Ringing In 2018 With Jim Willie

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Our old friend, Jim Willie, joins us for our annual tradition where we wrap up the year that was and look ahead to the year that will be.

As we like to do, we simply had three primary topics for The Jackass. The questions are framed and then Jim fills in the blanks. As we wrap 2017 and look toward 2018, the topics are:

  1. Interest rates, QE and the global bond market
  2. The accelerating movement toward de-dollarization and risks to the petrodollar
  3. How geo-politics and war are impacted by #2 above

You'll no doubt enjoy this 65-minute call. It's going to be a wildly unpredictable and volatile 2018. My hope for everyone listening is that it begins with a safe and relaxing New Year's weekend.



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Auld lang syne and the Golden JackAss.  How can we go wrong!

HiHo Silver... Away!

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I'll second that, or at least settle for third

Yeehaw!! Fresh Jackass!

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For Charlie

Who's probably out stacking . . .

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Gold rose against all major national currencies

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SDBullion link


Here's the link to their special coins: https://sdbullion.com/2018-roaring-lion-niue-silver-coin-1-oz

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A testimony...

Since this is a public thread I thought I'd offer a testimony for those who are not members of the site.

TFMR is by far the best site for metals and miners related information and analysis.  Our host, Turd Ferguson, has a great feel for these markets and relates them to us all on a daily basis.  No one can tell exactly where things will head on a day-to-day basis, but TF can decipher the trend better than anyone I've seen.  I've been able to take advantage of his sage advice and make some money on the trends he puts forth.

Further, he lays out with clarity and precision the specifics of the PM manipulations that are on-going.  He points out objective patterns and data to support his thesis, and then he provides subjective forethought on how to play the markets.   Hey, if we cannot change the system at least we can profit from it.  

Then there are the other members.  It is a remarkable assembly of diverse and intelligent personality which creates the backbone of the site.  It is in the comment sections that true wisdom can be gained and we can deepen our own understandings of the world we live in.  I value the other members as much as I do my own family.  Yes, we debate and argue and butt heads yet it is almost exclusively in the interest of advancing knowledge for the benefit of all.  

I recommend you come on in and give us a try for a trial period at the least.  It is an insignificant amount of money given for the benefit received.  

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The Bernank

repeatedly said, 'Fed policy is 98% talk, 2% action.' 

All they care about is creating false consensus expectations so they can manipulate markets. 
The Fed’s words are bullshit, designed to deceive.

So, Warriors of The Watchtower,
unsheathe your weapons,
don your headsets
and turn up the volume
as we ride to final victory in 2018.

Dedicated to our fallen comrades...

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Free thread.

Thanks, Turd, for allowing us to share this with our friends via an Open Post!

You are a most gracious host!

Happy New Year in Turdville as all Turdites are tucked in the favourite chair with an adult beverage to enjoy this timely podcast.


P.S.  @BillHilly .. A Testimony ..  Great idea and Thank you!

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BillHilly/TF Metals

I second the motion. TF is the best site for metals and all around stimulating talk. I might add you BH have alot to do with it. Your posts are always informative and sometimes very amusing !!!     KD

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@ Fed policy is 98% talk, 2% action.

That ratio works as long as they have credibility...It may sound strange, but for the majority of population, they still do....Investing crowd listens to their every whisper.

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Maybe the investing crowd just plays the "rigged game" and ignores any and all other possibilities...algo tracking algo.

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@Lakedweller...If that's the case...

Fed can live without credibility...All they need to do, is to control the algos...They seem to be quite good at that, anyway. And so many friends willing to help them.

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Belkin Report

Australia 2nd largest gold producer behind China @ 6:00 mark.  Gold & Silver will do well.

Gold stocks take off in 2018


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Basics of the #QAnon Phenomenon

1. Deep state

2. Alliance to take them down

3. Calm before the storm

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I listened to last year's interview and, surprisingly, he predicted gold and stocks up for 2017. 

I can guess what his prediction for next year will also be...

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zh headline about problems in Iran sounds like

John Perkins' confessions of an economic hitman at work

imo china and russia won't allow regime change as too much is at stake

and the us/cia/others will suffer at a result

clif high twitted first 2 weeks of Jan lots of 'news'//////happenings

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Platinum the buy ahead of 2018

I listened to the mainstream all suddenly bullish on metals - what a joke and here is the recent video which was posted a few days ago from Ira Epstein - jackass ( no disrespect to our friend Jim) 

What a misleading comment on Pt a minute or two into the talk. Does he not realise that Pt can be used for gasoline cat converters instead of Pd and in lesser quantity. It’s only price that has prompted Pd use but now that Pd is significantly more expensive watch them swap over to Pt. JM gives a good explanation - not rocket science


As you know I am a bull on PGM and so far done really well on Rh and Pd - Pt is up next ...

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Ronnie 666

Ok I have been brushing up on this.

So what has been laid out there on this topic is that yes you are right they could switch over to Pt.

However that would take some time....re-engineering, etc. etc. Engineers can be slow to go back and redesign. So the difference in price would have to remain for a significant time in order for a switch to occur.

I am no expert but it all makes sense. I do have familiarity in dealing with engineers and have witnessed the above. They will use end of life parts for as long as they can until absolutely forced to change a design.

I know you are into this Ronnie and I have one toe into Pt and 3 1/2 toes in Pd so I am interested in your take on how long it would take to make a switch.

Also with Pd I have this gut feeling there is some other use that we are just not aware of.... A cold fusion breakthrough or some other use that has not become public as of yet.

Would like to see Rhodium dip a little again and take the plunge too.

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Thanks Turd For Another Great Jim Willie Interview

Getting Turd and Jim together is always a great interview!!!   Thank you Turd!  

I also wish to share that TFmetalsreport is the best site for precious metals and a vibrant and interesting group with much to offer.  In addition we are exposed to a wide variety of people from within the gold and silver community that Turd brings to the table on a frequent basis.  

TFmetalsreport rocks!  

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I agree with you we don't see the complete picture but I have several contacts in the PGM mining space in South Africa and it is coming apart at the seams as we talk. Supplies of Pt and Pd are depleted and while the "clovers" can talk of the wonderful inventions of these economic electric cars that start at 40K for a useless piece of crap that does 50 miles before it splutters out, the reality is that we will need more PGMs. Look at the mess in Asia - " Dehli  blanketed in toxic smog" and things in China no better. You think these Asian countries are going to buy 70K Tesla's or spend $100 for Pt /Pd /Rh in their Cat converters.


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Some interesting political developments down there too...

in South Africa.

One part of me says get more Pt the other says stay put with what you have.

In the charts for it I thought I saw a bottom and the middle of a cup but then it went further south. It has rebounded a bit but not as much as silver. Pd has been pretty amazing for me.

Keeping my eye on these two for sure.

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Car with a JPM futures contract up its exhaust

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Previously posted

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zh headline about problems in Iran sounds like

John Perkins' confessions of an economic hitman at work

imo china and russia won't allow regime change as too much is at stake

and the us/cia/others will suffer at a result

clif high twitted first 2 weeks of Jan lots of 'news'//////happenings

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More for your listening pleasure


Anatomy of the U.S. Dollar End Game Part 1 of 5

Erik Townsend welcomes Jeffrey Snider, Mark Yusko and Luke Gromen to MacroVoices. In part 1 of the 5 part series, Jeffrey Snider presents:

  • Overview of the big picture story
  • Perspectives on where we are today
  • Bulls vs. Bears (nobody wins)
  • Bank of Russia operations in FX repo auctions
  • Brazilian Real and the US dollar funding
  • China’s management of the US dollar
  • The evolving Chinese response
billhilly's picture

you beat me to it sooner...

Indeed, an excellent series so far.  I've listened to 2/5 and will listen to 3 tomorrow.  It is a little "heady" but very understandable and provocative.  I also believe that their line of thinking is quite compelling and highly possible.  A very good listen for many in this community.

Also. the conversation stems around the Euro-Dollar system, and this is explained in a 4 part series by Jeffery Snider posted earlier in the year.  Also another worthwhile listen.  

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My Pet Fawn

I listened to the interview and quite frankly am perplexed.  It seems that the USA is lying about everything. Our economy is based on war and upsetting/destroying the governments of other countries. Central banks are lying about their derivative exposure.  China is smarter than we are by backing their Yuan with gold  and our so called allies know it. Bla, bla, bla......

So I thought I would share with you what is happening in my world right now.

My Mother passed away on Dec 11th. We brought her home from the hospital in an ambulance and looked after her in Hospice Comfort Care. She was in no pain.

While in the hospital she stopped breathing for 5 minutes and had a near death experience that , and I quote her :"It was not good." So I led her in the Sinner's Prayer and she became very, very peaceful. YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You all for your prayers! It seems she got to meet the real "Tibetan Master" and he was "not good." We were praying and praying and praying for her. We were praying she would get to see the demon behind Alice Bailey and her Tibetan Master. It looks like our prayers were answered.

Before my husband died last year he spent hours on youtube. He watched as many videos as he could about people's personal near death experiences. He concluded that folks were "stark raving mad not to believe in Heaven and Hell." He felt that the evidence was irrefutable. He was such a good man.... Sigh....

So it is snowing again and we have over a foot of snow on the ground. It has not been above freezing in over a week. There is no food for the wildlife and I have had my heart nearly broken by an orphan fawn. She started showing up looking for alfalfa that my goat's had left lying on the ground. She was such a pathetic thing that I became concerned. I began putting out extra alfalfa for her.

Now she hangs around the barn and watches my every move. She watches my interaction with my goats. I put out fresh water for her twice a day as everything is frozen here. She no longer looks pathetic. She is gaining weight, and she is beautiful.

Deer are opportunistic animals. Since I began feeding her, others are showing up as well. I have deer welfare going in a big way. Presently I am feeding about a dozen deer extra alfalfa, including a three point buck. I am concerned about him as he is much too tame.

My neighbor is a terrible hunter. He never bagged a deer in his life until he walked up to my other tame buck (Pretty Brown Eyes' brother) I had been feeding and blew him away. He was estatic! His 14 year old son knew better, "You just killed one of Katie's tame deer. You killed one of her pets. Some hunter you are..."

Life goes on. I can honestly say this was not my favorite Christmas. But since I have a new pet fawn, who looks at me as her "Mommy," things are looking up.

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streber You're preaching to the choir on Games of Thrones

The media is devoid of anything worth watching so I'm back to GOT.  After the first watching it gets easier to drill down to the undercurrents, even if it's an inverted Cog Dis, of how the GOT later episodes become more violent and destructive; emblematic of our parlous world condition.   'Winter's coming and you know nothing John Snow'

Katie Rose   You are a perfect example of the other side; of our natural resonance with all living things;  the opposite side of those hateful people whose only actions in their lives is to  make others lives miserable.  

Your resonance with all things good; just the simple act of generosity, feeding other beings as a simple act of kindness, set you apart of most people.  

I hope you are surrounded by others as good as you.



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