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Earlier today, we had the opportunity to get caught up with James Turk, legendary founder of GoldMoney. Besides giving us an update on the global precious metal markets, James also provided some background information on an important new venture he has started called Lend & Borrow Trust Company.

Detailed information on Lend & Borrow Trust can be found at the website. Please take a few minutes to look it over:

Over the course of this call, James gives his views on several important topics, including:

  • the current supply/demand equation for metal at the wholesale level
  • how/if the uptick in base metal prices is impacting silver
  • global sovereign gold demand and how this relates to the demise of dollar hegemony
  • his views on the events in Catalonia and how this could impact the EU

And, of course, we conclude with a detailed discussion of Lend & Borrow Trust and how this unique, new company is positioned to alter the peer-to-peer lending environment while at the same time providing unique new options for precious metal holders around the globe.

Thanks again to James for his time to today and thanks to everyone for giving this a thorough listen.



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1st again!


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As the stock market continues to rise on the back of some of the worst geopolitical, financial, and domestic news, the U.S. Treasury has been quietly increasing the amount of government debt, with virtually no coverage by the Mainstream or Alternative Media.  So, how much has the U.S. debt increased in the past few days? …


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free interactive charting

the dancing duo are up next

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4th We Shall See

Keep Stacking   By The Way This 4th  Spot And Keep Stacking Is For The PM Stackers Only, So Please Don't Be Offended.laugh

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Fifth, as usual -- right behind Charlie!

Stack on, and prosper . . .

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Debt increase

I have been following this for what seems to be a century.

As a former Large firm auditor and then Corp  Treasurer, Tax manager and Risk manager, there are a myriad of ways a company can cook the books. The government  outdoes all of those, as it arbitrarily makes the changes t sees fit.

Its no secret: the GAO says the Books of the US are unauditable.

I no longer trust the "debt to the penny" report. Since March its up around 500 billion. But that's cash flow and we do not know how much cash flow has been gamed by our Treasury secretary using "extraordinary measures" such as not paying bills, or funding federal pensions or taking money from other funds (like Fema).

Part of this is we really have not changed the debt ceiling which we may do away with.

It blows my mind how so much nonsense is reported in the media and they totally ignore this story.

Its bad enough that since 1983 when Reagan became President, the debt increase is almost $8 TRILLION more than the admitted deficits. The names are like what you see in a baseball game run down where an out is made:

Nixon to Ford to Carter to Reagan to Bush to Clinton to Bush to Obama to Trump--and its still in play!!!

Actually it started before Nixon but I start there because of 8/15/71

eg, the morons who created Social Security saw as far forward as their noses. give Give give

Now we have Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico and an unfunded FEMA before those--at least residents of Houston and Florida pay income taxes to fund FEMA even though those taxes were spent elsewhere.

There is a certain audacity of Puerto Rico --they pay little into the system, they get medicaid and food stamps  for 1.5 million of their people, from us, they do not pay back their debts, and now are pissed if we do not send more everything to help them from their hurricanes.

Are they like many from Katrina-just sitting on their asses waiting for US govt to do everything for them?

Thats the image they have given.

The leaders of Houston were all over the place before the problems tying things down, as were leaders of Florida, Miami, et al.

after the hurricane, The gov and Mayor were all over tv. wanting moar. Moreso the Mayor of San Juan.

No problem they wil send a lot of the population to the US.

The irony??

Puerto Rico is bankrupt and being helped out by the Bankrupt US

back to the top:

the debt s/b exploding if for no other reason that the US has to pay for costs associated with the hurricanes--is there a line item in the budget for hurricanes?

and the debt s/b exploding for what should be the ongoing massive deficits dur to more seniors taking Medicare and Soc Security.

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BLS tomorrow...

The consensus is only 100,000...Unemployment rate unchanged 4.4%...Though quite high Average Hourly Earnings 0.3% (0.1% last month).

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I'll I'm asking you for is Ten Gold Dollars...

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Come on baby...You can do it!

Price of Gold

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Gun control

Remember, there are 3 types of people who have guns, 1: good people, 2: bad people and 3: government people, and 2 & 3 want to take the guns away from number 1.

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Curious ...

Turd et al. -- Did I just listen to an info-mercial starring James Turk?  

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Only 90k forecast? Holy moly!

They are going to pump the U.S. Nonfarm Payrolls Report and everyone is going to go crazy!


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It's no secret (for Lend Borrow Trust) why James Turk says "most of the borrowing is by businesses" . . .

For businesses, you must borrow a minimum of approx. 25K British pounds.

For individuals, the minimum to borrow is 60K British pounds!

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I'm sorry. I don't understand.


I invited James to the interview simply because I wanted to know more about this new venture. He's not paying me and I have no financial interest. I simply wanted to find out more and I always applaud anything anyone can do that draws power and gold away from the evil, criminal Banks.

Response to: Curious ...
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Macro-scale Magic


This is some pretty impressive shit, too. Does this chart look familiar??

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One part of me says they are pumping all the other stuff..

before the BLSBS comes in underwhelming...

But the other part says the forecast is low and they will pump the shit out of that report and it will be the world is saved Friday.

Then come Monday we find out about Trump's ominous remarks?

Guess we have to stand by and see.

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Jerry's song...

Don't read into the title of the song...

I just love Jerry crooning about Gold money and poker! smiley

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Whatever it is, is a lie.

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Japan's average cash earnings YoY

This has had no effect with the ALL IMPORTANT BLSBS Report coming...

Japan's Average Cash Earnings YoY


"The dollar was also strengthened after Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank President Patrick Harker said on Thursday that he is still planning on one more rate hike this year and three next year."

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Thanks for posting that link...I will check it out over the weekend.

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I realize it's not the weekend yet, but...

I just bought and moved some BTC from the innernet right into my paperwallet without even going to the bank and opening the safe deposit box that it is stored in.  Actually, I didn't even move my rump from the couch.

Keep Stackin Phyzz

Keep Stackin Cryptos

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the free quotes are delayed

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Lend and Borrow

I have an account with Goldmoney and i found the introduction to LBT fascinating.  I looked a peer to peer lending previously but shied away because of the collateral issue, with this you know that if you lend you will be made whole at the end along with the interest payments during the term.  I am considering borrowing against my stack to then buy more metal to add to my stack......With a 2 year term youre basically paying an interest premium to lever your metal to buy 65% more metal for a monthly fee.  This has got to be a good idea for accumulation of physical if you were looking to take a punt on future price increases.....however your stack would be at risk if the price fell and the margin calls started coming in and they started selling your metal to meet repayments.....

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