A2A with Chris Martenson


A tremendous webinar today with Chris Martenson of PeakProsperity.com. Though we had to fight through some audio issues, the information and perspective that Chris shared with everyone is invaluable and demands your attention.

Among the topics addressed today:

  • The Central Bank kabuki theater and the level to which The Bankers are now involved in nearly every market.
  • What Chris learned during his recent stay in Buenos Aires
  • The future of the US dollar, not only in energy transactions but as the world's reserve currency
  • How and why HFT algos now control the "markets"
  • Chris' essential list for preparing for what's ahead
  • And a whole lot more!

Big thanks again to Chris for being so generous with his time today. Our apologies on this end for the audio difficulties which required some editing to the recording.

Thanks for listening,



Jul 20, 2017 - 9:51pm

Leaked Obama Plan To Fight Election-Day Meddling

Leaked Obama Plan To Fight Election-Day Meddling Included 'Martial Law'

“...'armed federal law enforcement agents' who would be deployed to polling places if hackers managed to halt voting... and the deployment of 'Active and Reserve' military forces and members of the National Guard 'upon a request from a federal agency'..."

Jul 20, 2017 - 9:47pm

JQuest Correctamundo

TPTB have a tighter grip on PMs than OJ had on his chicken

They released the Juice

How about releasing gold and silver.

PMs never murdered anyone

PM prices have served a longer sentence that OJ

Jul 20, 2017 - 9:39pm
Fred Hayek
Jul 20, 2017 - 9:18pm

One correction -- Trump was never losing

At the 31 minute mark, Chris says that Trump was losing at some point in the evening of the election and then suddenly won.

Um, no. If you unpacked ANY poll from before the election to a composition that was representative of the electorate then Trump was winning. Bill Mitchell, on twitter, was leading the way in pointing this out. In order to put out stories that Mrs. Corrupto was winning, mainstream media outlets had to put together polls with as many as 20% more democrats than republicans and other consciously deceptive strategies. When you took their info and said, well, gee, in 2000, X% more repubs turned out to the primaries than dems and that was reflected in general election turnout. And in 2008, Y% more dems turned out to the primaries than repubs and *that* was reflected in general election turnout. Well, in 2016, repub turnout was way up. The idea that general election turnout was going to be just like 2008 was laughably and quite knowingly wrong. When you unpacked conscious and ridiculous bias in these polls you could not get any result except Trump being ahead and winning. He was winning repubs by essentially the same amount as Sir Edmund was winning dems and every poll I saw even the ones stacked against him said he was winning the independents. The only way to say that Trump was losing was to pretend that there was even MORE enthusiasm for the dems' steaming pile of defecation of a candidate than there had been for Obama which was patently ridiculous on its face for any number of reasons including the miniscule turnout she had at rallies. Trump was never behind, not in the last few months of the campaign. Never.

ancient Egyptian...ex-canary
Jul 20, 2017 - 9:09pm
Jul 20, 2017 - 9:06pm

@ Rickshaw - Good observations - applies to parenting too

I am always a better father when, in a the midst of a difficult and emotional situation, I show calm tone, thinking and perspective.

Thanks for your thoughts on this reflection from Chris.

Jul 20, 2017 - 8:58pm


Gold and Silver being capped very tight...

Jul 20, 2017 - 8:44pm

Busy calendar Trump is

Busy calendar

Trump is calling for a shutdown of GOV in September.
" the critical point in the first week of August"
October 15, 2017, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbXKWrHSSsg
Mike Maloney - Why Crash is due August 17, 2017

RED ALERT: The Dollar Will Collapse 100% on AUGUST 2017! Ron Paul Last Warning To America
We also have a crash on labor Day. Valentines day is supposed to be the big crash. California Munis and the eurozone are supposed to crash in the Spring of 2018
“collapse of the US empire” by around 2020."
Armstrong calls for a continuous fall until 2032.

"Catherine Austin Fitts – We Need Our $40 Trillion In Stolen Cash Back "

The crash started a long time ago.
It started when Benjamin Strong (FED head) started illegally selling U.S. Treasury bonds on the secondary market in 1920.
It started when the FED took it upon itself to rescue anything and everything.
It started when various socialist programs from GOV went into deficit spending.

It started when the R.O.W. rebuilt their manufacturing capacity by about the mid '60s.
It started with the inception of the welfare-warfare State.
It started when politicians needed ever-larger budgets to get elected.
It started when the Bretton-Woods agreement gave us an unlimited credit card,,, to pursue either war or peace.

It started with the departure from the gold standard.
It started when academia was held in thrall to State salaries.
It started with the petro-dollar.

Jul 20, 2017 - 8:44pm

Danny B

Hussman,, Pox Americana,,, headlines

A very notorious Spanish banker who ripped off thousands and skated, has come to a sudden end. It was ruled as not homicide.
Notorious Spanish Banker Found Dead With Shotgun Blast To The Chest | Zero Hedge

John P. Hussman, has tried and tried to wake people up to the true state of the markets.
"valuations at current levels are associated with expected returns of about -2.5% annually on a 10-year horizon, and roughly zero on a 12-year horizon. Nearly every market cycle in history has brought these valuation measures back toward their historical norms, "
"The pendulum of speculation has swung far and has grown increasingly grotesque in order to reach this point. It will be a wrecking ball when it returns to earth."   Image cannot be displayed
"Speaking of margin debt, Doug Short recently provided this look at investor credit balances and the equity market. The bars (green when positive, red when negative) show the sum of: cash balances in investor cash accounts, plus cash balances in margin accounts, minus the margin debt of investors. To say that investors are “all in” would be an understatement here. They’re leveraged to the gills."

The graph shows this very clearly. But, what about reports that the only buyers for stocks are the companies themselves doing repurchase?
The SNB, BOJ, FED and PBOC ALL report directly buying assets. No idea where the discrepancies come from.   Image cannot be displayed
"In any event, the estimate that best fits recent market dynamics would place the critical point in the first week of August, within less than 2% of current levels. Indeed, the 30-day crash probability that we estimate from this particular model is rising vertically, and will continue to do so with every market advance from this point. "   Image cannot be displayed
"For my own readers, I’ve offered a great deal of historical evidence, a record of effectiveness in prior complete market cycles"

Since academia, ET AL are operating with flawed models, the mouthpiece of accepted wisdom, The Economist can be expected to give flawed projections. Once in a while they are right.
“The consequence of a very strong dollar is America’s trade deficit will get much much larger.” "The Economist seems to think a falling dollar will help exports. I happen to have a picture showing the results."

Magazine covers tend to coincide with extreme sentiment. The Economist is particularly good at offering contrarian articles.

In December of 2016, The Economist nailed the peak in the US dollar with its “Mighty Dollar” issue.

Let’s now investigate other contrarian covers.
Economist – March 6, 1999 – Drowning in Oil
The economist predicted $5 oil.
Newsweek – April 10, 2009 – Cheap Oil Forever"
"Growing evidence suggests American consumers, businesspeople, and political leaders should all be bracing for double-digit inflation, probably as early as 2009."
Mish goes on to show other blunders by the economic media.

The State is going broke.They have their collective eye on your cash. Bitcoin included.

This is an excellent article on the prospects of Pox Americana trying to maintain control of the world. It's authored by all the top warmongers.
"On the contrary, the Pentagon study’s recommendations call for an intensification of the very imperial policies that futurist Professor Johan Galtung, who accurately forecasted the demise of the USSR, predicts will accelerate the “collapse of the US empire” by around 2020."

7/19 5 charts that prove that the US economy is weakening fast – Gold Republic
7/19 The U.S. stock market is the world’s most expensive – MarketWatch

7/19 IBM stock drops after 21st consecutive revenue decline – CNBC Even the FED can't do unlimited levitation.
7/19 Wall Street’s ‘dean of valuation’ says digital currencies are replacing gold – CNBC
7/19 Ethereum co-founder says crypto coin market is a time-bomb – Bloomberg

7/19 Census snapshot: One million homes left empty across Australia – SMH One million blokes have to live in the pub.  Image cannot be displayed

7/19 Coal and nuclear are uneconomic – Think Progress Hopefully, this news will filter down fast to investors.
7/17 Donald Trump approval rating at 70-year low as Russia scandal swirls – Guardian
Globalist Point Man, Paul Rat Ryan, Is Now Less Popular Than President Trump   Image cannot be displayed
Hillary Clinton is Less Popular Than President Trump: Poll | Time.com   Image cannot be displayed

Senior Member Of Congress - 'Trump Will Be Taken
Out Suddenly And We Can't Stop It'
What does Las Vegas say?

Iran To America: Stop Worrying About Us
Your Government Is About To Collapse
  Image cannot be displayed
25% Of US Jobs At Risk Of Being Off-shored Under Trump Naturally, it's Trump's fault.
Saudis Mull Cutting Oil Exports By One Million BPD Their wells AND their budget are in BAD shape.
Chicago Lays Off Prosecutors As Bodies Pile Up They laid off 1,000 sheriffs. They need Duterte to straighten things out.   Image cannot be displayed

Two Critical After IED Detonates At Canada 7-Eleven
It is undoubtedly those damn Quebecois separatists who are responsible for this.   Image cannot be displayed
Rand Paul - GOP Bill Creates Giant Ins Bailout Superfund Ah yes, ZIRP has killed all the funds.

Jul 20, 2017 - 8:42pm

Not mine!

"Banking is not a legitimate industry, providing legitimate service, so long as it continues to be a system of fractional-reserve banking: that is, the fraudulent making of contracts that it is impossible to honor." Rothbard.
An illegitimate business, run by corrupt people, having control of most of our wealth.... using our money to effect regulatory capture and continuance of debt-slavery."

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