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Just for fun and because it's my birthday weekend, I thought we should make this podcast a public thread. There are always nuggets of quality information here at TFMR so maybe we should give the rest of the world some idea of what they're missing for lack of 40¢/day.

After a general discussion of the events of the past 36 hours, we take the unusual step of beginning with a discussion of the US equity markets (click the charts to enlarge):

From there, we look at the weekly chart of the POSX (DXY) and consider some handy perspective from Incrementum AG:

We check the all-important USDJPY:

From there, we have a thorough discussion of the significance of these three charts of Comex Digital Gold (CDG):

And we take a look at the same daily and weekly charts of Comex Digital Silver (CDS):

We close as we always do on Friday...with a discussion of the latest CoTs. The reports this week were very encouraging, particularly for CDS:

OK, that's it. Have a great weekend!



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OIL still smokin' - Pot not so much!

WTI oil recovered from yesterday's leakage, spurting up from 65.40 all the way to 66.30 before settling in at around 66.20, roughly a 1.2% rise.  I remain optimistic and looking forward to our next whistle stop (70/bbl).

Cdn5 Pot did some huffing and puffing before attempting a recovery from yesterday's 5.5% hit.  The group closed the day up 4.2% but the week down - 4%.  Canopy Growth led today's winners up 10.97%.  
My attention was brought to another cannabis stock this week (DJACF - Doja Cannabis).  I don't usually follow it but I did notice that it routinely fares rather poorly against the Cdn5 group; particularly this week when it suffered a whopping 14% decline.

Continuing frustration for BTC holders as the crypto just can't seem to move out of the doldrums in the 10.5K to 11.5K vicinity.  It certainly tried - midnight saw it push to 11.4K only to be pushed back a full $1,000 just a few hours later.  Currently priced around 11K.


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Happy Birthday Turd

2 minutes late....oh well, otherwise a great week in the greater big melt up picture

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this week's KE audio


In case you're really bored and need more audio. This was recorded earlier this afternoon.

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Happy Birthday, Turd!  

I can guess what you wanted as a birthday gift, but Jamie Dimon was determined to insure you didn't get it . . .  sad

I expect next week will be very interesting!

Have a nice stack (pancakes, that is) and enjoy.

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Keep Stacking

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And this extra audio


And this extra audio I recorded today for Sprott is pretty interesting, too. Worth a listen.

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I'm looking forward to taking it all in when I get home...

Looks like we finished UP on the week! yesyeslaugh

And the CoT....what a surprise! I will have more to say about that....

See ya all tonight...maybe I will splurge and have a few suds tonight!

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See this!

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Fresh Jackass

Turd Ferguson's picture

The Boys of FART will claim


The Boys of FART will claim this is likely just if the ONLY market these criminals would dare manipulate is forex and not the metals.

Response to: See this!
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A big brolgaboy bday weekend too

My twin daughters turned 15 today!

have a great birthday Craig

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Saw it!

Banks were found to be manipulating and spoofing and Bart Chilton couldn't find anything wrong? maybe he was just looking at their intent? Bankers help people, right? 

Thank god we have laws in this country to protect us!


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Fine instead of Grand Jury!

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you asked for it...

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Whoooooo Hooooooo!

Clog up the posts!

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On now

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Happy Birthday TURD

Happy Birthday TURD! Was waiting for this, forever!

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I think you left no stone unturned tonight....

Phenomenal podcast...

I had some things I wanted to work out in my head (open interest) and you totally covered it and much much more...

Take a bow...Pat yourself on the back!

Great show tonight! yesyes

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What's happening at Michigan State right now should be

happening as well on Wall Street when banks get caught committing fraud, theft and other crimes.  We need accountability and should not stop until we get it.  Watching the Michigan State leadership rolled up one by one makes me proud of the collective community of reporters, the Michigan State community and the victims.  I only wish we could apply the same pressure to Wall Street, but it does show what a determined majority can do when they collectively demand that consequences be swift and fierce.

Shout out to Mavens for being a good member of that MSU community that called BS on these creeps - proud of you buddy!

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What a Gift...

1st Cliff high and now very positive pod cast ...!!

Thank you, Cheers.....!!!

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Lionel Nation and Charles Ortel..Lionel nothing is

going to happen...Charles replies

he also says ge going bk

Happy Birthday Craig

Happy 15th Twins

and Mavens,your twins look great!

update re Mich SU would be appreciated

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Asshats Unite

Fear, fear, and more fear.  Don't think just be afraid.  I.... Excuse me the government will tell you what you need to do.

If this gent... I use the term loosely, was truly interested in energy self sufficiency then why isn't he pushing various forms of energy infrastructure.  A mixture of renewable and nuclear would do the trick.  Instead he's picking a fight.  Why is it the asshats end up sitting in these positions.  I'm at a loss.... 

Just more reason to buy metal and freeze dried supplies, and alcohol (good quality porch sip'in).    

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Beer induced comment

I am so tired of it all on a daily basis, but like flies to shit or dogs to vomit, I return, but you know what, when I pick up a piece of silver, like my lucky 10 oz bar I keep in my desk, well then, I know i am right and that everything will be OK in the end, I will retain my purchasing power and be able to regale Turdville with my stories of the bad old days when silver was under $100 per oz, have a great weekend Turdville !

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Happy birthday Craig

Enjoy it - we're all better off with you on this spinning sphere!

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Happy birthday Craig

And thank you for all your work and passion. May it continue for many years!

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Bitcoin Exchange CoinCheck hacked

his post was originally published on this site

CoinCheck Executives during their late-night press conference in Tokyo.

Nine hours ago, the president of the foundation behind NEM shocked everybody when he posted his tweet. According to the message, Coincheck, one of the largest Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges was hacked.

It’s unfortunate that coincheck got hacked. But we are doing everything we can to help.

— Lon Wong (@2017Lon) January 26, 2018

It is confirmed that 500 Million XEM tokens have been stolen from the exchange, mainly by Bloomberg’s tech reporter in Tokyo, Yuji Nakamura, who’s attended the press conference and made a couple of significant posts that allow us to better understand what was going on during the conference.

Executives wouldn’t admit that their security is weak, regardless of the fact that they hadn’t setup multisig wallets or any mention of cold storage.

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Finally, Eminem says something I agree with!...


...I concur!

Happy bday Turd, I think we're both on the 28th...

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prelim gold OI down 6000


So there you go.

Why the divergence between CDG and USDJPY yesterday? Just as we speculated in this podcast. A combination of long liquidation ahead of Feb18 going off the board and some additional Bank shorting, too.

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