A2A with Clif High


Clif High kicks off the 2018 A2A calendar with a fascinating discussion of the "web bot" predictive technology and its application toward the year to come in cryptos, the metals and more.

There was high demand for Clif as an A2A guest and, after you listen to this podcast, you'll know why. Clif is clearly an extremely intelligent guy and his thoughts on a wide-range of topics are insightful and compelling. Among the items discussed:

  • the cryptocurrencies and where they are headed in 2018 and beyond
  • how blockchain can help end the precious metal price manipulation
  • the idea of free energy
  • what's going on in Antarctica
  • the health benefits of Carbon60
  • and so much more your head will be spinning!

I strongly urge you to carve out some time and give this audio a thorough listen. You'll be glad you did.



Jan 27, 2018 - 3:40pm

Free Energy Sounds Like

Something out of Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, right there with the "Improbability Drive."

Definitions matter when it comes to talking about physical phenomena. There is obviously some "free energy" surounding us, or solar panels, (devices that turn "free energy" into harnessable electrical energy), would not "make" electricity. Hydro-electric generators in a man-made dam on a river are another example of "free energy." (How many examples CAN YOU think of?)

The point, as I see it, is what do we not know now that, if we did know it, would give us, (through the development of the proper devices), MORE "free energy"?

We are only beginning to understand our world, our solar system, and to a much lesser extent, our galaxy. Without our Galileos, Marconis, Edisons, Musks, and guys in their garages, we have nothing but guesses, and the "Improbability Drive."

But do not forget, the guys who gave us such things as the gun, which pioneers used to increase their probability of survival in unfavorable environments, also gave us a way to kill each other. I'm saying, MORALITY MATTERS, and what we do with our "tools" matters very much. Just look at the tool we not-so-affectionately call the Federal Reserve, and what it's done to us and our children.

I need to go out to the garage and fix something to get this bad taste out of my mouth now.

Jan 26, 2018 - 6:37pm

Re: Laws of Physics

Allow me to jump into this argument with a third perspective:

The "Laws of Physics/Thermodynamics" camp is sort of correct about the laws being immutable; but, very similar to what Nick Elway said about this applying to closed systems, I say this applies all things that were "NOT" created by nature; i.e. all man-made things...for these, yes, the laws apply 100% since they were created by us (pumps, motors and everything physics based thing) and we used these laws (which are basically what we can best glean from this universe).

The other camp ("woo-woo"?) is also correct; this is the part of the universe that we humans have NOT been able to glean much info about (for a multitude of reasons). To give examples, if you cut off all fuel supply to any motor or device, it will definitely shutdown. No ifs or buts. But living beings (us, animals, plants/trees/weeds) can go quite the distance (sometimes years/decades) without seemingly getting any food; only air and/or water. Some plants/weeds that we never water, get no sunlight but still survive and thrive. All the bodies in this solar system keep moving (at tremendous speeds) without seemingly having any propulsive energy supply (other than the argument that it is gravitational forces). If so, then, what about comets? Are they being just slingshot-ed around? In which case, their paths should be totally scattered; but its not.

Now, I will agree that no solid proof has been seen/presented yet about free energy. But I am still keeping an open mind that there is something additional (in terms of energy) that we humans (at our current level of intelligence) cannot understand/figure out/translate to physical laws) that allows these natural things in the universe to "do" things that seemingly require no energy.

Ok; that's enough. I am going to go get my next cold one....

4 oz
Jan 26, 2018 - 5:45pm


In case ya haven't seen 'em.....

Jan 26, 2018 - 5:11pm

MSM Plays FBI Cover-Up, Secret Society in DOJ & FBI, Dollar Dive

By Greg Hunter On January 26, 2018 In Weekly News Wrap-Ups

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 319 1.26.18)

The mainstream media (MSM) is finally beginning to cover the FBI/DOJ scandal to attack President Trump and his Administration, but they are doing it as a big "conspiracy theory" in the face of overwhelming publicly reported evidence of corruption and law breaking.

Senator Ron Johnson stated this week there was a "secret society" within the FBI and DOJ that has off site meetings "to map out survival strategy at the FBI." Other Congressmen, who have seen an unreleased memo naming names of high ranking members of the FBO and DOJ, say jail time is coming for many because of corruption and crime. The crimes they are referring to involve exonerating Hillary Clinton in the face of obvious law breaking and attacking the Trump Administration with a phony dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton.

The U.S. dollar has been tanking this week and hit new 3-year lows in 2018. It’s now below 90 on the US Dollar Index. At the beginning of 2017, it was at 103. Can inflation be far behind?

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

Video Link

https://usawatchdog.com/msm-plays-fbi-cover-up-secret- society-in-doj-fbi-dollar-dives-again/

After the Wrap-Up:

Mark Taylor, author of "The Trump Prophecies," will be the guest for the "Early Sunday Release."

Jan 26, 2018 - 4:35pm

Oh, and by the way...

Has anyone else here invested in state-of-the-art military-grade night vision goggles like Clif has, and spent hours watching the night sky? What would one see were one to do so?

Hmm... Remember, science is based on observations.

Darn, shoulda asked about that!

Jan 26, 2018 - 4:29pm


"There are no such data supporting free energy."

Yet, though admittedly, maybe never...

Hmm, UFO's?

Nick Elwaymatt_
Jan 26, 2018 - 1:25pm

The galaxy clusters are all ACCELERATING away from each other

dark energy is an unknown form of energy which is hypothesized to permeate all of space, tending to accelerate the expansion of the universe


The accelerated expansion is an observed fact, the hypothesis that "dark energy" permeates ALL of space means it also permeates Fix's workshop.

The "laws" of thermodynamics apply to closed systems, and there are no closed systems!

edit: I overstated the "observed fact" in that the relative speed and acceleration of galaxy clusters is based on the red-shift observed. The red-shift is the observed fact. I know one fringe physicist with a non-orthodox view of red-shift causes. (I think he thinks there's a photon frequency slow down as a function of distance traveled)

Jan 26, 2018 - 12:26pm

Re: Laws of Physics

The scientific laws we have are based on our experimental observation and are therefore not immutable. Perhaps something is yet to be discovered or observed. I have an open mind.

My point is that any claim of technology that violates the laws of physics must be backed up by experimental evidence and be reproducible. There are no such data supporting free energy.

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Jan 26, 2018 - 12:07pm

Laws of Physics

There remains much we do not know... Anyone with a serious scientific mindset knows that. How is it there is energy in empty space? What is dark matter? Does it really exist or is it just a postulate pointing toward a 5th fundamental force? Sure, the laws of physics are universal, but that doesn't mean there isn't more for us to know. When I hear those today appealing to the laws of physics as though they are final and absolute, it reminds me of the dogmatic pronouncements Galileo was forced to swallow centuries ago.

Any scientist worth his salt is remains humble in the face of nature, open-minded, speculative, but not gullible...

Ask yourself if Clif has these qualities. I think he does. Do his critics?

Jan 26, 2018 - 12:01pm

What's Up With JPY & Gold?

JPY Falls from 109.4 to 108.4 this morning and gold does nothing?

Looks like Gold is being tied tight to the USD...

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