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Another day where Comex metal prices held reasonably well given the changes in forex and bonds. Can we soon find some relief or will The Banks look to seize the initiative and drive prices even lower?

For today, just another entrant for our catalog of manufactured USDJPY bounces:

Next, we discuss the intraday yen chart in the context of these two links:

We chuckle at the hilarious similarity of these three charts:

We check on CDG and CDS:

We discuss the troubling selloff in mining shares following last Friday's closing breach of the 200-day A:

And we check copper for signs of a short-term breakout:

And finally, we discuss this anomaly(?) in the daily "delivery" data from the CME:

And remember that it's Tuesday. This means that if you're free at 10:00 pm EST tonight, you can stream John Batchelor and Professor Cohen through either of these links: OR  Though we'll post the recorded copy on Wednesday, I strongly encourage you to listen live if you can find the time.

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Bonds puking.... cash moving from there into stocks??

Chancey's picture


#1  Gold all the way

Edit: #2 Silver is good too

wealthelf's picture


...fell for it...Thanks.


marchas45's picture

4th Nope 3rd

Thanks Turd you fucked me up

Yes I fell for it.

Keep Stacking

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Anti-Banking Message

Anti-Banking message at my bus stop

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Rick Rolled-lol

Nothing stacks like CDG. No markets only manipulators. 

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John Kaiser Talks Aussie Gold Rush 2.0

This is second episode with John Kaiser on to discuss Novo Resources (NVO.V), Artemis Resources (ARV.AX) and others in the Aussie Gold Rush - In the Search for Wits 2.0 show.

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All the best today Turd

Hope the 'op' goes well. I've had 4 of them. It was a real 'bum's rush'. smiley

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Top 10 baby

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Dollar-Yen relation

The gold price nominated in dollar is tightly related to the dollar-yen. Then to what is related the dollar-yen? It is related to the gold price nominated in yen. So the gold price nominated in yen is determined in the first place by the international cartel. As of the result, the gold price nominated by yen is contained in the box range from 4500 yen/g to 5000 yen/g after 2012 that the QE commenced. In a nutshell, Japanese member of the cartel has the clue to determine the international gold price. I think the gold price stay low as long as the Japanese economy keep going on though it's national debt level is in the crazy zone.  

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Phoenix 2.0 - CIA's Vietnam Terror Unleashed Upon Afghanistan

Whatever happened to winning over their hearts and minds ? Seems an oxymoron to be winning over people's minds and putting a whole in the back of their heads at the same time.

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Love it

I sorta like that song, the blond turns to make sure you're checking out her tush. Yeah, I'm an idiot, now to listen to the pod cast.

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All is lost

IF Ya loose yur sense of humor

luv it

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We will see

I really hope the petroyuan actually makes the metals go up, but I will believe it when I see it.

Hook's picture


That was great!!!  Starting blasting out here at work - I was not expecting that.

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The criminals will find a way to keep the wash/rinse cycle going until there is a complete system failure.  In that regard the gold cartel is just like the Norks.  The cartel will never give up their gold smashing manipulation game the same way Norks will never give up their nukes and missiles.

Dr Jerome's picture

Fell for it

twice even...  2nd try gave me a different song.

Marchas, Turd's post doesn't count, so you were fourth!

I want in Novo Resources, thinkorswim in the US is my trading platform. I am having trouble being confident that my purchase is in the correct company--the one we have all been discussing...  any advice?

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God I wish the host of the John Kaiser video would shut up.

The interuptions always come at a time when information is flowing.

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Toilet Again

am adjusting to the smell!


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Crypto has been teaching me about China news.

So the rumors about China banning crypto exchanges came out, and it spread like wildfire.  However the news didn't come from anyone in authority in the Chinese government.  There are exchanges who closed voluntarily.

Over on the Daily Coin, Dave Kranzler has only found an original article that started the "price oil in yuan using a gold-backed futures contract in Shanghai" that did not come from anyone in authority or the Chinese Government.

Talk about jaw-boning the markets.  The Chinese private interests that understand how to get an article published in Chinese to make big money duck and weave in the markets using the language barriers and info restrictions is amazing.

I now take a huge dose of salt when I hear these big news in markets from China stories.

marchas45's picture

@Dr. J

Nope there was also a double post before mine. I shouldn't have listened to that video. Lol

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Chuck Butler ....conviction

7 years ago, I stood on a stage in Orlando Fla, and told the audience that there was going to be a currency regime change and the dollar would lose its reserve currency status by the end of the decade... I still believe this to be the case, and I know I stand alone on this thought, but I do believe the Chinese renminbi will be the new reserve currency. 

Having said that, I realize that a lot of changes still need to be made in China for this to happen. But we still have 3 years, and... Chinese leader, Xi, was just approved to lead China going forward. This will give Xi, more power to implement the changes he has proposed. So, watch for China to open up more real soon. And getting there, isn't going to see a big devaluation of the renminbi get in the way... 

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Note this


All three US carriers are not traveling together in theater but are definitely nearby each other if needed.

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@ Dr Jerome

Novo is THE player and most compelling story in Pilbara. It may also be fully valued. Others are buying DeGrey Mining or Artemis Resources as adjacent/affected projects. Very good info in the Pilbara Forum right here on TFMR. Pilbarra Forum | TF Metals Report - Page 2

Turd Ferguson's picture

And here's the ZH link


Says the yuan-denominated contract will go live within 60 days:

60 days.

And we discussed last week the possibility that copper is signaling another downward move in the POSX.

And Rickards says that the CIA claims there are 150 days max before the Norks can strike the US.

And there are now three US aircraft carrier strike forces in the eastern Pacific.

Response to: Petroyuan
lakedweller2's picture


They will kill all of us in war before they admit they are thieves.

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