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With the mining shares already up 10% YTD and seemingly poised for a breakout, what a great time to pick the brain of the always-insightful Brent Cook of Exploration Insights.

First of all, here's a chart of the HUI index showing the pending breakout of the shares, in general:

Brent was extraordinarily generous with his time and expertise today so it would be impossible for me to list all of the specific companies and shares that we discussed. Instead, you're just going to have to listen to the entire program. And you won't be disappointed! You might actually learn a thing or two along the way!

Thanks again to Brent for all his efforts and we strongly encourage everyone with an interest in the sector to check out Brent's newsletter at http://www.explorationinsights.com



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And thanks for the link to the Nomi Prins interview.

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I doubt, Draghi and Yellen will say much tomorrow...

And why would they?

Yellen has to be careful about the coming turmoil in Washington (debt ceiling, tax reform,...)

Draghi doesn't want a stronger Euro hurting it's economy.

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On a lighter note

While listening to the podcast, it came to my attention that Maine's Bah Hahberians and the Hampton toffeenose set,  in the throes of the  tourist summer season, are so strapped for workers, they're trying to hire Americans.

Oh, the Horror; the Humanity.  

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Ask the right question

And get a great response.

Thanks for having Brent on Turd.  I wish I could have listened live.

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The enemy?

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Nomi Prins

An interesting talk but she completely ignored the geopolitical view of Russia and China. The discussion was Western / US centric and payed no attention to the East and how this game of musical chairs can be destroyed very easily by a big Eastern player. Also this CB game is generating $1-1.5 T in debt in the US alone then add a $T in Europe and 1/2T in Japan and a $T in China and we have at least $4-5T a year in new debt. What can go wrong  ? She never discussed that aspect? Today's Trillion is yesterday's Billion. Isn't that is why we are all on Turds site ? 

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Joseph Farrell on gold 8/24

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OI and price observations


This has been such a BS, dull week with the USDJPY just moving back and forth. To that end, check this:

Mon 8/21 CDG up $5.10

Tue 8/22 CDG down $5.70 OI down 5,400

Wed 8/23 CDS up $3.70  OI back up 5,800

Thu 8/24 CDS down $2.70

NET change: +$0.40

NET OI change Mon-Wed: -448 contracts


And in CDS:

+1¢ then down 3¢ then up 6¢ before today's -8¢ for a NET of -4¢. The Banks just simply trying to run out the clock on Sep17.

However, we noted yesterday that CDS was firm and actually closed above the 200-day for the first time in the 10-day capping stretch. And what happened in OI? After being flat to slightly down all week, it suddenly surged by 4,900 as The Banks moved to halt the advance and protect against option expiry losses.

What a freaking scam. 

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Harvey update


Latest GFS model has Harvey coming in at 948 mb, which is a high Cat3 with winds near 130 mph.

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Thanks Turd - excellent A2A

I really enjoyed that A2A with Brent. Most of my questions got asked and answered.

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Not sure if anyone pays attention to this and I normally don't put much credibility in this as an indicator but over the past 2 weeks GLD, GDX, GDXJ, have consistently appeared on the list on down days.  GLD again top 10 today.  And maybe it's just my imagination but the metals do seem to have a firmer footing under them and the smashes seemed to be contained like the silver smash last night. 

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Here's my take on Mnuchin's visit to Fort Knox

My "conspiracy theory" mind tells me this was all planned. Here's my rundown:

US owes someone ("ach...ach...china...ach...ach") a boatload of Gold and had to show them that we audited it and it is there (for the benefit of that someone). But, how do you do this yet keep the sheeple (American'ts) from focussing on this? Arrange a diversion (Mnuchin's wife's showing off, someone magically "bitching" about this and then blowing this whole topic big by lamestream media).

Anyways, how come no one ever bitched about any other wives in any other administration before? 

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Didn't Koos Jansen sp.

write some articles about the last time Fort Knox was inspected for gold? I think the articles were published a couple of years ago. If I am correct, Koos might be an interesting guest to have on a future A2A. I would be interested in hearing his thoughts on the subject.

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The gold is safe......ly in China

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Gold is cheaper now than it was 25 years ago

Here is a chart of the price of gold in dollars divided by the M2 money supply of dollars as reported by the fed since 1990:

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Now we have the generals in control....

Mattis: Thinking of sending 'defensive' weapons to Ukraine...


Edit...Talking about Debbie W., Jackson Hole elks and bears...was more fun for me than reading the above.

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Copper over $3.00...


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Brent is so chill - feel like he covered the entire TSX exchange

today like it was nothing. Thank you for the time and information Brent!

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Andy Hoffman

This is from his new Twitter account..."Self-Proclaimed" world's leading BTC enthusiast.  As others have mentioned his tilt towards cryptos is what probably led to MF sending him packing as it became a conflict of interest for a PM dealer.  Nonetheless I still think he's a knowledgeable guy and I'm interested to hear what he has to say going forward on his own.

"28 years of financial market experience, including 15 as a leading Precious Metals commentator. And now, one of the world's leading Bitcoin enthusiasts!"

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The bears were fun.  Couldn't figure out if the resort had elk on the bear's menu or was it an exercise program.

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a small detour

I went on my annual Colorado Jeep trip a month ago.  On another forum I found a group that does an annual trip also.  They base out of Ouray and run all the trails in the area.  This year there several different states represented, Georgia, South Carolina, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Colorado.

Most of the group from outside Colorado had never trailed the area, so it was a great experience for all.  A couple of guys were taking photos and videos the whole time and recently I found out why.

Attached are 2 videos that have been posted so far.  I have a feeling the best are yet to come.  Amazing stuff.  I enjoy these almost as well as being there.

(Lemming, I have a pic for you, but can't get it to postwink)

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Andy surfaces where!

Miles FIRED HIM. Why did they not 

says so. He could no longer support a Sinking ship

of the Metals. Even at the end, tried to push their crap

coins, after getting his arm BENT?

Miles Franklin has rip off  commissions.

Andy sees the future and MF is a horse and buckeye



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Strong message follows?

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And now WikiLeaks is a terror organization (ZH)

                      Image result for images of devil funny

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Thanks Boomer

Beautiful movies! It took me 40 years to find out I couldn't eat mountains. By then I had missed the opportunity to have a career. I left my heart somewhere in those mountains.

Now I'm stuck with trying to beat a living out of silver. Could be worse, I could have been a liberal or perhaps born in New Delhi.

After seeing those clips, it makes me want to waste the next 40 years in the San Juans. Think I can make 105?

Image result for bridal veil falls telluride

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Cook's commentaries

It appears that Cook has the essentials of a person who's muddy boots knowledge and experience shucks the charlatans and separates the grifters, con men and Mark Twain's favorite people, the liars at the top of a mine, from the facts

I like the fact that he bought some NOVO   We'll see in maybe 6-8 months how that story holds up

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Asset Performance to Date

  • Gold                      +    11.83 %
  • Silver                    +      6.74 %
  • DJIA                     +    10.23 %
  • Bitcoin                 +   343.30 %
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Durable goods down 6.8% 

Durable goods down 6.8% 

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