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Most folks at TFMR look forward each year to the annual "In Gold We Trust" report from Incrementum AG of Liechtenstein. One of the co-authors of this report is Ronni Stoferle and it was a great pleasure to have Ronni visit our A2A platform earlier today.

First of all, if you haven't yet seen this year's In Gold We Trust report, the full text can be found here: https://ingoldwetrust.report/en/gold-report/  We also featured the executive summary of the report back in June and you can find it embedded in this link, too: https://www.tfmetalsreport.com/blog/8375/guest-post-latest-gold-we-trust-report-incrementum-ag

Ronni was a very patient and generous guest as he addressed every listener question over the course of this 70-minute call. Just a few of the topics covered include:

  • Since 2012, why hasn't the dollar price of gold continued to track the US monetary base and US debt level?
  • Does a flattening US yield curve inevitably lead to recession?
  • Is a global gold revaluation or "reset" pending?
  • Will the Chinese back their currency with gold at some point?
  • Global attitudes toward gold and the physical possession of gold.
  • How a falling gold:silver often foreshadows rising gold prices.
  • The potential impacts of pricing crude oil in yuan.
  • And much, much more!

There is an abundance of good information contained in this recording so please try to carve out some time to give it a thorough listen. Thanks again to Ronni for being so generous with his time and we hope to have him back at TFMR soon!



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Zero Hedge

You have to take anything on Zero Hedge with a grain of salt.  Lots of great articles, but lots of crap also.

ReachWest's picture


Agree. Lot's of hyperbole and a ton of BS, but pearls of reality too. One must read EVERYTHING from each and EVERY source with a jaded eye and suspicion. (It's no different here in Turdville.) 

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Episode 6 – Dr Dave Janda – Joseph Meyer & James Perloff

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Episode 6 – Dr Dave Janda – Joseph Meyer & James Perloff

Thursday July 13th 2017

In this episode of Caravan To Midnight hosted by Dr. Dave Janda, the financial, economic and investment arenas are dissected by Joseph Meyer. Then James Perloff dissects False Flag events which have occurred at the hands of The Globalist Syndicate. Dave opens the show with a WTF segment which outlines how globalists within the government violated millions of Americans’ 4th Amendment Rights and what they are up to now behind the curtain.

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Terrible CPI and Retail Sales


CPI was 0.0% vs expectations of just +0.1%  ---- No inflation!

Retail Sales were actually -0.2% vs expectations of +0.2%

A nightmare double whammy for Mother and USDJPY down 75¢ at 112.55.

Look for another cut from Mr Donut today, too.

ReachWest's picture


CPI not nice. So sorry Mother.

Now would be a good time for that 250 Ton physical order to hit the market. LOL.

The $10 pop from the CPI would look like a miniature blip compared to the kick from a 'real' physical order of 250T. 

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Happy Mr Donut will be cutting GDP, which is perverse. But it is closer to what reality is, zero to negative

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is rolling over this a.m.. Might see a rise in the price of CDG. Will CDS be dragged along for the ride?

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Just recorded audio

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Yellen wrong again?...

The Fed may be blaming this stretch of weakness on special factors, but that argument is losing force.  Prescription drugs which Yellen has been citing for special weakness, bounced back with 1% gain, but wasn't enough to offset weakness elswhere.

matt_'s picture

NUGT up 5% pre-market

Nice!  I love it when I can make 5% on an "investment" overnight.

canary's picture

Specs short covering in progress?..I hope so...

The commercials will wash them... all  the way to...(the next circle)... over the next few months smiley.

matt_'s picture

I sold my NUGT and locked in my gain

Time to turn off my trade software.  I'm taking the win this week and walking away.  Maybe I will start my weekend early!

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That first hat tip came from me. Have a great weekend!

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Nice Move Up in Gold and Silver

This morning gold and silver up nicely.    According to my phone silver is up 32 cents and gold is up around $13.   Can't wait to see the COT report this afternoon.   Looks like there has already been plenty of bad economic data.  Hmm.....  

silver10sguy's picture

Turd Thanks for Great Interview with Ronald

I listened to this interview this morning and enjoyed it very much.   

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When I see a spike up....

Followed by a pause...and a spike up again...that's a sign of shorts being covered....Good!.. Make my day!

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the early AM PM spike makes me suspicious

I smell head fake sucker play in motion this AM gold up $14 and silver 35 cents. The price bumps may not last the day  

If it does,  then Monday will likely see a hard spike downward.  

My gut and spidey sense says those who control this price scam are aware that weak hands are still suckers, traders are primed for a phony relief rally and there's still billions in profits to be wrung out of the pump and dump PM market.

I've seen hundreds of these dead cat bounces in silver and gold, only to be disappointed by the action.  Buying into this usually means the less informed of us stackers and traders are anxious to get back in the game to harvest a small recovery gain, only to fall for Lucy and the football promises.

Only long term stackers are benefited by the PM prices now.  Traders, for the most part, will get their balls cut off by these moves.

Lucy was a nasty piece of work 50 years ago. She's now running the IMF.  "Lucy" Legarde, that is.

After defenestrating Charlie Brown, she's the mohel's fav poster girl

That said, if I'm right then that is a tiny victory in my 95% record of being wrong. If I'm wrong then maybe we will see a decent price rally and that is tradeable

Past performance is no guaranty of future results.   Mine---not their

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How About That USD

Do I hear 94?

bently's picture

When I see a spike up...

Should we ever see Andy's physical purchases materializing, the PMs might start  rising independently of USD/JPY.  A new ball game!

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Privacy Mythbusting #6: Security equals privacy!

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Another example is the antivirus company AVG (owned by Avast). In 2015, they updated their privacy policy to be more "transparent." Wired magazine rightfully noted something alarming in their new privacy policy:

Quote from the Wired article about AVG's privacy policy change.

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When you see a spike up, you should KNOW by now that CDG is simply following USDJPY as it reacts to economic news or some other headline.

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EVIDENCE: Supreme Court

EVIDENCE: Supreme Court Justice John Roberts Was ‘Hacked’ By Obama Officials


bently's picture


I have been wondering if and when super- big physical purchases start coming through, whether the PMs could actually separate themselves and trade independently of USD/JPY. Your answer appears to be an emphatic NO.

canary's picture

@bentley...it would be nice...

If gold ever separates from USD/JPY index...Would it mean that the cartel lost control?...They would have to find a different index connecting gold...Maybe JPY/USD? wink

Turd Ferguson's picture



My answer would instead be that WHEN you see CDG separating from USDJPY, it would be sign of physical stress in the market finally appearing.

Response to: NO
abundance's picture

markedtofuture..thanks for privacy post

I use the free avast product..and didn't realize the tracking though I could

see it during the day..duckduckgo is great isn't it!!

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is a pretty good search engine as well for those of who wish to suppress and see the extent to which our activities would otherwise be tracked... https://brave.com/

JQuest's picture

@ Privacy Mythbusting #6: Security equals privacy!

VPN.... wink

Just get the right one....

abundance's picture

sorry JQ what's VPN?? eom


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