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A2A with Willem Middelkoop

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Willem Middelkoop is an Amsterdam-based author and commodity fund manager. Somehow it had been over a year since we last spoke with Willem so we had plenty to discuss today. Please be sure to give this podcast a listen.

Among the topics addressed in this 49-minute call:

  • the current similarities to the run-up to The Financial Crisis in 2008
  • how the falling dollar is impacting commodities
  • why China values physical gold and the likelihood of a global reset in price
  • which commodities or metals might benefit from the changes described in his new book, "The Tesla Revolution"
  • the future of the euro and the possibility of it challenging the US dollar as global reserve currency
  • Willem's interest and opinion on the Australian mining sector, specifically Artemis and Novo Resources
  • And a whole lot more!

I'm confident you'll find this audio to be interesting and very helpful. Thanks again to Willem for sharing his time and expertise.



lakedweller2's picture

It's All Bullshit

We can put bankers in jail.  We can develop a health plan.  We can fix taxes. We can pull back the military.  We can reverse Citizens United. We can reinstate Glass Steagall. We can do whatever needs to be done...but you have to get rid of every criminal that won't do it. 

NUGTCALL's picture

Trump knows the sooner he brings this hole shit show to a head

The sooner we can start over. I guess he is going to try and drain the swamp quickly, which could very well be violent, But who doesn't think they can get into a fight and not bloody their nose. Trump knows the economy is fake and he knows he didn't create all the problems. So better now to unmask them and then fix them as painful as it may be. I guess he has decided no more kicking the can down the road. God Bless him and all of us. My fear is that I think they will assasinate him.

imfd's picture

James Joyce

He saw the workings of the markets and summed it up well...

" there’s a lot in that vegetarian fine flavour of things from the earth garlic of course it stinks after Italian organgrinders crisp of onions mushrooms truffles. Pain to the animal too. Pluck and draw fowl. Wretched brutes there at the cattlemarket waiting for the poleaxe to split their skulls open. Moo. Poor trembling calves. Meh. Staggering bob. Bubble and squeak. Butchers’ buckets wobbly lights. Give us that brisket off the hook. Plup. Rawhead and bloody bones. Flayed glasseyed sheep hung from their haunches, sheepsnouts bloodypapered snivelling nosejam on sawdust. Top and lashers going out. Don’t maul them pieces, young one."

I couldn`t have put it better myself

tfever's picture

200 trillion pension hole

Usually they will have to start something so they don't have too pay out.  

AGXIIK's picture

Onesong Personal ratio of gold and silver holdings

I like around 70 oz of silver to 1 oz gold.  500 to 1 seems a bit heavy on AG.  

Hauling it around is not easy. Storing is not easy. Selling is not easy.  Buyers low ball the price below spot.  Silver prices whip around when prices are volatile, declining or climbing 2% for each 1% of gold.  Amateurs* flock to silver.  Professionals flock to gold.  Gold is a precious metal. Silver is an industrial/commercial metal

I love silver way too much so am forcing myself to move more to gold.  

The outing of Weinstein is one element of the cultural war that is a win for conservatives and good people of this country.  The more these scumbags are outed the more the American people see how they've been duped by the icons of Hollywood, the liberal press and the fawning adoring fans of these scumbags.  

The fabric and veneer of their self indulgent virtue signaling pomposity is fraying and peeling  To have any of these jackanapes telling us what to do, think and say while they play us for fools is coming to an end

The NFL's taking a knee is bullshit.

The vaporous natterings of the actors and fools is bullshit.  

The entire entertainment medium is bullshit.  

It's  crassly crafted artifice designed to show the actor as some one to be looked up to, admired and lauded. They play us for fools because we act like it; thinking their celebrityness is admirable.

In reality they are liars, cons and cucks; sociopaths who's lives are small and perverted, bereft of reality and so unlike the average Joe that we might as well be watching some scorpion or lizard chitter back and forth on a table as opposed to a human being.

* Don't take me wrong when I say amateur in regards to silver.

Gold is so expensive and often hard to acquire that it requires a professional focus on the metal due to its costs.   Silver attracts all comers, amateur and professional alike.  But it tends to hammer the amateur in ways that gold does not   Thus the amateur loses his ass on that metal.   I speak from painful personal experience and as an amateur in the art of buying silver

canary's picture

Janet Yellen will speak at 9AM on Sunday....

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen will join People's Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan, Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda, and European Central Bank Vice-President Vitor Constancio to speak on "The Global Economy: Prospects for Broad-Based Growth" at the 32nd Annual G30 International Banking Seminar in Washington, with audience Q&A.

ReachWest's picture

NORKs .. GUAM ??

Not good ...

Will Ripley is advising that L'il Kim may actually try to fire at Guam .. sooner than later. Possibly within the next few days to coincide with the joint S Korean and US military exercises.

J Siefert's picture

NK and US Craziness

Foreign thoughts on NK and the US:

The current military issues with North Korea are keeping the political class diverted while to a degree tying down a portion of the U.S. military and keeping it from further misadventures in pursuit of the Cabal agenda. For this I commend the NKs while also hoping that no politicians - on either side - go full-on stupid and actually kick off a war.

I say let the idiots continue making a lot of noise rattling their sabers. smiley

streber's picture

Just punched above 1300


streber's picture

Above 1300 lasted 12 minutes


gonewest's picture

I missed something

Please tell me what gan2017 is.

J Siefert's picture


As I understand it...

The Generally Accepted Narrative of the year

tanderson's picture

@ Dingo,

Go to HotCopper  Australian Stock Market Forum search for NML look for Ann. $1.55m Placement with support, & Ann. Investor Presentation OCT 2017. KGL hold NML for a good reason. Was going to ask Craig to quiz Eric Sprott to see if he knew about NML, Tandarra and the Whitelaw Fault as not that far as the crow flies from Fosterville, think I got the answer today. Tando.

Joseph Warren's picture

GAN2017 =

" Fake It Till You Make It "

is a big reason that 'Make America Great Again' campaign rhetoric was rather vague on details. Mass psychology is a big factor in turning the country around, but it is not enough. It reminds me of Gorbachev's rhetoric about reforming Soviet communism before the fall of the USSR. That system was fundamentally flawed and doomed to fail for the vast majority of the citizenry. So is the system dominated by bankster fiat debt note finance and big government/big insider corporation cronyism that grips the U.S.A. destined to fail. In the USSR, party big wigs lead an entirely different life from most Russians. They had their own apartments with tennis courts and other facilities. They had summer homes.  They had access to exclusive special stores where they could buy Western consumer goods. We see this same kind of contrast in the USA where the citizenry is robbed by obummer'care', while Congress has access to gold plated, taxpayer provided healthcare for themselves, their staffs, and their families. More importantly, the wealth gap between the middle/working class and those who benefit from government programs (including bailouts) grows every year.

The Communist Party USSR members didn't want their system to change. 'The Swamp' in the USA is similarly resistant. It remains to be seen if Pres Trump and the leadership who follows him, will follow a Gorbachev road to nowhere. Will Trump just try to tweak the government & society (which will fail) or fundamentally transform it ?

Unlike post USSR Russia, the USA has a pattern readily available for making a positive transformation. Return to being the republic which was designed by the American founders, and strictly follow the US Constitution.

Turd Ferguson's picture

Here you go

Response to: I missed something
Turd Ferguson's picture

And in a stunning development...


We have another one of these!

Orange's picture

The Heart is not a pump

Very interesting article our in house doctors may wish to comment on.

Turd Ferguson's picture

Big misses in both CPI and


Big misses in both CPI and Retail Sales leads to a sharp 50 pip drop in USDJPY. Now 111.80. CDG $1302!

cavalier's picture

Super Nova

What a great conversation about Nova!

Our geologist went to see the gold discovery to see if for real. He said this is for real.

The only question is how big will this gold discovery be? Will it be big or huge?

I think we are at the start of an amazing gold rush in Australia.

We are still waiting for drill results but everything points to a major major gold discovery.

It will get very interesting very soon.

Eric can hire the best experts in the world and the more Eric looks into this story the more convinced he is that it is real and the more money he is putting into it.

We put 20% of our fund's portfolio into this play.

Holy Moly! Thank you Turd for providing us with access to such information.

Anyone know more about the 1971 drill hole he referred to 60 kilometers south of Purdy's Reward that at  1700 meters down found the same conglomerate bands  and produced double digit gold?

Nova better than Artemis? but probably best to own both? any other good plays?

J Siefert's picture

Why is gold soaring it is right now? Did Janet let out a sneaky fart or something?

bently's picture

How long will it take?

For them to reverse this morning's spike? 

TF Metals fan's picture

Novo gold or Wits 2.0

Check for an overview at:

Eric Sprott also did a deal with De Grey Mining, located north of Purdy's reward.

I have read the story as well for this uranium search in which a cross section of the drillhole contained signicant amounts of gold. But as always: this might be an abnormality and doesn't mean it is economical to build a mine. However with the current wits 2.0 theory this becomes a very interesting piece of the puzzle. 

JQuest's picture

And Then....

Surprise !

TPTB jump into action to stop the USD's sudden fall...

Gold's sudden rise stepped on at +$10..

AGXIIK's picture

Please Sir, can I have some more

Apparently we got a nice dose of good gold news in the price spikes. If there was ever a perfect overlay of the JPY dropping like a rock while gold and silver spike, this was it  The equally fierce but opposite direction of PMs and  JPY is a wonder to watch in action.  But there's nothing to see here. 

No correlation.  Riiiiiiiight.  

And Mother-half a word-Yellen doesn't wear purple knickers.

With the inflation running a bit faster than expected, when gold takes a big sniff of that action it'll be running high like a scalded dog.   Better that gold sniffs inflation than Janet's drawers.

Maybe, just maybe, gold and silver will move higher on good news and not on bad news that the world's wheels are falling off.  It'd be nice to catch a break for once

Cuzqueño's picture

Novo Warrants

Anybody know if Novo warrants are freely traded on the TSX and what the strike zone is?

TF Metals fan's picture

Sealevels falling?

Well, maybe in the last two year. But since 1995 the rate of change is 3.4 mm up. It actually is on the raise since 1870

SteveW's picture

Novo warrants

AKAIK all warrants were issued by private placement and not listed on the exchange.

gonewest's picture


Thanks guys, good look at the one flaw the communist promoters always fail to disclose or see, the people on top always live well, while the workers live in poverty JW. And the ppt is well on its way to 25000 on the Dow you described in you article turd, but at what cost to the future.

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