A2A with Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics

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Our pal, DenverDave, stopped by today for a full hour of analysis and commentary. You should be sure to listen.

As always, this was a fun discussion with Dave and the hour flew by quickly. Among the topics covered:

  • the ponzi scheme financials of TSLA and AMZN
  • the eventual likelihood of a yuan-denominated crude oil contract
  • Dave's opinion of Novo Resources and the speculative boom in Australia
  • finding relative value in the mining sector
  • his outlook for price given the current CoT structure of both Comex metals
  • and a whole bunch of stuff in between

Again, this baby checks in at just over an hour but I think you'll find it a beneficial use of your time. Thanks again to Dave for spending some time with us.



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Cartel intended to smash metals today...

Long before the BLS....Also to lift the USD/JPY above 114.

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Drilling is one thing, assaying is another

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saw this on twitter


Thought it fit in with this thread.


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