Getting Reacquainted with Hard Assets Alliance

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Earlier this month, we decided to bring back Hard Assets Alliance as a homepage advertiser for TFMR. This podcast is designed to get everyone familiar with the great products and services offered by this company.

Our guest for this podcast is Olivier Garret, the founder and CEO of Hard Assets Alliance. As we explain over the course of this call, not only is HAA a great way to buy and hold precious metal, it's also a very convenient way to sell some metal if your economic circumstances are ever such that you need to. Simply put, HAA allows you to buy, hold, store and sell 100% allocated gold and silver with liquidity provided through a few simple keystrokes.

More info can be found through clicking the HAA banner at the top of the TFMR homepage. When you do, you'll have the opportunity to sign up to receive a free Ebook on precious metal investing:

You can also use this TFMR affiliate link to access the HAA site and begin clicking around:

I want to thank Olivier and HAA again for their willingness to support TFMR. Let's be sure to support them back by including HAA in any future decisions to buy and stack physical gold and silver.



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Thanks Craig .. and now to listen.


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Thanks for the discussion Craig and Olivier!  One happy customer here!  Great way to store metal if you need to diversify location.

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thanks for the endorsement


Again, anyone can use HAA to buy bullion at low premiums and have it shipped...just as you would any other dealer.

The advantage with HAA is in holding it at a secured and 100% fully-allocated facility with liquidity to sell some in a hurry if you ever need/want to.

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Bullion Reserve

Around 1984 I bought some gold and silver from a company called Bullion Reserve that stored it in a mountain, Perpetual Mountain, I think it was called, and I had them store it for me.

Bullion Reserve was a major player at the time and advertised in the WSJ.

After a couple of months of letting them hold my metals, I requested delivery and received everything.

A few months later Silver and Gold Report (who in 70's and 80's was a newsletter similar to TFM today) broke a story about their not being any gold in the vaults and things quickly unraveled.  Bullion Reserve went bankrupt, stuck all the customers as they had little metals at all,  and the owner, who had pilfered the money, killed himself.

I was fortunate that I got my metal out before it all blew up.

I relay this for whatever it is worth.

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perhaps this will put your mind at ease


More info on Gold Bullion International:

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What The Heck

4th Keep Stacking

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Man !

Look at that USD Pump today !

Hummm... That Angle Look Very Familiar.

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This market needs to get reacquainted with some common sense. 

My suggestion is everyone go get reacquainted with a beer!!!

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Peter Schiff?

Wasn't Peter Schiff one of the original founding members of HAA!
I'm only going by memory so could well be wrong.

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Vault Fees?

I probably should just go to the web site, but others may want to know. I didn't hear any mention of fees for keeping my stack in their vaults. I have a PM IRA and the fees are almost $200 per year. I was just wondering how HAA compares.

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Most major storage companies are price competitive

What is the cost of storage? Storage costs are the same in all of our vaults, and the rates depend on the quantity of metals you wish to store: the larger the amount of metals, the lower the fees. Regardless, at any level, our rates are very competitive, ranging from 0.5% to 0.7% per year for gold and 0.6% to 0.8% for silver. Fees are billed quarterly and automatically withdrawn from your cash account. If no cash is present, you will be notified. If you subsequently fail to respond to requests to pay your storage fees in a timely matter (and don't worry, there's a 30-day grace period), then, as you would expect, the Hard Assets Alliance retains the right to redeem the amount of your holdings required to pay for storage. Accounts not enrolled in Metal Stream will be subject to a $15 minimum, quarterly storage fee. Metal Stream is available for non-retirement accounts. To enroll please login to your account and make the changes under the

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Role players wanted

The notice from abundance above is correct.  I called and spoke to the Warr Acres fire chief.  It involves the military also.  He was hesitant to talk about, but he didn't want the public the think a "Jade Helm" event was taking place (his words!)

We both chuckled.  I told him I'd send my parents that way, lol.

I will definitely make a pass through there next week.

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