A2A with Dr. Dave Janda of Operation Freedom


Our friend, Dr. Dave Janda, stopped by for A2A today. Though this might be the lengthiest webinar to date, I doubt we've ever had one that is more informative or thought-provoking. Please be sure to give it a listen.

I knew we were going to have a terrfic webinar given Dr. Janda's vast understanding of healthcare issues as well as tremendous work as of late on the American surveillance state. These two topics are covered extensively but Dave took time to also address a number of TFMR subscriber questions on topics such as:

  • What specifically was wrong with the Ryan-Trump plan that failed in Congress last week
  • Specific components of "Obamacare" that ultimately doom it to failure
  • How Deep State surveillance information can and is used to influence politicians of both parties
  • The health problems associated with many vaccines
  • Whether or not items such as cannabis oil and colloidal silver are beneficial to your health
  • Climate control and geo-engineering
  • And much, much more.

By now you've likely noticed that this baby clocks in at nearly 100 minutes. Yes, I could have edited in and tried to pare it down to a more manageable length. But what would be the point of that when there's so much high-quality information here? Instead, I thought I just give you the full monty and let you break it up and parse it out as you please. So, have at it!

Thanks again to Dr. Janda for so freely and generously donating his time today.



Dr. P. Metals
Mar 31, 2017 - 11:37am


copy-n-paste good buddy, copy-n-paste

ancient Egyptian...ex-canary
Mar 31, 2017 - 11:31am


Three only (Dudley, Lacker, Torrllo...Monday and Tuesday)...and nobody a week after.

Mar 31, 2017 - 11:24am

@ Dr. P

Could we get an updated forecast for today.

Also, is the raid still in progress or was i dreaming?


ancient Egyptian...ex-canary
Mar 31, 2017 - 11:22am

Mr Donut natural optimism about GDP

Is parallel to my optimism about gold, silver and miners (going to the Moon...and beyond).

Mar 31, 2017 - 11:13am

This week's audio

We also know that Mr Sprott is an investor more than a trader because he's so cool. He hasn't destroyed his mental health by trading the ticks. Occasionally, I check the jnug stocktwits at https://stocktwits.com/symbol/JNUG Some of these people are a mess!

Mar 31, 2017 - 11:04am

How many manipulative a-holes are they trotting out there...

How many manipulative a-holes are they trotting out there next week?

So tired of these gum flapping private Fed goons controlling the market.

They may as well save everyone time and ditch the speeches and hook them up directly to the algos!

4 rate hikes this year my arse!

Mar 31, 2017 - 10:59am


12,000,000 opting out of Free Health Care only to suffer the indignity of paying a TAX TAX TAX (not penalty). Whaaaa? When something is so redolent that people will pay to avoid it, that thing being forced on us is a sheisse sandwich. Forcing everyone to take a big smelly bite is just plain and simple UnAmerican. There is some shit I will not eat

The Founding Fathers, citizens of a thugocracy called Great Britain, took on loony toon George III and, after untold suffering, they broke away from the mother country. Lots of reasons for going to war with England but I recall the excise tax was a mere 3%. Other stuff was important but the tea party was the rallying cry.


Hells Bells, if sales taxes were 3% I'd be slightly pleased that regressive this tax upon the poor was reduced by 60% from a more common 7-7.5%. Since we've been little more than boiled frogs since 1913-14, Fed and income tax incorporation, the bracket creep of every tax has gone on so long that 3% would seem like nirvana. And yet that lit the fire which resulted in the Shot Hear Around the World.

Government is not eloquent. Government is not elegant. Government is FORCE. Naked; hidden; veiled; no matter how the taxes ooze into our wallets like slime mold, taxes infect us at every quarter. How do we avoid taxes? Which are the most egregious?

My biggest peaves; the Fab Four of vexatious levies on our substance

1. Capital gains taxes. Easily 35% depending on state levy. Capital gains often occur when the government-sponsored inflation, ala the Fed, targets boosts the appearance of greater value of an asset that when sold causes a capital gain reporting. Leaving aside the fact that the Fed is so frigged up Fellen couldn't get forked in an all-male brothel with a fist full of Franklin, once cap gains are reported you're screwed. The gummint creates inflation as policy then taxes the inadvertent increase in value of as asset such as real estate, stocks, precious metals et al. I smell conspiracy.

My solution is to buy precious metals. When I sell for more than I pay, I make sure the sale fits inside the reporting regulations for mint coins and regular gold and silver bullion. Not an ounce more. Voila. No reporting. Private sales are even better

Precious metals are one of the few assets that can be sold WOP (without papers). Just like the good old days. Did Wild Bill or Wyatt Earp pay taxes on an asset sold for more than original price? Nope. How about their poker and faro income? Nope. Do I? How do I wink wink on this site

2. Sales tax. What's first thing I ask a merchant when we do business? Do you want to have this conversation without involving the governor?

Second question. Do you take gold or silver. The answer YES is far more commonplace than you might think. Cash is our friend and used regularly when the merchant wants to do business "Old School"

3 Income taxes. I deliberately keep my income low. If I pay Federal income taxes then I know I screwed up and made to much income or did not take advantage of deductions, including a side business that loses money for 2-3 years, sheltering my main business income.

My main asset base is precious metals and is used to cover overages in expenses where needed or extraordinary costs like buying our home for cash, sans any debt.

Every fiber of my being says

"Go to war with the tax thugs, the statist goons, the government sons of bitches that harry us hourly for MOAR TAXES."

By war I mean violent kinetic action against persons and agencies who conspire to rob us of our very substance at every turn. But going to war is not an option at this time. Not quite yet. Less aggressive action can still be used to reduce and remove taxes that weigh on us, even to the point of buying half the house in a lower property tax venue which brings me to the fourth tax peave

4. Property taxes. The king, emperor or pharoah wants war. That costs boo coo dinero. So what's some blood thirsty scumbag politician to do when the treasury is empty? Debt and taxes. If you own real estate your wealth and property is not portable. The king's low rent knuckle dragging button men come to your home demanding payment now!

Unlike income and sales taxes, collected on behalf of gummint by the merchant or the employer, acting as unpaid indirect tax collectors for the government which makes the business and employer an unwilling participant in this Tax Nazis money grab, the property tax demands are made directly by the state, like a double tap punch in face and gut, with full disclosure of the penalties attached in failure to pay.

I vote that the property tax bill should contain icon of skull and cross bones, bloody teeth and vultures on a rail. Just sayin', but poison is poison.

Failure means you lose your home despite the wretchedness of this tax posed on everyone in the country. Pay up or you are homeless---period. Maybe the bill should contain one of those stupid warnings like we find on every consumer product. Payment of this tax product can cause cancer, low birth weight, rouge derriere, mental illness, sterility and genetic damage. Maybe it won't cause all of these diseases but it'll make your kids poorer.

Of the 4 worst taxes IMO, you can mitigate most by 50% to 90%. Zero is possible. But understand this.

YOU MUST BE A RENEGADE; willing to stand with your principals that say most taxes are illegal and immoral. Before the advent of the Tax Gulag State, when income and other taxes were ushered in at the behest of the international bankster cabal, the Average Joe and Jane paid virtually no taxes, whether sales, income or property taxes.

Most of the modern day taxes, some 90-100 that are pressed on us at every second of the day--think internet, phone, TV, utility et al did not exist 100 years ago.

Today you need do nothing more than exist and your governments are sucking the life from you. Your life force is sucked out even with the simple act of breathing, eating, excreting and illuminating your home. Taxes are like rust, termites , fungus and kudzu. They never stop,; they never sleep and they never stop growing. If you are going to be taxed for simply standing and existing then stand and fight

end of conversation

I'd like to hear others thoughts on this long post. Am I the only one who is tilting against the machine?

Mar 31, 2017 - 10:16am

Here's Mr Donut

Back to just +0.9%. Again, be sure to note that he was as high as +3.4% in early February.

Ned Braden
Mar 31, 2017 - 10:09am
Mar 31, 2017 - 10:02am

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