Discussing the Petroyuan with Alasdair Macleod

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One of the key stories for 2018 will be the emerging "petroyuan" and the threat it will pose to the current monetary system and US dollar hegemony. Alasdair Macleod has studied this idea for years so it seemed only natural to have him in for this discussion today.

As we've been discussing recently here at TFMR, the three main items of concern for 2018 are:

  • political risk
  • geo-political risk
  • de-dollarization

The pending introduction of a yuan-denominated crude oil contract...whether it be based in Shanghai, Dubai or elsewhere...fits squarely into at least two of those three categories.

To that end, Alasdair shares some terrific information with us today. In addition, please be sure to see this column of his from October: https://www.goldmoney.com/research/goldmoney-insights/oil-for-gold-the-real-story  His most recent article on these subjects was just posted today so you should be sure to read it, too: https://www.goldmoney.com/research/goldmoney-insights/2018-could-be-the-year-for-gold

Thanks again to Alasdair for being so generous with his time today. Please be sure to listen to this entire podcast.



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Thanks for the early Christmas present, Turd!


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Hillary In The Crosshairs As DOJ Prosecutors Begin Asking FBI Agents About Uranium One

"Weeks after the criminal probe began, the FBI sent notices to every agency involved in the Uranium One approval process to preserve records."

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With the price distortions of excessive "creation of $ assets"

Distortions are applied to perceptions

"Greater gains" may just end up being better "mitigation of losses". 

"Losses" might be the most "profitable assets"

Distorting the detection of "value" and "pricing" that "perception" with a measuring stick that has an equivalent to a venomous viper in a newborn's hands is worse than playing on the blackjack table with an expanded deck of an alien's tarot deck.

Good Fortunes to all.

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What The Heck


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Oh yeah, my usual spot . . .

I hope Santa puts a little bit something "extra" in my eggnog this year!

Blind Squirrel Proof: My selling 0.071 BTC last week and buying a Canadian 1 oz. gold coin. Between BTC's drop, and gold's rise, I got a 21.3% discount on the coin at today's prices.  I shoulda sold it all . . . wink

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Bank Bans Crypto Related Transactions

Check this out this article from over at Silverdoctors - bank got pissed off at customer for making purchases and receiving funds from Coinbase and threatened to close his accounts. 

I think this will what all the banks will do eventually - close your accounts if you "deal in crypto."

Then I think a lot of crypto owners will be forced to buy AU and AG with their cryptos by default.

This can only be good news for PM price.  


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Admin, Can not Listen

to Alasdair because of Dodge ad. 

Please fix. 


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The titanic Lakestone Bank & Trust shutting down cryptos???

Say it ain’t so-probably owned by Peter Schiff.  More FUD-banks would have shut it down long time ago if they wanted to.  

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that's on your end


Turn on an ad blocker and you'll be fine.

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6 hr silver

looks like the Matterhorn:

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More short fuel.  I'm ready

More short fuel.  I'm ready for net short specs.

Bet the same guys are the ones trying to get first majestic back under it's 200day

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Ad blocker?

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Congress Demands DOJ Turn Over Evidence

Congress Demands DOJ Turn Over Evidence Related To Obama-Hezbollah Drug Trafficking

"We have a responsibility to evaluate whether these allegations are true, and if so, did the administration undermine U.S. law enforcement and compromise U.S. national security"

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Hezbollah Drug Trafficking

Hey, that's our turf ! CIA, FBI, DEA, DHS....

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Leader of the Choom Gang...

helping out his brothers in hezbollah... What's wrong with that?


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Pause for Kazakh National Anthem

Kazakhistan's the greatest country in the world...

All other countries are run by little girls...

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Good Interview Turd

Powerful stuff from Alasdair!  Big changes are coming fast.  

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Artemis HotCopper Comments Thread

Dingoheeler 22/12/17

Post #:29831825

Being reasonably conservative - the 20K metric tonne bulk sample could give us an average grade of around 10g/t or 1/3rd of an ounce. 6500-7000 ounces recovered (at ~99% recovery) =~ $11 Million AUD. Minus some expenses, it could be  assumed $3M could be divvied to each ARV and Novo as profit from an “exploration program”!!!

Profiting from exploration is unheard of??? Yet some investors seem to think 
the sky is falling! 

Maybe the sellers are much smarter than me and know something I don’t know. I can only go on what I know- and it seems like GREAT results to me. I’m hanging on through thick and thin here, no matter the market reaction! Screw the market reaction!!!

Mine$haft 22/12/17

Post #29834702

No Dingo you are the smart one by keeping your head together !

I am a Mining Eng and retail investor and purchased $250,000 worth of ARV at 0.47 cents recently. Unfortunately I did not pick the bottom because the bot attack happened the next day, then the scare scenario because nobody understands RC drilling, then the bulk sample circus from NOVO but luckily DL had bases covered. Then Quentin, Eric and the gang, Creasy, Newmont, Rio Tinto, BHP, Newcrest all called into town with Northern Star. All up to their necks in it but "nothing is going on" in the billion dollar gamesmanship. It just a few nuggets right. Then we turned the lights on at Radio Hill and displayed the Queen chess piece for all pawns to see. 

Now we get our Christmas sell down (happens every year), Canadians doing their tax returns and a really positive bulk sample announcement at 15 F%$ING g/t. This project would work at 5 GRAM. REMEMBER THAT $$$.Some samples have been 45g/t and some 85g/t. Guess what, In January there will probably be 100g/t+ one and wouldn't surprise me if a stupid one went through at 500+ with the amount of nuggets. I am currently down -$122,000 in my little shares account and guess what ....I'm not bothered. This is because I can add up and multiply and can see the big fat flat watermelon seed iceberg heading for me. When the samples comes out over the strike length I will post a mineral economics calculation to the blog and show you how much money these cats are going to make along with other shareholders. In the short term, have a beer, enjoy Christmas and let someone else do the digging. Its at the surface so wont take long. 

If you don't understand by now, you don't belong. Sorry to be blunt but the market and commentary on here is 85% idiot 15% informed and it just plays havoc. I don't know how better these people can explain things in their announcements. I mean, they've even used YOUTUBE and a metal detector WTF ???

Enjoy the ride next year and lets not even mention Cobalt. Jeezuz. 

All the best for Christmas to all holders and try to post when you're on recreational drugs, we might stand a chance of being on the same wavelength as some of the people on here. :)


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And in a stunning development...


A bunch of millennial smarty-pants getting an painful introduction to The CME and The Banks.

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....has just posted an article on Gold EFP's. Might be worth a peek! 

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Great Interview!

The commodity bull is all buckled up and leaving the flight path...

Everything non-dollar related has great potential.

Emerging markets could be golden.

Say what you like about Peter Schiff but he has been preaching metals and emerging markets and if you follow and agree with what Alasdair laid out and presented here Peter may have the last laugh.

I know many of you will cringe at that but just calling it as I see it developing.

Maybe Peter was just a bit too early or maybe it doesn't matter in the long run.

That commodity index that I post is still looking good. Perhaps I will get around to posting it tonight or tomorrow.

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Peter Shiff....who's been wrong about market....

Says about bitcoin: "Mark it zero"....He will be proven right this time....Only because "On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone (and everything) drops to zero".

Btw...Traded GBTC this morning for JNUG....Planning to buy GBTC back soon (tomorrow?)....plus maybe a blockchain company.

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Not sure about zero...

That is crazy talk...

But it is dropping right now.

He doesn't have to be right about the cryptos to be proven right about emerging markets and metals.

I mean this is based on this interview that Turd did with Alisadair. My belief is that this shit is going down. It has been extremely slow to develop but I think we have all been following it. Some here probably think it is BS. I am in the believer camp that there are profound changes on the horizon.

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Heck I might go sell some yellow shiny for cash

and harvest more of those Aussie miners.  With quite a few shares owned now, it's not much to double up at the bottom.   $250,000 !?!?!  That is serious commitment  

Like ham and eggs

Markedto is the ham.  Totally committed

AGX is eggs.  A  tasty contribution

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Come on AGXIIK...

Don't sell your phyz!

Drum up the cash in a card game or some consulting fees!

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TEOGKE Watch. Did the system break this week?

It looks like the system may have broken this week.  The markets just haven't realized it yet.  Here is the 30 year trend line for the 10 year treasury on a monthly chart:

The trend line was broken for a couple of months in 2007.  That corresponded to the market top before the last major stock market crash.  The trend was tapped in 2006, and before that at the start of 2000 (at the market peak before the tech bubble popped).

Here is the same trend line after zooming in on the past 10 years:

Prices have clearly popped ABOVE the trend line this month.  The lows in 2012 and 2016 are looking more and more like THE BOTTOM.  Is this double bottom the final end of the 30 year+ bond bubble?  I don't know, but the charts make me want to buy beans and bullets.

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Great Podcast

It's nice to hear the big picture just to remind me where things are going and not to get too caught up in the daily ups and downs of metals. 

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Russia Tells U.S. Military to Get Out of Syria

" Lavrentiev was in Astana, Kazakhstan, on Thursday ahead of peace talks regarding the Syria conflict between Russia, Iran and Turkey, Reuters reports. Russia, a major ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has played a significant role in the Syria conflict ". 


See Zerohedge article linked above.... This is getting out of control.

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