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Silver expert David Morgan joined us for our weekly webinar today. This proved a very informative hour so we urge you to carve out some time to give it a listen.

Among the topics addressed over the course of the call:

  • the current commodity selloff in the face of the ongoing dollar weakness
  • the purpose (if there is any) of the 135MM ounce JPM Comex silver vault
  • David's three ideal investments for the next 20 years
  • which mining companies offer the best potential returns going forward
  • whether technical analysis is useful in today's markets
  • and much, much more!

We also promised the listeners that we would post a link to the book David mentioned called "Second Chance". You can find it here: https://www.amazon.com/Second-Chance-Coming-Silver-Shock-Wave/dp/1483460363

Thanks to everyone for participating today!



Clarki Stomias's picture

Markets sea-change coming?

Eric Scott Hunsader@nanexllc

Changing dynamic going on.. $ES_F $SPY

12:19 PM - Mar 1, 2018


edit: And how about the USD/JPY breakdown this afternoon and the PM jump! We could sure all deserve a break around here.  BTW: First!

Turd Ferguson's picture



OK, then. This is starting to get interesting. The lowest daily close thus far in 2018 was 106.12 on Feb 15.

Turd Ferguson's picture

Comex silver now 27¢ off its lows and green for the day


CoT effect??

Wizdum's picture

cliff's 13888

i think it's a sum of cryptos...
not a singular for BTC:


Turd Ferguson's picture

what's fun about this afternoon rally


We're already up $12 vs the Comex close. That's the number that will show tonight when Asia opens. It's the opposite effect of when price is slammed on the Globex.

Wizdum's picture

why though

new month 

or powell?

marchas45's picture


4th NOPE 3rd  but it's nice to see the PM's go up. Thank You Donald. Lol Keep Stacking

RickshawETF's picture



Charlie -- looks like Wizdum screwed us both up!

Stack on!

Turd Ferguson's picture

see the yen charts above


USDJPY plunging and POSX is now down 30¢, too, as "market" finally figures out some of the stuff we wrote about this morning.

Response to: why though
Turd Ferguson's picture



The Comex close for the Apr18 gold was $1305.20.

Let's say that, by 8:00 pm this evening, price is still right here at $1320. The board will show gold +$15. That may not seem like much but it might be enough to spark some happy sentiment and get price back above the 50-day before the week ends.

Turd Ferguson's picture

And IGNORE your Mar18 silver quotes


That contract is off the board.

The new front month is the May18 and it's currently UP 23¢ on the day at $16.50!


brolgaboy's picture

USLV decay

I have held USLV since Nov 30 (sold one third for a profit at $12.72) and I can attest

that the actual decay from that date is only about 25 cents. Not too awful IMO

Turd Ferguson's picture



Turd Ferguson's picture

today's KE audio

Mickey's picture

decay on leveraged etf's

get yourself a stockcharts subscription and you can create a lasting chart that wil compare, for example GDXJ vs JNUG during up and down markets.

or SPY vs SPXL or SPXS

perfect objective  measurement that way.

during the miner rally early 2016, nugt and JNUG were running 6:1 over underlying. .All thats messed up now with overlaps on GDX and GDXJ

AgstAger's picture

How often is gold pressured until the 4:00 p.m.

bell rings only to start painting green candles starting at 4:01.  Today's chart is a good example.

Turd Ferguson's picture

BTC trying to break out


Now, if it can get back above $12000, you might have something.

billhilly's picture


...I was watching the scrolling news feed on my trading site and a short piece came along highlighting this site.  Never knew anything like this existed.  I had to go and at least check it out...there had been some nights in my past I could not distinctly remember !  Anyway, for those of you/us that might be curious;


and no, I'll not tell you what I might have found about myself...

brolgaboy's picture


i do have stockhouse sub but i'll be damned if i can figure out how to overlay!



mavens's picture

Billhilly keeps piling on the homework....

Note to self:

  • Call up mom and pops and tell em I love em when I get home from work tonight.
  • Go to removemugshots.net and, ummmm, check it out, or something...
OOOBuck's picture

Cdn5 up on brief report

Cdn5 Pot gained 6% with Canopy Growth (TWMJF/WEED) the leader, up 9.52% to $23.35/share.  Trade was below average across the board.

WTI Crude regained almost a dollar from this morning's lows.  Oil did not solely rise in conjunction with commodities but was trending higher from 10:30am and took an extra boost with the commodities some 2 hours later.

BTC is flirting with $11K at the moment with Ethereum trying to join in the move; Litecoin less so.

NW VIEW's picture

Some types of fiat keep me awake at night,

not the lack of fiat but the quickly earned stack. A few times in my life, I have  made some good profit, just by signing my name on a purchase and sales agreement.  I would stop and think: "Well, someone bought that property from me for a 25% gain, even before I have closed the original deal.  Many will work for the entire year, 8 hours a day, and never make this amount of fiat".  (Sickening feeling within).  That pile will talk to you in the night. It says, "there are neighbors and friends who lack the basics, hoping for someone/something to give them a bit of aid, grandma needing a new pair of teeth, and some buying items on layaway, paying $10/mo. until the children's clothes are paid off. You could do something, will you?"

Yep, fiat talks to me that way.   I started out homeless and broke in this city and when that fan is hit, I may be back to the beginning, hoping that I remembered to help grandma with her new teeth.     Jim

Turd Ferguson's picture

A question


So what is this $6 drop in 15 minutes while the USDJPY is flat near 106.25?

  1. Spec selling of the rally?
  2. Cartel defense to keep price below the 50-day?

Turd Ferguson's picture

oh shit


I think most everyone here understands by now what a terrible idea this is...


Ronnie 666's picture

A great saying

On days like today it’s worth looking at some old sayings and proverbs that guided people in past years - I found this great one today....sums it all up.

Capitalism and socialism are just fairy stories. Capitalism begins “ Once upon a time there was” while socialism begins “In the future there will be”...

Markedtofuture's picture

ARV: Granting of Elysian Tenements for Conglomerate Gold

ARV: Granting of Elysian Tenements for Conglomerate Gold Two key exploration licences, E47/3443 and E47/3564 (61 Blocks), granted by DMIRS and which don’t form part of the Novo Resources Corp. JV. Contains the well known 47 Patch conglomerate hosted gold find, which has been chosen as the preferred site to conduct Artemis' first large bulk sampling program of gold bearing conglomerates.


streber's picture




As the world’s No. 1 oil importer, China may have the leverage to demand such a dollar-to-yuan switch, which would directly influence nearly 40 percent of global oil production and create a massive oversupply of U.S. dollars. And China changing to yuan-denominated oil contracts is significant because it could begin to unravel the U.S. dollar’s dominance worldwide and, in turn, lessen the United States’ ability to wield the soft power associated with currency leverage.

The saying “the bigger they are, the harder they fall” is relevant here because the U.S. dollar is immense — it makes up 64 percent of known central bank foreign exchange reserves; more than 85 percent of world forex trading (the decentralized over-the-counter trading in foreign currencies); and 39 percent of all debt issued in the world. In addition, more than one-third of world GDP comes from countries whose currencies are pegged to the dollar. The sudden fall of King Dollar would be very hard indeed. It would lead to massive inflation in the U.S., threatening the smooth function of debt markets that make the financial world go round.


Joseph Warren's picture

Excellent A2A

Straight,  no b.s. talk from Craig & David (as usual).

Thank you

OOOBuck's picture

Amerika - Vee Vont Demokracy unt fraedom for da vorld

or else.

ps.  By my previous estimate, the spring offensive in the Donbas begins in less than 3 weeks.

abundance's picture

that requires Lots of prayers 000Buck!

chills me ...may Donbass prevail.

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