A2A with Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics


After a few weeks away, the award-winning webinar series "Access to Access" returns today with an update from our pal, Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics.

It's always great to have Dave on as a guest and once again he did not disappoint. Over the course of this 54-minute call, Dave addresses a wide range of topics, including:

  • the developments today at Tahoe Resources
  • the current CoT structure and its implications for price
  • why Mother and her Goons are moving to raise the FF rate
  • possible gold and silver confiscation
  • how the mining shares may trade in a general equity bear market
  • and a whole lot more!

Please be sure to give this a listen and thanks again to Dave for all of his time.



Jul 8, 2017 - 12:32pm


I see what you did there. UBI , Urinary Bacterial Infection.

Who just had a UTI? None other than Janet Yellen! Another message from the Deep State?

@Joseph, I should have surmised you knew about that book.

Jul 8, 2017 - 12:09pm

Murphy Brilliant idea

One script for the working stiffs.

Federated Universal Crypto Kurrency. Abbreviated? yeah! That's it.

One script for the UBI drones.

I'm going long on Monopoly game, just for the paper currency and deeds to the best properties.

UBI Urinary Bacterial Infection.

Joseph Warren
Jul 8, 2017 - 11:26am

@murphy - Thank you

Thank you. I actually have several copies of 'None Dare Call It Conspiracy' and have given copies to others through the years. The first time someone gave a copy to me, I thought "This is crazy stuff." It wasn't till a couple years later that I actually opened the book and read it. So, I can relate to the fact that a person has to be ready for shifting their long held belief system.

Jul 8, 2017 - 11:17am


I think you will agree flustered is not the right word. Pissed off, livid, angry, incredulity, disbelief... pick any or all.

Short answer

1) Maybe they will come up with a new type of interest free greenback that the UBI's can spend in UBI stores, buying UBI products. OMG! What a slippery slope that brings to mind. I'm sure they could also issue UBI pills ala 1984 to keep everyone happy.

2) Yes

After that, how "the Insiders", "TPTB" and the "Masters of the Universe" will resolve where the hell this money gets created and falls out of the sky, in order to give UBI to those beneath a certain level of income, is beyond my pay grade.

Although the one thing we could usually count on is, some type of crises will occur that will prompt the masses to actually embrace the idea to "help all those unfortunates" who need a safety net. Just like a golden parachute for those $20M executives, except it only supplies survival rations.

Is it too early for a cocktail? I know Rickshaw's answer.

Jul 7, 2017 - 11:10pm
Jul 7, 2017 - 11:00pm

Murphy Universal Basic Income I am flustered at the idiocy

UBI for everyone? Or only for some who prove they must have it, need it or are entitled to it. Neither my mother and our family, when we were poor, or at any time afterwards every received any emolument, remittance, supplement, reinbursement, entitlement check etc etc for any reason. The only income my mother ever got from the gummint was her social security check when she hit 65. She paid into the system for over 40 years. There was no system of welfare during our poverty years. We just made do. It was not easy. At times it was messy to make ends meet

Fast forward 40 years.

Now these navel gazing cucks like Zuckerberg are touting some unicornucopia of UBI from the gummint. First off, if he likes the idea, Zuck the Fuck needs to divest himself of every penny of net worth and put it in a pool for the 103,000,000 unemployed. I figger each will get around $400 from his net worth of $40 billion. Big whoop.

So where is this money coming from?

1 Will the government print it, creating unbacked FIAT printed at interest, payable via treasury bills and bonds that will ramp our national debt to $100 trillion in 15 years if UBI is implemented

2. Will it come from tax payers like me, you and others, the other 100,000,000 who work for a living or run a business and pay taxes at the source?

If it's UBI from the free money spigot then the gummint could do this for a decade or two. Until 75% of the people become card carrying members of the UBI Mooch Class.

If it's from the tax payers then the 150,000,000 members of the Mooch Class will be supported by the 50,000,000 suckers---er I mean tax payers

Right now a family of 4 'down on their luck' can harvest the pre tax equivalent of $60,000 from the local, state and federal gummints via EBT, SNAP, medicare, section 8 housing, welfare allotments, free phones and internet, free transportation, free schooling and lunches. In other words, we have around half the population receiving some government subsidies. Whether it's pretax equivalent of $25,000 for two person family or double that for 4, that money has to come from somewhere

The question I have is will this top tier cadre of riders on the Free Shit Express, many of whom have ridden in the club car for 20-35 years, be the first in line for the UBI?

Or will it be the next cohort of indigents who have a part time cash gig jobs, some government support; who are first in line for UBI because that part time job was outsourced to Robbie the Robot or Sanjay in New Dehli.

Joe, Mike, Juan, Maria, Caroline and others find they've been bounced from their $15 an hour low skill job because their employer went BK or paid off 90% of the worker bees. Do they get the first dibs on the UBI

Or will it be something like old Marx who said Each according to their need from each according to their ability to pay Or words to that effect

If the people getting UBI are termites eating out the foundation and producing nothing, who feeds the termites when the house collapses? Maybe UBI simply means, for those of us who still have an income, we send 80-100% of our income to the gummints both large and small. They take their rake and toke, chop up the dinero and distribute it to everyone in the food chain based on some predetermined METRIC OF NEEDINESS

The insanity of UBI, reminiscent of Sweden with its confiscatory taxes that are scooped up and parcelled out after the gummints takes it share.

Somewhere along the line the people who actually have a job and pay taxes are going to realize they are fucking morons for working as a slave to the gummint and end up supporting 10 families who do jack shit to earn a living

When the money spigot runs dry; the tax serfs are broke; what then

Will the goons break down doors to harvest all the stuff we have.

In Greece you have to report all your personal possessions---partly for tax purposes and partly to give the thugs a list when they harvest your stuff.

In venezuela I bet most people would be happy just to have UBI or the gummint to ask for them to submit to asset confiscation if they could at least get some regular supplies of food. Average Venezuelan has lost 20 lbs while the Socialists continually fuck things up. The wealthiest person in V is the daughter of Chavez. She got all the stuff that her daddy stole while he was El Presidente

Oh well. I just sit on the side of the river watching the bullshit float by

Safety Dan
Jul 7, 2017 - 2:39pm

Craig Posted This Link.. Take a minute to read this section

Albert Edwards: "Something Smells Different This Time"


And while the market remains unbothered by the bout of hawkish rhetoric, perhaps convinced that the next time stocks slide even modestly the Fed will immediately come to their rescue, Edwards disagrees: "Is it conceivable that the Fed is no longer so data dependent and doesn’t care how strong the economy is or whether wage inflation is going to pick up? Many commentators seem to think the Fed will simply back off tightening as soon as the going gets rough – as it has consistently done in the past. But something smells different."

As justification for why this time it may be different, Edwards cites last week's gloomy BIS report which "unlike central banks who merely give a casual shrug of the shoulders when asked about the impact of their ZIRP and QE policies on debt and asset bubbles, the BIS is really very concerned that policy makers are making exactly the same mistakes they did in the run-up to the 2008 financial crisis. In what can be regarded as the clearest warning possible, if not a direct rebuke to current central bank timidity and gradualism, the BIS Chief Economist, Claudio Borio said “The end may come to resemble more closely a financial boom gone wrong, just as the latest recession showed, with a vengeance. A strategy of gradualism is no panacea, as it may encourage further risk-taking.

He went on, “Leading indicators of financial distress point to financial booms that in a number of economies look qualitatively similar to those that preceded the great financial crash.” However, the countries at risk are not those that were at the centre of the previous crisis, such as the UK. Instead he pointed to economies such as Canada and Sweden that largely avoided the last crash but have since allowed huge borrowing and property booms that make their economies vulnerable. The largest emerging economies of China, India and Brazil are also vulnerable after a period of rapid growth, much of it based on cheap credit.

I think the BIS could go even further. Certainly the IMF warned a few weeks ago very loud and clear that the US corporate debt bubble leaves 20% of companies vulnerable to default as interest rates rise – link. As for the UK, the recent slump in the savings ratio from over 6% a year ago to a record low of 1.7%, bodes ill. By contrast the US household savings ratio has surged to an eight-month high of 5.5% (remember measured on the same basis as the US, the UK savings ratio has already slumped deep into negative territory. Of the major economies, only the UK, France and Portugal overstate their household savings ratios by reporting them gross of depreciation [of the housing stock] – see OECD annex tables).

Edwards the notes the recent shift in sentiment among other central banks, but notes that "it is the Fed that really seems to have got the tightening bit between its teeth. I, like many others, have been scratching my head as to what really has changed in its thinking from this time last year. Certainly not the data!"

Safety Dan
Jul 7, 2017 - 2:26pm

Another comment from the same

Another comment from the same linked article above on ZH..

Audit the FED and find out first.

1929 and 2008 are the same, bank credit going into non-productive lending.

1929 - stocks and financial speculation

2008 - real estate and financial speculation


it's not hard to see.

Are they imbeciles or was this the plan?

You can even see the S&L crisis in the 1980s, the graph rises sharply.

  Image cannot be displayed

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Safety Dan
Jul 7, 2017 - 2:24pm

Comment from this article on

Comment from this article on ZeroH


Sometimes Central Banks just blow bubbles and burst them again.

Richard Werner’s “Princes of the Yen”.

Princes of the Yen: Central Bank Truth Documentary

Japan 1989

The Asian Crisis

The Euro-zone Crisis

You have to work out the hidden agenda.

From the YouTube:

“Princes of the Yen: Central Banks and the Transformation of the Economy” reveals how Japanese society was transformed to suit the agenda and desire of powerful interest groups, and how citizens were kept entirely in the dark about this.

Based on a book by Professor Richard Werner, a visiting researcher at the Bank of Japan during the 90s crash, during which the stock market dropped by 80% and house prices by up to 84%. The film uncovers the real cause of this extraordinary period in recent Japanese history.

Making extensive use of archival footage and TV appearances of Richard Werner from the time, the viewer is guided to a new understanding of what makes the world tick. And discovers that what happened in Japan almost 25 years ago is again repeating itself in Europe. To understand how, why and by whom, watch this film.

“Princes of the Yen” is an unprecedented challenge to today’s dominant ideological belief system, and the control levers that underpin it. Piece by piece, reality is deconstructed to reveal the world as it is, not as those in power would like us to believe that it is.

“Because only power that is hidden is power that endures.”

A film by Michael Oswald

You can follow Richard Werner (Author of the Book) on Twitter at @ProfessorWerner

Jul 7, 2017 - 11:40am

@ J Warren

100 % on the money.

In the book I just linked this morning he wrote that "The Insiders" have been playing off communism in order for socialism to be accepted. This was written in 1971. When they queried the man on the street and asked if Americans would ever embrace communism they always said, never. However, when they asked about socialism they said they could see it happening. Then they further asked them, why wont the populous vote that our legislators to cease the socialist slant. Their answer was " I'm only one man, I have no say that would change things.

Your last paragraph is what should be done but we have been so indoctrinated and owned by "the Insiders" that it is incomprehensible that we can effect change.

I think you would really enjoy this book.


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