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With the failure of Trump-Ryan Care last week, many have been left wondering what the heck made the legislation so terrible that even the Republican Party couldn't unite behind it. To help clear the air, our friend Dr. Dave Janda stopped by last Thursday to explain exactly what was wrong with the proposed "Repeal & Replace" plan for Obamacare.

Many of you will recognize this as just a segment of the A2A recording from last Thursday. In case you missed it, the recording of the entire webinar can be found here:

But I thought it was important to carve off just this healthcare segment and give it its own thread. Why? Because other than Dr. Janda, who has the time to pour over the entire piece of Trump-Ryan legislation? You might have heard that Trump-Ryan did this or that and that it was terrible or terrific. To cut the the chase, Dr. Janda summarizes what made the bill a disaster, which sacred cows it was designed to protect and just who and what would would have benefited by its passage.

Regardless of whether or not you caught this audio when it was first released back on Thursday, please take some time to listen to it again now. And when you're done, please forward the link to anyone you know who has questions or concerns regarding this critical piece of healthcare legislation.


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