An Update from Patrick Donnelly, President of First Mining Finance

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On Monday, we had the opportunity to catch up with Patrick Donnelly, President of First Mining Finance. The company has recently posted an excellent, new economic assessment of one of its properties so you should be sure to have a listen.

The assessment was posted with this press release late last week:

This is all very encouraging and it bodes well for the success of FMF's long-term business plan. If you're already a shareholder, I think you'll find this update to be quite interesting. If you're not a shareholder, this might be cause to give the company a second look. As always, do your own due diligence and assess the risks before taking any action.

Thanks again to Pat for sparing the time to bring us this information.



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Numero Uno!

Numero Uno!

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Very appropriate for this post!


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FF shares

i own some FF shares and i noted FF didnt move in tandem with the xau rally in the last few weeks, any one knows why?

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What The Heck


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FF Shares Action

I got the feeling from watching the price action of FF that a big finger was selling just enough shares to keep everyone from buying and taking a closer look at its potential down the road.  I have no evidence but while seeing gold and silver rise there was no reason for the price action I was seeing.  I find it interesting that these high frequency computers can make a stock be consistently in the red just a penny or two.  It stinks to me and it happens to many of the mining stocks.  

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FF Price Action Post Press Release

Wow!  938,000 shares traded today now at 11 am.   FF is up 4.4%!  As gold and silver rise higher the manipulation of the shares will switch to a massively higher price in all the mining shares and hopefully more so with First Mining Finance.   I am excited hearing this interview with the potential in the future.  Awesome!  Thanks Turd for bringing the President back for another interview!!!!  

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Kudos to the turdite that was waiting for sub 50 cent FF shares when they were around 80 ish cents.

I almost did a  4 bagger from 40k shares at sub 30 cents getting out mostly 70 cents and higher

Holding off for now.

AG I had a double, sold, tried to catch a falling knife and now I am down 50 percent. ouch.

I do not even want to talk about MUX

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I heard, back in February, that an analyst who actually visited the Springpole site took the following picture of it:

He said this is not a "trick" photo -- Springpole's resource is physically located under this very large (and deep) lake in Canada . . .

That's also confirmed by the map of their drilling holes from their February news release:

I have no idea what kinds of complications that adds to the mining "challenges", but I fear they could be substantial!

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Must be where everyone has been having those boating accidents with their stacks.

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Today's PM take down

Criminals essentially saying we can do it anytime, any place, and any amount we want so don't f@#k with us.  And this did not require a fat finger to trigger it.  It was a methodical walk down.

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Here's the skinny on Springpole

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Gold is getting crushed and Monday Night Football ratings are up.

Everything is hunky-dory!!


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NK not the problem

imo this is not going to happen...this is more US  workings..

let's first see how Russia takes care of Syria and the murders of

its generals and ambassadors and the taking of their property here in the US..

am thinking that gold yuan...something Big could be get out of Syria in 1 day

and anything left behind is Syria's ..and the Kurd territory is Not available to go to..

no idea really

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Our chance to drain our own swamp for profit.

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