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Our pal, DenverDave, stopped by today for a full hour of analysis and commentary. You should be sure to listen.

As always, this was a fun discussion with Dave and the hour flew by quickly. Among the topics covered:

  • the ponzi scheme financials of TSLA and AMZN
  • the eventual likelihood of a yuan-denominated crude oil contract
  • Dave's opinion of Novo Resources and the speculative boom in Australia
  • finding relative value in the mining sector
  • his outlook for price given the current CoT structure of both Comex metals
  • and a whole bunch of stuff in between

Again, this baby checks in at just over an hour but I think you'll find it a beneficial use of your time. Thanks again to Dave for spending some time with us.



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Good stuff

A2A always fun

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just found this


I think this was recorded about two weeks ago.


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Top 10 and

Top 10 and after you listen to Craig & Dave listen to Catherine Fitts.

Good talk  from Kennedy to missing 21 trillion. a wide variety  


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Big surge in Comex silver OI yesterday


As noted yesterday, Wednesday was the largest one day rise in CDS year to date. 48¢.

There was an accompanying rise in OI with over 5,000 new contracts taking the total to 203,903

At 5,000 ounces per contract, that's total paper silver OI of 1,019,515,000 when the total annual mine supply is under 900,000,000 ounces.

This is also the highest Comex silver OI since August 4 of this year. If you're wondering, the all-time high OI came earlier this year on April 20 at 234,787 contracts for 1,173,935,000 "ounces" or about 130% of total annual mine supply.

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Denver Dave

Fantasic interview... Dave is extremely articulate great insights. Thank you have Dave on more often..

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My new fund

Being relentlessly flogged 5 times a day by the douchenozzles at Agora, all breathless over the marijuana stock market being worth $100 billion then assaulted hourly  by the dingleberries at Stansberry and Assoc, wetting their panties over the ETF BTC coin market that's  also going to be worth $100 billion  (how convenient), I decided to form a new crypto ETF fund that trades pot futures.  

It's going to be called SPLIF! COIN.  

Trading symbol  CRNiK.

Available on the Yukon First Nations tribal bourse located in Yellowknife

I figger that a $100 billion market cap times a $100 billion market  cap is gonna be $1 quintrillion.

That's good enough for me basic needs.  

Ground breaking opportunities exist.

Just send your gold and silver to my mail drop in Fernley Nevada. 

All TFMR regulars get a taste. 

Thanks to Dave for spending an hour with the homies in the Turd'hood

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Thunder 54 - Time for an update On De Grey Mining

Ticker symbols....Novo Resources  NVO.V NSRPF - De Grey Mining Ltd.DEG.AX   DGMLF

Time for an update here we have had two huge developments from Novo resources tonight, the fine gold wow another layer need abit more look before I comment on that though, what I have been waiting on and am prepared to comment on.

This trench
Why is this so important why is this game changing?? This is our first look at are the nuggets consistent at depth? the answer is a hell yes, thats a 2.5m trench, the live stream trench was only 30cm this is a massive deal.

We saw in the live stream they pulled a 16g/t nugget out, if Novo showed up drilled anywhere on along that trench with large diameter drill right now it would produce a results that would rock the market.

Why is this significant it's the scale is growing rapidly from 30m x 10m x 30cm to now 400m x 100m x 2.5m, this is it this the final confirmation for me this is real as it gets, look at that trench it's right there 400m south west of Novo trench one.

So why is this significant for DEG this is Novo news, well I can tell you the Novo MD Quinton Hennigh said

"I can hand on heart say the DEG conglomerate is the same conglomerate found at purdys reward"

What more confirmation do we need same conglomerate same mt roe basalt same nuggets..... 1 + 1 don't equal 3.

So where is DEG at currently? They are still stage 2 of mapping and sampling given 12km target is such a large area this isn't surprising, additionally they have said native title is being worked on so hopefully in our next loudens update they can give us an estimation of when we will be getting some novo trenching of our own.

Mapping and sampling is only 10% complete on 12km, yet in just that 10% we have had 2 additional discoveries this is a huge deal more than the market has given DEG credit for 2 reasons one the size of the target it's twice as big as purdys and second the thickness it's atleast 5 times thicker, if purdys is big 12km is a mega monster.

This estimate is just for the part highlighted in green.

I don't know what more the aussie market needs than this to start re-rating this play to a Novo level, cause Novo didn't have any more than DEG has right now when they went from our level to a billion dollar company in days.

To me DEG is a billion dollar company in waiting, I just experienced this with AVZ was loaded under 2 cents, waited and waited months for the market to get it, took so long I got flustered by the noise sold too early, not happening this time if it takes assays it takes assays, but I can't help feel DEG is just a jack hammering away from going Novo.


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Congratulations  on the bride to be.

BEWARE of amzn, as it is a branch of the g-man designed to KILL business. Both small , medium and large.

  Don't forget google ,  I mean cia fbi cia , I mean alphabet.

Anyone else have a business with g man attachment????????? 

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Artemis Resources Purdy's Reward Exploration Update:

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Link to tomorrows COT

Hi Craig,

Should time and events allow I appreciate a historical chart after tomorrows COT release with the spec shorts highlighted at the peak and lows. But this time for silver. Maybe including a gestimate to include the shorts added since last Tuesday.


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c'mon lil download..

you can do it!

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Everybody is pulling back

Everybody is pulling back on the money reins.

My home business is down huge for the month of October.

Never seen this in 8 years.

I am certain it is a combination of no extra cash for households and the take a knee bullshit.

As Breitbart reported, the troubled cable sports channel lost 480,000 paying subscribers last month - or about 15,000 a day. The loss coincided with Trump’s battle with professional sports over whether leagues should punish players for kneeling during the national anthem - a battle that Trump appears to be winning.


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Bezoid and Lone Skum

are Captain and First Officer on the Skittle Shitter Express, strafing the homies with junk like dyspeptic vultures  with overactive colons. 

I'm Donkey Hotey with my stack, wilting at tin mills, hoping for a precious metals price break high.   Everything else is bullshit.

All dry powder is invested in Mongolian 5 year junk bonds, yielding 6.25%, 7 X oversubscribed.

This is a 'can't lose' great investment. The MIC hasn't declared war on Mongolia (yet) so I'm set.

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Silver thugs

Below is the last week graph of silver COT.....Likely more commercial shorts has been added since then (about 10,000 new contracts added)......The only thing we can hope for is the return  of weaker dollar trend to ruin the commercials plan, to cover shorts on lower silver prices.

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the missing 21 Trillion since 1998

Katherine Austin Fitts -- Excellent interview on the missing 21 Trillion since 1998. Brand new:

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I think Eric will be right on this investment and Dave misses out. There is a reason Eric is a Billionare.


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RE:Everybody pulling back.......................

Geeeze, this is strange.

Yesterday I went to my local Chevrolet dealership to get a 'recall' taken care of. The showroom was flooded - I mean it was a zoo. After 5 min a young guy approached me, and before he could start working on me, I said; "How many salespeople do you have here? " He said 37. Thirty-seven, and they all had some prospect to talk to! I walked over to my salesman from 6 years ago - He was too busy to talk to me.  On a Tuesday afternoon~!!??

I am still gob-smacked incredulous. OBTW. This is NOT a prosperous town - we're in the middle of the rust-belt furxrissakes.

We probably have a few million square feet of empty malls here - and a few million more of empty factories - the city just tore-down the counties power station for lack of power need - get the picture?

I dunno......................................

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Rep. DeSantis: ‘We Know Now Without a Shadow of a Doubt’

Hillary and Democrats Colluded with Russia

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) spoke with Breitbart News DailySiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Thursday regarding a proposed Mueller amendment to limit the special counsel investigation to between March 2015 and the present, and also tax reform in the House.

“We know now without a shadow of a doubt that the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, paid Fusion GPS and Steele to acquire this dossier, which required colluding with Russian operatives and Russian nationals. So, they produced this dossier and I believe, yesterday I called for the FBI, the Justice Department to declassify all the FISA applications involving Trump associates because what I think happened is, I think they used the information from this dossier to be able to get surveillance on Trump and his associates.”

“And then the fruits of that,” he continued, “formed the basis of what had been leaked to the press over the first three or four months of Trump’s White House.”

DeSantis also discussed the Uranium One scandal and the pending tax reform bill in detail. The full audio is available below.


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Eric v Denver

Dave is only saying the resource has not been proven to the level of capitalization.  I think he said grab some profits over $6 and later, if it proves a good find, buy back in...maybe in the $2-3 range.  Then he said he could be wrong but then gave the example of Seabridge that has a proven resource of 40 mil ounces and a capitalization of less than Novo.  

Maybe Novo never falls back, but Dave is saying he can't speculate without risking credibility.  

Eric as an investor, likes what he sees and trusts Dr Hennigh.  Different kind of risk, but both are worth listening too.  Eric and Dave lay it out for us to decide what risk we are willing to take.

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Small blessings

well at least we won't have to listen to Yellen anymore. (Turd's verbal impersonation was hilarious though.)

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 Location, location and location.   If you move to Georgia, things are inexpensive, especially housing and wages.  Try Seattle!  Visit the cruise lines or the airports, no poverty there.  There are thousands of four story apartment building, under construction, around the area.  New home are sold well before completion.  

Now if you travel to Freeattle, you do not need any money as you will live off the taxpayers the rest of your life.  Things are "pulling back" there for those who actually work and the companies are trying to find a way to escape the socialism/perverse direction of the government while they can.  

There was a hidden  recording, at the home  of a family, with six kids.  Dad was saying:   "Now children, we all want to live the good life.  Do not worry about  an education nor college.  We have free everything right now and you can also have it.  Have your children and never get married.  Do not enter the work force and we will teach you how to apply for everything free.  We will all just let the dumb ones work and pay taxes as we go fishing on the Cowlitz River and enjoy the freedoms given to this great nation.  They will even have the builders supply free housing units for you, oh happy day." 

Well, there is a pulling back for some and a charging ahead for others.     jmo

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Commercials seem to be obsessed with shorting silver

And I bet (on my wee doggies intuition), that the commercials are the ones shorting silver mines as well...We see the results.

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All the world's money

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Thanks for the comments/feedback on the A2A today

I look forward to being a guest on Turd's podcast.  Don't have to politically correct and insulting the elitists is encouraged. If anyone wants a sample issue of either my Mining Stock or Short Seller's Journal, email me at dkranzler62@gmail.com.  I just released the latest issue tonight. I won't send that one out of fairness to subscribers (I'm protective of my subscribers), but I'll send a recent issue for sure.

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You really invested in

You really invested in Mongolian bonds?  I don't know about those, but I've always thought Russian 10yr bonds when they were yielding 10% a couple years ago were a slam-dunk if you could figure out how to buy them.

DenverDave's picture

Thanks for the feedack

I really appreciate it. Turd is a great host!

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It is the subprime auto loan version of the housing crisis.  If you fog a mirror you qualify for a no money down 7 year payment plan on that new car.  

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Denver Dave Mongolian bonds are real but not my cup of Tea

They were priced at 6.25%   I thought it funny that these junk bonds were 7 times oversubscribed, until I read the article (maybe Wolf Street) describing the feeding frenzy for this crap.  Maybe someone's figured out how to foreclose on Mongolia when the time comes for a collateral call.

The real story that caught my interest was about the  TBTF banks earning something on the order of $10,  or maybe it was $20 billion, in fees by reprocessing over $1 trillion in corporate junk bonds,  parcelling them out in investable tranches as CDOs with a soupcon of marginal rating approval over the last year or so.

The commentary made it out that these CDOs were junky junk refi loans from the bottom of the barrel companies provided with new financing and lower rates. I imagine most were the cast offs of private equity firms divesting their portfolio of the worst loans for companies close to bankruptcy.  

They appeared  as better quality,  yet still low grade offerings, with a liberal chumming of investor stink bait,  mixing various issues sliced up into easily digestible tranches of what,  in reality, might be no better than Eddie Lamprey's Sears Caaa1 bail out loans.  What surprised me is the rates were generally under 5% and some just a pinch under 4%.  

I wish I could recall all the specifics because they were pretty scandalous.  The moral of the story was that investors are desperate for yield. 

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Warren: "Yes" The Democratic Primary Was Rigged For Clinton

Elizabeth Warren: "Yes" The Democratic Primary Was Rigged For Clinton

"Very quickly senator, do you agree with the notion that it was rigged?" CNN's Jake Tapper asked. "Yes," Warren responded.

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