A Discussion with David Moadel of Portfolio Wealth Global

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A year ago, I was interviewed by David Moadel for his YouTube channel, "Looking At The Markets". Today was my opportunity to turn the tables and return the favor.

David is now the chief researcher for the bond and gold markets at http://PortfolioWealthGlobal.com, a research group that offers a free investment newsletter. Drawing upon David's expertise, today we discussed:

  • the bond market and whether long rates are headed higher or lower
  • the US dollar and whether the global movement toward de-dollarization will have an impact this year
  • gold and silver, with special emphasis on the current, near-record highs in the gold:silver ratio
  • David's favorite commodity and natural resource investment opportunity

Along the way, David mentions a number of free reports that can be accessed through these links:

And we also invite you to go back and check this podcast from last April where the guest was Jim Walchuck, the president and CEO of Zinc One Resources: https://www.tfmetalsreport.com/podcast/8266/visit-jim-walchuck-zinc-one-resources

Thanks again to David for his time today. If you want to learn more from David, please be sure to check out the free email newsletter and you can also follow him on Twitter @davidmoadel.



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I am!

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Silver, silver.  Come out of your funk, and soar with the eagles!

Edit: Sorry -- too much Tequila.  What the fuck was I thinking?

At least it's still cheap to buy . . .

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better than 4th place in the olympics

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keep stacking! (sorry, marchas)

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Much better -- you're on the podium, and they raise your flag! (You get some "swag" too.)

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No Problem Marcus

I'll just keep doing this: Keep Stacking

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