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What great timing to have Rob Kirby back for an A2A webinar. Rob's vast experience provides a unique perspective on the failure of The Generally Accepted Narrative for 2017 as well as some wisdom on where we are headed from here.

Among the topics discussed today:

  • Rob's thoughts on how The Fed was able to institute ZIRP and why rates remain historically low.
  • Why the POSX is falling so rapidly in 2017.
  • What message could be gleaned from Terry Duffy's appearance on FBN two weeks ago.
  • Why Rob prefers physical gold and silver to owning the mining shares.
  • And much, much more!

This was an incredibly informative presentation and we should all be grateful that Rob so generously shared his time today. Please try to carve out some time to give this podcast a thorough listen.



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Just wanted to thank EVERYONE who sent a TFMR testimonial yesterday. I received so many that it would be difficult to personally thank all of you. Thus, this group message.

Very much appreciate all of the kind words and feedback. I hope to include many of your contributions.

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And back from holidays. Before I left dumped all miners out of annoyance. 

Only hold some Uslv and bunch of phyz. 

Cryptos?...... Yes

Bring it on!


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Found a nugget.

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Sell it to ya!

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For Some AG


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Awesome that you have Rob Kirby as the guest, now time for me to listen!

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Now To Listen. Keep Stacking

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many "unmentionables" are screaming higher today...

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Great interview thank you !


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Seen on twitter

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Great Interview As Usual Turd

Thank you Turd!  I screwed up and missed the actual live A to A but heard at the end one of my questions.  Sorry I missed it with my poor eyesight thinking it was noon rather than 11:00 am.  Anyway, it was great having Rob touch on many things today.  Fascinating!  Guess I will plan on selling more of my shares reaching a profit sooner rather than later and just keep sticking with more physical.   Hoping Andy M.  will be right next week with his gold prediction.  

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Flash crash party at 19:06

Be there or be square.

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It's 7:06 PM and

silver holding, holding at 16.66.....hhmmmm

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Good to hear from you. Hope all is well.

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When the D/Y was under 110 just the other day POG was $10 higher and POS was 15 cents higher.  The game is working against us now as we don't maintain the price relationships.  At some point we need to see the POG and POS move up more relative to the decline in the D/Y.

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Ditto Above

@turd Can you post an updated JPY/ Gold chart? The algo must be on vacation

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Dollar Yen Shenanigans

Went to bed last night (Aussie time) and woke up finding the yen had dropped three quarters of a point and gold has barely moved. Just like Turdites above, I'd like to know what the heck going on. Is $1270 that important to cap? Painting the chart for the BLSBS?  Who knows!?

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They now appear to be directly manipulating the PMs without regard to fundamentals which, in essence, is a direct theft of our personal property which violates criminal statutes and the Constitution...and they do so with the permission and oversight of our elected representatives.

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Hi AlienEyes...

I thought that the aliens relocated you to Washington D.C, where you became silent.....Good to hear from you.

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Good listen from Andy Hoffman

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>Forecast: 183k

US Unemployment Rate


>Forecast 4.3%

Anyone have any good analysis on these two where they SHOULD come in?

We all know they will be gamed.

I have a sick feeling they are going to "save the world" tomorrow. King Dollar is back. All that garbage.

Au and Ag should be breaking away right now but appear dull and held back. So freaking upsetting!

Hopefully I am surprised and rejoicing in here tomorrow evening.

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Watch as dollar/yen magically rises

To 110.50 or higher overnight so that bad labor numbers will only drop it to 109.85 and gold wil rise only to 1271. Groundhog Day again. 

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It all seems foolish.  The dollar is/has been tanking.  Gold should already be way up and who cares about the BLBS as its a fraud as well as the employment #s.  The whole game is fake.

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The next piece of economic data

is always the most important data in the world.  No matter if it's a Fed meeting, Fed minutes, BLBS, CPI, GDP, new home sales, blah blah blah.  The next one is always the most important one and the next reason to cap PMs.  Doesn't matter good or bad, they is gonna cap PMs no matter what.  The game goes on until it doesn't and so far the end ain't in sight.  5 years of this BS is starting to wear on me and I'm sure I'm not alone.  Starting to think I may not out live this BS.

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Re the ebb and flow of the yen correlation


Remember, the "market" isn't 100% fully automated. There are still occasions for The Banks to cap price by rapidly issuing new naked shorts to feed to The Specs that are looking to buy due to the falling USDJPY. Most of the time, the correlation is 1:1 and one USDJPY point equates to about $10-12.

However, if The Banks decide to feed The Specs contracts, then we see the correlation lag while open interest drastically increases. We've seen this before and we may be seeing it again now. Check the most recent OI changes for CDG:

Tuesday: +$6 with OI up 11,800

Wednesday: -$1 with OI up 6,300

Thursday: -$4 (with a recovery from overnight smash) with preliminary OI up 3,200

So price is essentially unchanged while OI is up 21,300 or about 5%.

Therefore, I think we can clearly state that it's NOT a case of the yen-gold correlation failing or going away. Instead, it is VERY LIKELY a case that The Cartel Banks are actively and heavily defending against a price rise in the hope that maybe the BLSBS will go their way on Friday.

Lastly, all that said, take a look at the charts for the past three days and five days. Over the same three day period of Tue-Thu, as usual it's pretty hard to tell one from the other. Over the past five days, CDG appears to be lagging by maybe $6 or so.

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Nice A2A...

Short but very sweet!

Enjoyed the question about Duffy and Rob expanded on it well.

The response about Andy's 250 ton order was very interesting and answered very carefully.

You both did a great job.

Thank you very much Craig! smiley

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A2A was excellent.

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Big day tomorrow


Obviously, it's a big day tomorrow re the POSX, the USDJPY, CDG and CDS.

However, it's also a very big day in the bond market. Check out these charts and watch rates very closely in the hours after the BLSBS.

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