A Visit with John Hathaway of The Tocqueville Gold Fund

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It was a thrill to get to visit with John Hathaway Wednesday evening. Not only is John a well-respected money manager, he's also someone who views the "gold market" in a manner that fits right in with TFMR. Therefore, please carve out some time to give this podcast a listen.

John Hathaway is Chairman of Tocqueville Asset Management where he's also the co-manager of the $1.3B Tocqueville Gold Fund. This is a traditional, actively-managed mutual fund that anyone can purchase within their investment accounts and IRAs. More background on the fund can be found here:

TGLDX_Factsheet_4Q16 by Turd Ferguson on Scribd

What's fun is that John sees the world in much the same manner as we do here at TFMR. As evidence of that, please scroll through John's latest letter to shareholders dated January 5 of this year:

Tocqueville Gold Strategy Letter YE 2016 by Turd Ferguson on Scribd

In this call, John and I discuss a number of issues, including:

  • The prevailing negativity to begin 2017...strikingly similar to the prevailing conditions as 2016 began.
  • The notion of a stronger dollar and higher interest rates in 2017 which we call The Generally Accepted Narrative.
  • Specific gold-positive fundamentals for 2017.
  • The inherent disconnect of the pricing power bestowed upon the synthetic gold market.
  • How and why mining shares are positioned to provide exceptional returns in the months ahead.

I think you're really going to enjoy this podcast and I hope to have John back again soon for an update.





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Swiss Girl yodeling in church

Nadja Räss in the Kloster Kirche in Einsiedeln (12:35 up to ca. 16:30 min only)

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Am I

4th? Keep Stacking

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I AM MARCHAS !!!!!!!


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And here's today's KE audio

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The question of shorting BTC

There are ways to do it, yet these have to be done through an etf ownership of some sort.  The structure is different than most other markets, it is still a derivative.  I heard that the Winklevoss guys are putting something together.  There is already another one that exists and it sounded almost like you have to be a shareholder and own a portion of the pool to participate.

At least when you short trade other types of investment those markets are more mature.  Governments and bankers are still trying to wrangle control of how they see BTC, let alone actual control of it.

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awesome interview w/ JH

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Retract re Hathaway

Sorry...He said Surprisingly and not Fraudulently

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Trump was probably the first major political figure to cast doubt about the veracity of the unemployment figures.

Now that he is POTUS, wouldn't it be great if he made them publish real numbers?

Do you think there is any chance of that happening Turd?

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John Hathaway

John gave me a 40% gain on my gold fund last year. Thank you.

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Jeez Louise


Look at this. If ANYTHING is begging for a contrarian point of view, it's this...

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re BTC


Looks like last month's drop was nothing more than a well-needed speculator washout.

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Shorting BTC

Step 1: Create urgency to own.


I may be channeling Jordan Belfort, too.

Edit: Lucy always pulled that motherfucker away.


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well this is interesting

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Silver @ Spot

JM Bullion, 10 ounces, 1 per household. that will be all..........


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usually start on Fridays, right?

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Posted in a previous thread... TURD!!!!...

(had I not received a couple hat tips on this, I wouldn't be re-posting, but evidently some others agree this might be fun)

Turd, this might be a dumb idea...

...but have you ever considered reaching out to the dudes on Gold Rush for an interview?  It would be interesting to see if they are aware AT ALL of the paper price BS, and that what they are mining is very likely worth magnitudes more than what they are able to sell it for.  Parker Schnabal seems like a pretty bright kid, he might get it...  Todd Hoffman is kind of a dipshit, but I like him and he's probably dumb enough to start bitching about it on the program and get some more exposure out there.

Other than that, it might be a fun interview to listen to anyway.

Just a thought...

And what if this did lead to a "story line" in Gold Rush, and became a "cause" for the miners to fight the power and generally bitch about on camera???  It could, I mean, hell, they are in it for the money, right?  Why wouldn't they bitch if they were to gain awareness on this topic?

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Let's hope not.

Response to: Wars...
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I have to admit that I have


I have to admit that I have no idea who/what Gold Rush is.

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USD/JPY @ 112.56

Hmm... looks like ole Kuroda has soy-sauced the tatami mat! 

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Gold Rush

Srsly brah?  lol, I can't believe it...


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Turd - Gold Rush

Is the mining show on Discovery.


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Here's what SilverSooner is referencing:


Response to: Ugh
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Gold Rush


Thanks for the heads up. 

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I love Gold Rush

My wife hates it.

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More info on JPM case


Again, JPM DOES NOT WANT THIS TO GO TO LEGAL DISCOVERY and now it appears that it will. VERY good news for us.


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SGE silver premium rapidly expanding back out now that the exchange has reopened.

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February 2nd, the day when

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And this was terrific


Watched this live an hour ago. Sad and pathetic how the precious snowflakes react when confronted with views they find objectionable. A university should be a place for learning, discussion and exchange of ideas where points of view are challenged and thoughtfully considered. Instead, we get firebombs and riots. Maddening.

From Milo to Madonna, free speech MUST BE PROTECTED otherwise the descent into tyranny is unstoppable.

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@USD/JPY 113.09

Whoops! Kuroda-san-dog return to vomit. Suck up now!

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