Introducing Kinesis - A Possible Monetary Revolution

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Earlier today, we had the opportunity to catch up with Tom Coughlin, CEO of Allocated Bullion Exchange and Kinesis Ltd, a new gold-backed currency being unveiled in 2018. Tom was joined by our old pal, Andrew Maguire, and together they were able to explain how and why Kinesis can provide a global monetary revolution.

Details of how Kinesis works as well as the initial KVT and ICO offerings can be found here:

From the Kinesis website, here's a great description of what we hope this new currency will become (click to expand):

But it's much more than that. Kinesis brings the possibility of hope and prosperity to billions of people worldwide who have been impoverished by the current, debt-based monetary system. All the while, physical gold and silver flowing into Kinesis should provide an extraordinary stress for The Banker's current fractional reserve and paper derivative pricing scheme.

This sure sounds like a WIN-WIN to me so I encourage you to take some time to consider the benefits that the Kinesis system may bring. We thank Tom and Andy for their time today and we look forward to hearing from them again soon as progress is made in bringing Kinesis to life.



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2nd (generation?)

Alas, is blockchain already obsolete? Hashgraph appears to be the second generation in distributed applications such as distributed ledger technology...

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My account is set up and verified.  Wiring funds today for 5 units (max allotment at discount).

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Again and as always


Please be certain to do all of your own due diligence before taking any action in anything.

Response to: Account
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Andy lost me a while ago

I hope his endeavor is successful

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Two fifths in one day -- I gotta cut back!

This is an interesting proposal, but, as always, the devil is in the details.  I'll await further analysis from folks far smarter than I . . .

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Sprott Money

I hope you will discuss Kinesis with Eric Sprott on your weekly pod cast

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Thank you

Thank you for your support here Landplanner, we're trying our very best to make it worthwhile. 

Regarding the max allocation for Kinesis Velocity Tokens (KVTs) at a discount (currently 25%), there is no maximum allocation. You are welcome to subscribe for as many as you like while the discounts are available during the pre-sale period.

If anyone has any further queries please feel free to fire them through.

Best regards,

Tom Coughlin


Skype: abx.thomas.coughlin

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Not Available to US citizens and residents who are not Accredite

You have to be an accredited investor to participate in this ICO?  I am reading this on page two of the Kinesis Blueprint v15 document.

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silver today

3 hours at 16.795? how is that possible?

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Accredited Investors


Yes, to be on the safe side with securities law in the US, this is correct for our KVTs. We are in the process of obtaining legal opinion for the allocated bullion currency suite, but this is unlikely to be the case for the actually currencies which will be opened for investment on 1 July 2018. We are waiting on final legal opinion for this and will advise accordingly. 



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How complicated is it...

to get an ethereum ERC20 wallet?

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Pretty Easy.  Go to click on Create New Wallet and follow instructions. yes

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Kinesis question

Good stuff Craig thanks. What would keep a big bank backed by a government to come in and co opt this? JPM could come in with freshly printed money and do what they please including taking physical and recycling it in their Comex system right? Just thinking 

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Like and respect Andy and followed him for many years; I went into this presentation excited and wanting to believe and invest; I must say though it walked and talked like a Ponzi the more I listened and read; the vague and flimsy explanations regarding yield continuously  raising my suspicions.  How is the yield mechanism different from the classic Ponzi dynamic of revenue from new investor.  I have an open mind and wait to be relieved of my skepticism.  

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All Greek to me

I'm part of the lost generation.  Couldn't figure out that zoom energy thingy either.

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I may be wrong


But I'm pretty sure that you can't withdraw someone else's physical. 

A person or entity can deposit their own metal and then withdraw it again but a third party won't be able to do it. It's not like an ETF.

Response to: Kinesis question
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I'll give it a try


In a ponzi scheme, the revenue/yield would come from the taking in of new $ and using these funds to pay prior investors.

As I understand it, Kinesis will generate revenue/yield through the sharing of the transaction fees paid through the use of the coin. It's sort of as if VISA regularly kicked back a part of their 3% transaction fees to cardholders. 

The revenue/yield doesn't come from the issuance of new coins. Instead, it grows as transactions and acceptance increase and the velocity of use of the coins grows.

I hope that helps.

Response to: Ponzi
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Thanks for the response and

Thanks for the response and help, Turd.  My experience with Ponzis is that they never say revenue is generated from new investors.  

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Where is the "safe investment"?

   I have been a professional at losing fiat, most of my life.  I bought into the stock brokers picks, thinking he was there for me but only lined his purse. Bought tons of miners, and should have piled into cash. Whenever we bought into real estate, made big bucks and wasted it on stocks. 

  When the electricity is finally turned off, the crypto's and mortgage backed securities will be in the same pile as gold backed paper. The entire world's pile, of their fiat bucks, will be worth less than one of my cans of beans that  may be only eaten in a cave. The entire setup of wealth is an illusion. He who has downsized to the max., ran from the Ponzi  that is fed to us daily, finding true survival in the simple life, will be able to endure for a season. We are working on that goal.   Jim

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And please, do not simply take my word for it


Doing your own due diligence means that some folks will love the idea and some people won't.

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Tonight's drink is vodka tonic

Thank you sir, last question before I start drinking. What if again JPM came in with say 50M USD, became a large customer, then ran computers to make ten cent transactions 5,000 times a second? Would someone like this be able to cause a traffic jam?

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You got me there


I have no idea.

Maybe one of the guys will stop by tomorrow to answer this for you.

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Thanks, Marchas...

I'm not too computer savvy, but I think I can handle that.  Hopefully.

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Ponzi scheme and Andrew in the same sentance

look I have been around the block a few times. If the lingo is confusing and the track record uncertain, stay bloody far away. AM is bad news imo

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Kinesis Transaction Processing Speed

I have read the Kinesis blueprint several times since the link was posted at TFMR a week or so ago.

It took a few times of reading to get my head around all the details but it looks pretty sound and innovative to me.

On the basis of what I've read, I have already made a small subscription for KVT.
The keys to making the yield work will be achieving a reasonable velocity and market cap.
The main concern I have is over the transaction processing speed to support the projected market caps (p37 "KVT Projected Financials" in blueprint) .
"+3000 transactions per second" from ABOUT, EFFICIENCY sounds much more like a functional currency than Bitcoin/Ether.
However, see my back of the envelope calculations below.

To arrive at transactions per day, first estimate average transaction value.
Average Visa debit card transaction in Europe was stable @60EUR between 2010-2015.
Average Kinesis transaction value in Indonesia more likely to be nearer $10.

Year 1 market cap $7.8 bn.  
Daily turnover required for 20% velocity is $1.56 bn.  
Transactions per day required is 156 million.  
Transactions required per second, every second is 1805 (@60% of apparent capacity).  This seems to be close to Visa's average transactions per second, while they have a capacity of 25-50k tps.  
A velocity exceeding 33% would exhaust 3000 tps.

In subsequent years, even very low velocities exceed tps capcity.

I appreciate that on page 4, you state that 
"Blockchain peer-to-peer decentralised    distributed ledger technology – blockchain may become obsolete, but distributed ledger technology can only be enhanced"
suggesting that you are flexible to adopting more efficient forms of DLT.

My Question for Tom:

Could you elaborate on how the platform being launched will support the transactions per second likely to be needed for the projected market caps and velocity.

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System of shared economic wealth, not a Ponzi

Perhaps we should consider that the current debt based fiat monetary system with fractional banking is in fact a Ponzi scheme, not Kinesis. The Kinesis Monetary System stands for the complete opposite. Please cast a carefully scrutinizing eye over the system and see whether your view changes - it's certainly nothing like a ponzi.  Please bare in mind that ABX operating with an unblemished track record since 2013 has planned this and brought numerous well established partners together to bring this all together. Some of the largest physical traders in the world entrust the ABX system, they have partnerships with Deutsche Borse along with post offices etc that are subject to very strict regulations. 

Some recent press releases:

Kinesis is a monetary system based on allocated physical precious metal with the transaction fees shared in a clever incentivizing way to promote currency transactions and use. This is opposed to a bank or credit card issuer simply charging fees and keep them all themselves. Kinesis shares the fees with everyone in the system according to participation, so everyone can in fact make a yield in different ways.

Please have a review of our Blueprint - Kinesis Blueprint

Slide 28-29 gives an overview of the yields and then we subsequently go into them in much greater detail with flow charts etc.

This is a high level document, but still illustrates how it works and the level of planning that has gone into this even at the high level. If anyone would like to get into further granular detail and is serious about participating then we can get into much greater detail should you get in contact with us.

Best regards,


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Blog I posted today...

I've been blogging for a couple of years. Most of what I do would appeal to many here so I thought I'd share my newest for anyone  interested.

The 2nd Amendment's Forgotten Value. 

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@AgstAger ... Blog I Posted Today

AgstAger, the blog you wrote today about the 2nd Amendment is an excellent document! Everyone should take the time to read it. Thanks

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Metals backed cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrencies backed by gold recently introduced will not liberate us whether it is Kinesis or whatever. Only the knowledge that the banks enslave us will. Unless the majority of us are aware of the knowledge, any currency could not solve the problem.

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