A2A with Steve Keen, author of "Debunking Economics"

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What a terrific webinar today as economist Steve Keen made his first appearance as an A2A guest.

Really good stuff today as Steve addresses a number of topics, including:

  • If/how the world can avoid another financial crisis
  • Can China continue to support global debt growth
  • Whether QE has been good for the global economy and if it can ever be halted
  • Is there such a thing as "efficient markets"
  • How might a threatened trade war between the US and China might impact global trade and debt
  • And much, much more!

I think you're really going to enjoy this audio so please try to carve out some time to give it a thorough listen.



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cause I can


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say what

edit:  quoting Maxwell Smart, "Missed it by that much."

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early... oops, it's the A2A, not a pre-market close podcast surprise

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Interesting overall interview

Thanks Turd

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I plead the 5th

wahooo. :)

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Now to listen . . .

Stack on!

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Vault Number 7.

No secrets here, though. Where did that story go?

Thanks for the A2A!


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AEM - too bad I have a real job

I was doing actual work this morning and missed my chance to sell the AEM calls that I bought yesterday for a 75% profit.  I think that AEM has bounced in the short term and the next resistance is around $48.  I'm holding my $48 calls for now.


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JNUG rolling over and playing dead

metals smash tomorrow?

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Divergence of metals & miners?

Anyone has an explanation for this?


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RE: Anyone has an explanation for this?

yes, metals smash dead ahead (despite those who deny the correlation)

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We covered this yesterday


The HUI is simply back to even YTD on a relative basis with silver.

As noted in the other thread, GDXJ is still hanging on and nicely above its 200-day MA.

And please give up on the proven-wrong, Harvey Organ mantra of "the miners selling off means the metals will be smashed tomorrow". Otherwise, I'll sick StevenBHorse on you to straighten you out...and trust me, you don't want that.

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And this is encouraging


The USDJPY has rolled over again and now threatens to break down through 112.60 this evening or overnight.

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Project Veritas wants citizen journalists

They need help sifting through all the CNN tapes, secretly recorded in 2009. Some interesting stuff from what they found so far.


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Not sure this means much...


...but let's be sure to keep a close eye on this in the days ahead.

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Dr. P. Metals

The miners have been smashed as some reported these past two weeks.  Check out AUY.  Not bad numbers, but it has been smashed lower almost to the Jan lows.  So some miners at lows while metals at several month highs?  No rational explanation.   I think the miners are smashed to keep the interest in the sector lower.  Every time the banks have difficulty controlling the metal, they smash the hell out of the miners.  They are waiting for a "pop" up in the dollar to pound the metals.  Looks like desperation to me, but it has worked for several years now for them.  

So the trend looks like: metals higher, capped metal, can't push it down, pound the miners to suppress interest, wait for chance to smash metals, pound metals when buyers exhausted or dollar spikes.  But if you are just looking at the miners, you think the smash of the miners precedes the metals being raided.  It is a two pronged approach to suppress the interest in the sector.  Can't have people exit Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Netflix, now can we?

Another interesting thing to look at will be emerging markets.  They have done nothing over the past 4 years when the US indices have been going nothing but up.  When the US markets finally "correct", I think there will be a huge rotation into PMs and emerging markets.  But what the hell do I know.

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Here's that same algo


We showed this earlier today:https://www.tfmetalsreport.com/comment/601560#comment-601560

And here it is again. As soon as 112.60 is broken, an immediate pop of 7¢ to safely back above.

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BTC 1180?

When did that just happen?

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$1180 on the way to 1 million dollars

James Crighton time to come back

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$1180 on the way to 1 million dollars

James is too busy swimming in his silver stack and staring at his bitcoin wallet to reply to you AIJ ;-)   But I will gladly answer your question.  I do agree with you and James regarding btc going to a million or more. Clif also thinks btc will be used by nations to settle debts and for transactions, for enjoy the current cheap price, even at these all time highs. Eventually all the printing of fiat will cease, or rather after hyperinflation sets in and people realize, they are holding worthless fiat, they will come to the realization that bitcoin is indeed deflationary and a true store of value. So keep stacking your gold/silver/palladium/zinc/iron and your bitcoin wallets, you will keep smiling ;-)  

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$1180   .... AND Away we go... look out CDG...here we come... wink

Cliff says that they will be at par in the $1450's...  Giddy up CDG... $1450 soon would be great too.

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I wouldn't trade this potential if you paid me

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Took awhile. I didnt want to bother him while napping.laugh



Miss you JC. BTC $1193 and climbing

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GDX 53.60

GDXJ 58.55

(50 neutral .............70 overbought).

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Re: Cold Chisel

Amazing group -- Must have been hiding in plain sight . . .

Check out "Just How Many Times".

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Cold Chisel...

Working Class Man

Thanks Steve and TF...this will be a podcast to give 2 listens to.

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LCS report lots of sellers

My LCS said he had lots of sellers today

I will be a buyer tomorrow

I am not smart enough to time the market

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James Crighton time to come back .

Fuck yeah!!

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If I recall correctly miners were running ahead of the metals a couple of weeks ago and no-one complained.

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David Morgan

Just read long article from David Morgan - he has a new book out.

His silver price prediction for 2017 is a dismal $22 per oz. He never seems to discuss price manipulation, almost like he always glosses over that topic.

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