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A tremendously informative webinar today with gold analyst and author, Dimitri Speck. You should be sure to give it a listen.

Among the topics addressed:

  • Dimitri recalls the period of 2001-2008, where the price of gold rose even while interest rates also moved higher
  • The current state of the global market for physical gold
  • Dimitri's thoughts on the impact of Shanghai Gold Exchange
  • The state of the European Union and what this implies for the euro, interest rates and gold
  • How the mining shares may perform in the months ahead

Again, this was a very interesting webinar and I encourage you to give this audio your time and attention.



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well well well

Just happened to be looking ... lol ...cool

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Copied from previous thread


I've seen some comments today, both here and on other sites, about Andy being wrong again, etc.

Andy wrote his commentary regarding a physical floor in gold on Sunday, the 19th. CDG closed the previous Friday at $1239. I have a last of $1235.

If CDG falls precipitously below $1220, then it's OK to criticize him and question whether or not he's correct in his forecast. Until then, blasting away at him seems a bit unfair.

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4th Nope 3rd

Ok just not my day.

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Oroville forecast update


Another 4-5 FEET of snow expected in the mountains above Oroville over the next four days

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BTC GOLD cross

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unbelievable deception by media and bankers

It is almost unfathonable to think that the evil empire controlling the media and the financial system have been able to convince the investing world that interest rate increases are bad for gold and silver. Throughout history rising rates mean inflation and inflation causes PMs to rocket higher. There will come a day soon when people will wake up and our stacks will be much higher in value because I speak the truth. I do realize it is paper controlling things at this time and that is how they deceive us.

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The GLD "inventory" sat idle from Feb 17 through the end of the month.

Yesterday, despite the volatility AND the recent drop in the shares, the GLD added 2.37 mts.

Today, again despite the price drop, it added another 1.78 mts.

Not much but completely different from Nov/Dec when the GLD shed 133 mts thru 27 consecutive "inventory" reductions.

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Excellent points


Be sure to read today's morning post for even more background on this.

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Someone had asked earlier about the gold channel


I guess it depends upon where you draw it. I've been using the red line though a more traditional rendering would use the blue.
Either way, not too good.

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Seventh Hell

Today it is . . .

I need a Manhattan.  NOW!

Stack on!

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Someone had asked about the HUI, too


It needs to get back above 190-195...and pronto...or it risks coming all the way back down. Yuck.

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Reposted, because I need one...

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Oroville dam video

This is a pretty good video from yesterday. 

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As my mother always told me...

it could be worse... hence a good friend on vacation had a triple by pass yesterday and another friend  had a quad by pass just 4 months ago. The fact that I had a 7k paper loss today, well I'll take it and look forward to higher CDG and CDS in the coming months.

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Thanks Turd

Thank you for all your answers Turd. yes
Good night good people of Turville. It`s getting late here in Europe and I sure do need some sleep to come over miner slaughter of today. 

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onesong...and pining

EXCELLENT attitude !!!!!

PINING;  empty post...no picture coming through on either thread for me ????

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Time to Twitter Trump

about silver market manipulation again?

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Oroville ...

Too bad they don't have a sluice nearby to run all the paydirt thru they are digging out of the Feather River bed.  Bet they could pay for some to the repair bill coming due.

wax off

edit:  BTW, anyone else having trouble with the site?  The last couple days, it no longer jumps to the most recent comment.  It goes to the current page, but then I have to scroll down to the first new comment.  Kind of annoying.  Happens with the Forum pages too.

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I say this because “game over” has arrived and the day is quite near when gold and silver will not be attainable at any fiat price. They will be bid with no offer. Ask yourself a couple of very simple questions. Could anyone enter an order to purchase 100 million ounces of silver and actually have it filled and real silver delivered? During a time of stress in the financial system, how many different individuals/corporations/money managers/countries have the ability to swing a $2 billion trade? 1,000? 10,000? More? Money is sloshing around a system with no foundation and stumbling like a drunk with a .3 blood alcohol level, all that is needed to completely wipe out and default these paper markets...

'my bold 

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I hope this Friday will be different

Stock Market gets correction (crash would better) ...and Gold plus Silver go green.

With all that tough Fed talk... maybe.

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Great Post !!!

I really enjoyed the interview. It was fun to listen and to think that markets actually exist...ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.....great stuff. Really funny ! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.....

The question then becomes.....

Are the markets more powerful than the controllers ? Or will the controllers release the " markets ", when they have stripped mined the long side of the ledger. And are now going to strip mine the short side of the ledger ?

Let the games begin !

Please pass the bread. I'm off to the circus.....

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jawboning days are seldom good for metals. 

@info: please note I did not say "never" laugh

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It's interesting that Yellen and Fischer will talk ...

At the same time, 1PM.....The senior traders will have to stay longer, before going to Hamptons.

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More on todays silver smash

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@onesong---It could be worse

Six weeks ago my husband, son and I lost a very dear friend from traumatic brain injuries following a one vehicle accident on a country road. He was returning home from his place of work and was only 3 miles from home. He was 51 (same age as you, Craig) and left his wife and 11 year old son to try to pick up the pieces of their lives without him.  I would give every ounce of PMs I have accumulated the past 15 years if it would bring this man back to his family and friends. So, yes, it could be so much worse.  Best we remember to be grateful for all we do have.

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"Bold, Blazing, Breathtaking..."

... Barrel-aged?

Just my guess for where the next installment takes us. My mouth -- on maybe my liver? -- is watering in anticipation.

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