

For the Non-members...

...here is a recent comment from a different post that might interest you;

For your $12/month, you get access to all of the brilliant analysis we create here on a daily basis. That's about $1 of it.

The other $11/month provides you with two important things:

1. The privilege to be a part of the unrivaled, brilliant community of people here.

2. The ability to interact and discuss the precious metals and current events without the constant bombardment of hate from the trolls you find on other sites such as ZH, Shitco and SD.

Who wrote these words ??? Our very own leader, Turd Ferguson. Even he himself recognizes the incredible value and insight that the subscribers bring to this community.

Truly, if you are considering a subscription here, get off the fence and just do-it ! If you are NOT considering a subscription, you are missing some of the best Precious Metals commentary available !!!

Enough said.

ps. My apologies to TF for using his words without explicit permission. Hopefully, no harm done.

Apr 28, 2018 - 9:03pm

Remote Viewing: EOS $250 By Sept?

Remote Viewing: EOS $250 By Sept?
AKA AuAgforever AIJ Markedtofuture
Apr 28, 2018 - 10:03pm

Markedtofuture / EOS

Would love to see it happen. I bought EOS a while ago at $ 1.90. It's currently trading at near $ 20.00. A $ 250 price would allow me to pay off my house, all dept, buy a nice car, have cash left over and still pay my taxes....Bring it.......

Apr 29, 2018 - 8:09am

Turd, question for Keith and Eric

The problem I see for First Mining Finance is that their outstanding shares have doubled since 2015 and they are burning cash, meaning more forward dilution. Next time you speak with Keith perhaps you would ask him to address that issue.

The other issue is the EFP activity. As I have stated before, I think the ETP is nothing more than a money transfer scheme between the big shorts and their offshore subsidiaries whereby the contracts are settled for cash in secret between the two entities so that the suppression manipulations can continue. The one possible flaw in this view of the ETP transactions being between friends or affiliates is the inherent assumption that the short can pick the long counter party from the group of thousands of market participants with whom to go off to London and do the ETP close out transaction for cash.

I would think that the match up between the long and the short in the EFP transaction in a transparent situation would either be some random selection among the current open interest made by the Comex, or the oldest long would be pulled out and matched off with the short seeking the ETF. ....if this was the case and the short could not predetermine who its counter party would be, then the thesis of easy squaring and no financial harm between affiliates goes out the window. ....

BUT if the long who has to settle EFP is picked at random by now wouldn't you think there might have been some publicly made comment about the process.... especially if the long had to wait forever to get his metal or had to accept some deal below market prices....?

The entire EFP process as it is being abused diminishes the reputation of the COMEX as a truly futures market with settlement. The settlement is for cash off the exchange and the only way this can go on without any agitation is that it is between affiliated entities, again with the consent of the COMEX and their assistance...my opinion.

I remain surprised and somewhat disappointed that we, the precious metal community, have not been able to drill down into this EFP process any deeper than to know it is happening in huge numbers.

EFP are an exchange for CASH between affiliates to take pressure off the markets and keep them from rising.

AKA AuAgforever AIJ
Apr 29, 2018 - 9:49am

Crypto platform alternatives starting to move..

EOS, NEO; the crypto platform alternatives are starting to really move.

There is still time to enter the crypto world...but as John McAfee says;

" The end of the year may be too late"

Apr 29, 2018 - 10:23am


Closed-loop manipulation where “banks only” profit using offshore entities makes complete sense in an unregulated environment. Then funnel campaign contributions out of profits to DC and use contributions as tax deductions maximizing the scam on the people.

Apr 29, 2018 - 11:51am

hindsight - FMF and their ilk are optionality plays for the big

eventual payoff. In relative terms against their peers, they are not good investments. Look for lean juniors with great resources, ie high grades with scale (2-3 potential scores), that do not need to raise money that often. Stay away from promotion stocks like this that need dumb retail money to prop up their prices for equity raises. I've done much better staying away from those.

I've also noticed small producers with a few development assets are also a good way to go. Current cash flow can fund the development efforts, thus no need for perpetual capital raises.

If you're looking for a good newsletter value, then I'd recommend Dave Kranzler's work. I've not invested in all of his ideas, but the few I liked and put money into did well. I'm sitting on a 400% gain on one of those that hit after the 2016 run up occurred.

Apr 29, 2018 - 12:00pm

@ non-members

It's like billhilly (above) said. What I'd like to add (for potential new members considering a subscription) is that as good as I do consider the insights and analysis of TF to be, realize he is not a guru, never has claimed to be, and that he makes his share of mistakes along the way, just like anyone else (if you're looking for the 100% "guaranteed sure thing" when it comes to investing or understanding the markets, this isn't the place and there never will be any such place, so maybe it's best you forget about this place). The difference, though, is that the boss doesn't try to cover up his mistakes or skate away from them while whistling a happy tune. He makes his calls and when he sometimes gets things wrong, he tries hard to understand what went wrong, rather than pointing fingers at everyone but himself. As a subscriber, I admire and appreciate that combo of grit, honesty and humility, a rare set of traits not easily found among the many other "analysts" out there, many of whom have definite cases of SMS (selective memory syndrome; forever crowing about their victories while conveniently forgetting about their blunders) and who seem more interested in lining their own pockets instead of helping their subscribers. TF is the real deal, warts and all.

Apr 29, 2018 - 12:46pm

From freedom to bondage...

...in 6 hours.

Living alone up here in remote northern British Columbia is an incredible journey. It has been 15 years now and I still am amazed by some new beauty that reveals itself. I am so very fortunate !

It is now the beginnings of spring and with it comes a unique environment that lasts but a brief moment.

The snow this past winter was tallied in the double digits, 12-15 feet or so. This equates to a snow pack (after it firms up) of 6-8 feet. This is plenty to bend over the willows and create a smooth surface unbroken by "bush". The snow which falls here is mostly soft and light, so traversing it requires snowshoes, and plenty of effort. Except now.

The warmth of spring brings the melting of the snow. During the day now the temps can reach 50 F + and allows the snow to compact significantly. If the nights are clear the temperatures still drop well below freezing and the top layer of the snow freezes firmly. This creates a surface which is the most pleasurable to walk upon; you can virtually walk anywhere you want.

The land here is "bush". This means lots of scrub willows and entanglements. During the summer its passage is difficult at best, and often maddening. Yet now, during this momentary circumstance, there are few hindrances or obstacles. It is a rare time of free movement. As the sun rises in the morning there is a special joy to gather the dogs and head out for some exploration. Feeling its warmth on face and back, while inhaling deeply the fresh cold morning air, is pure joy. However, our friend the sun, soon becomes the enemy.

As the sun warms the air it also heats the snow. The top supporting layer soon becomes weak and will not hold our weight. This begins gradually, then happens all-at-once. If you are caught on the wrong side of this, it is hell on earth ! The depth of the snow is still 3-4 feet so once the firmament gives way there is nothing stopping you from dropping to your groin. This is called "post-holing". If you have any significant distance to travel in this situation, life sucks !!! And herein lies the dichotomy.

Once the snow is no longer supportive it is almost an unnavigable obstacle. After 10 am or so, it becomes so soft (and deep still) that you are literally trapped by it. Except for the few feet of free earth that surrounds the cabin, I and the dogs are held captive. Even the firmed path created by the snowmobile all winter long is now impassable as it is too soft to hold the weight.

These few brief weeks, in all their finicky nature, create such a wondrous environment. Even in lock-down mode, the beauty of the blue sky, the warmth of the sun, and the promise of summer to come, all these and more offer time for deep reflection on the fortunes that stare me in the face each day. Who says bondage doesn't have its benefits.

I was once asked long ago, "what is it that I enjoy most about winters up here" ? I took only a moment to think upon that and say, "my favorite thing is that the snow stays white the entire time".

Apr 29, 2018 - 1:12pm

I Hate Bankers

Especially When Their Downright Upfront About It. Keep Stacking

AKA AuAgforever AIJ
Apr 29, 2018 - 1:27pm

The Object of the game is to survive......

The Harvey Dent's of the world keep talking about Gold and Silver crashing.....

Gold and Silver cannot crash simply because they are being managed to remain just above the cost of mining by TPTB. Since “they” have unlimited fiat “they” can easily do this as long as physical metal is being delivered at the highly manipulated paper price. I keep my physical and stack more when I can and in the meantime make fiat on the crypto sector. EOS is one example; I bought it at $ 1.90 and after the “crypto crash” is trading at $ 20.00. TPTB have instigated a waiting game that few have the resources to play. Make fiat in any other asset class you can, hold your physical PM position and survive to fight another day. I’m only here to try to help the average PM investor survive and not be destroyed by the criminal manipulation like I almost was. Fortunately I figured this out before it was too late."

Apr 29, 2018 - 1:28pm

REALIST NEWS - Sunday Crypto Update - Some Psychic Stuff Too

REALIST NEWS - Sunday Crypto Update - Some Psychic Stuff Too
Apr 29, 2018 - 2:51pm

I Hate Bankers Too

Thank you Marchas45! I love to hear bankers getting some well deserved hate and 4 letters words! People are fighting among their political opinions and nobody EVER says any shit about the bankers. Hope they get their cell at Guantanamo Bay too.

Apr 29, 2018 - 2:54pm

New From Steve SRRocco

Why Gold & Silver Won't Crash With Markets

He does some comparisons on the charts for gold, silver, and stocks.

Apr 29, 2018 - 2:59pm
Apr 29, 2018 - 3:46pm

Both daughters were able to stay on my family plan

until they reached age 26. That saved them a ton of money as they started out in their work careers. They were able to start 401k plans from day one of work.

Apr 29, 2018 - 4:24pm

Sunday & All Quiet on the NW Front.

Relax for now, for I walked to the edge of my view property, again, looking for the creatures that are continually written about. Mount Rainier is in the clouds today, but the valley below the house is clear. I have been watching the landscape from the early '50's and still cannot find what other keep seeing. They say alien craft fly around the mountain, lizard men hidden in the mountain, big foots walking around the mountain, the soon to come explosion of the mountain and a good hiding place for the Nephilim.

I am just in the wrong place every time that something is seen by a multitude of others. I do see my squirrels, bunnies, deer and lots of birds. That's it! So relax and fear not. If anything shows up, I will give a first hand report. (The things which I have seen would frighten most). Jim

Apr 29, 2018 - 5:08pm

Just heard that Pan American

Just heard that Pan American silver mine in Peru is off-line. Anybody care to hazard a guess as to what substantial impact this will have on anything???

HUGE Silver Mine Suspends Operations!!

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