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The last two weeks have been pretty crazy in the "markets". I felt I needed to talk things through so I rang up Dave Kranzler earlier today to get his opinion on things.

As you'll note, this was a pretty informal discussion. Dave and I simply discuss the recent gyrations in stocks, the ongoing yield spike in the bond market and into what kind of jam, if any, this places Chief Goon Powell and his Fed.

I hope you find this interesting and helpful.


p.s. We had some issues with Skype while recording and the audio cut out intermittently. I've done my best to seamlessly edit it together but you might notice a few gaps.


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something to listen to during tonight's work out

Thanks Turd


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Now to listen - always interesting with Dave

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Not second

Bronze medal

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Charlie . . . ?

Ah well, you know what he'd say: "Keep stacking!"

(Sorry, no dancing today . . . sad )

Edit: Sorry Charlie!  I would have waited longer, but I figured you were backing up your truck down at your LCS . . .

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Keep Stacking!!!!!!!

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Good Discussion Turd

Always interesting to hear Turd and Dave get together, especially in these crazy times. 

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Just thinking

On Fox they are talking about the tragic deaths in Fl yesterday. 

They are saying we need to do something about this.

I agree. 

How many kids died in Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Ukraine etc. 

Not just kids, we are talking about mass killings.

Please Q take them all down.

Pedo's and whatever disgusting people out there. Yes Queenie, that is why I won't buy Maples. Don't want to see your face.

Drain the worldwide swamp.

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today's KE audio

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POSX charts


That's a new 2018 daily closing low today.

A closing low below 88.44 tomorrow would look pretty nasty.

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Trying to climb above the 200-day while facing heavy Bank resistance.

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Be sure to read Dave's latest

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Dow 36,000 in blow off top ??Really??

50 minute video

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I agree Orange - no problem starving out kids in Iraq or Yemen

or watching Iraqi kids in Fallujah with awful birth defects due to the use of depleted uranium in weaponry.  Spare me the tribal outrage.  I hurt for EVERY parent that has to deal with the death of their child, but I have no time for bullshit band aid solutions that don't address the underlying societal ills.  As George Carlin said, they don't care about you!  

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National Security

About the 20 minute mark Dave talks about the US debt being placed in "National Security" ranking.

Why are CBs around the globe purchasing stocks on the US stock exchanges not a matter of National Security?  If one of the CBs wanted to really f$$$ with the US, place a blanket sell on the bid.  Boom.

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Even though we gave you this back on Monday


Glad to see ZH running with the BBG story of a Mar 26 launch of the CNY-Crude.

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Early? Late? a reletive term

Good Interview with Dave and great interview with Cory on the KE report. Interviews with Cory are a bit like pearls before swine....I digress.  Denver Dave said in the interview we are early here ? referring to the gold bull market.  I find it funny when people talk about early or late in a physical market.  If you bought today maybe you are early  but maybe compared to the 2014 low you are late. Then again if you bought in 2011 you were really late and should have bought in 2008. But if you bought in 2008 you were also late and should have bought in 2002?? How does all this work ?  From my understanding you buy regularly on dips and you get on with your life. Gold will look after itself have no fear.

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PGM Report...

Found this....

Anyone who has interest in Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium maybe you will enjoy this...

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That went fast

I wish that had gone longer.  You were still identifying the problems.  It's excusable, though, because there are plenty of problems.

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Another Gold Bull...

Fresh this afternoon another Bull perspective...

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Nikolas Cruz

Nikolas Cruz, of hispanic descent, was linked to a white supremacist group by the anti-defamation league.

Anyone catch this? Steve "The Noosh" Mnuchin calls on congress for gun control.

I wonder if The Noosh belongs to the anti-defamation league, that would be a coincidence wouldn't it?  Kind of like a quick one-two punch from the 'gang'.  Soros doesn't like our guns either, nor Schumer, Feinstein, Boxer, Schiff......hmmm??. 

Those kwazy banksters!

scoremore's picture

"I don't get no respect!"

I miss Rodney!

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It's really enjoyable to hear Craig and Dave just talk

let their hair down and discuss some of the more amazing things that afflict those who are in the know, understand how the world works and can grasp the importance of a dialogue like this   Most people would listen with eyes crossed, muttering   Tinfoil hats  Conspiracy  theory.  I feel badly for them that they don't have a grasp of what is really going on

Speaking of what is really going on, what is the most common theme of the last two weeks, aside from the market, deficits and global economic conditions?

The quickly tightening noose around the collective neck of the gang of 10.

Hillary, Comey, Lynch, Ohr, Rosenstein, Steele, Strzok, Page, Mueller and McCabe.  All of these people were and are just water carriers for Soros and his overlords. 

What do you do when the battle is going badly?   False Flag and distraction.

Florida shooting is guaranteed to draw the attention that that side of the monitor for some time.  In a disgusting way, it's almost a welcome relief, at least to those who are in the line of fire for the Deep State battles.

3 days of distraction in the 24/7 news cycle gives the adversaries a time to catch their breath and turn the narrative to their advantage, if only for a few days. The pompous virtual signaling political class raises its hue and cry until every one is deaf from their entreaties.

It won't save them when  this new story moves to page 3 but it reduces the momentum and distracts the low info viewers from the real battle involving  the White Hats, We the people and Trump versus Deep State

That's how it seems to me.  I've seen dozens of these deadly serious distractions thrown into the path of some progress.   This one will not be the last one.

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Uh oh

4 oz's picture


USD falling  Looking @ UDS = $88.30 right now...

AGXIIK's picture

This could be a long weekend Infometron

Stupid banker pet tricks are best performed over 3 day US holiday weekends.  This one might be tricky given HNA and it's leveraged positions come Monday Feb 18

Mickey's picture


so how does a false flag op occur?

What if, just saying, a GOVT agency was made aware of a problem and "slow walked" it.

Or has a bunch of these little time bombs all over the place.

If they can handle it right they get the desired effect without actually initiating the event and can actually blame it on the person causing it.

Until some guy opens his mouth and says he had not just sent info to FBI but the FBI visited him in September 5 months before the event.

just saying.

thats pretty much what happened ahead of 911, right?

Denninger had a brief discussion on Drugs on this issue too-he wil expand on this , but i think our govt is responsible for a lot of the drug issue, including CIA and FBI, and oh, open borders.

How many deaths occur from drugs vs guns? I do not know but there are ways to address this if our govt was not so concerned with winning the political game.

But then again, "drugs" is a huge business.

As I finish writing this, I think of the economy and debt and the bs that comes out of it and how we here view all the economic and financial issues with a great deal of disbelief. All this stuff runs on parallel paths.

silver66's picture

anyone else notice lately that

gold climbs after the open at 6 and then overnight it seem to get beat back and then climbs during day. 

Whereas before it climbed overnight and got beat back during the day

maybe I am imagining things


Mickey's picture

silver 66

you are not imagining things

over the years there have been many patterns but the strongest one is weakness overnight and a good first 2 hours after the market opens.

There is a pattern on spx also. buy early evening and sell before the open.

both give advantage to big traders using algos and futures

Mickey's picture

USD tonite

right down at levels twice earlier this year--new lows if it goes lower.

I also think $ continues to decline vs Yuan.

we have dug ourselves one hellova hole.

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Goldmoney 2018 Outlook and Roundtable Discussion

2/15/2018 Video Excellent Discussion 1 hr 14min

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