A2A with Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics

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Today's A2A webinar was a great way to kick off 2017. Please be sure to carve out some time to give this a listen as Dave was full of helpful insights for the year ahead.

Among the topics covered:

  • the abundance of fake economic news that permeates the financial media
  • the true state of the US economy and its ongoing, growing risks
  • the year in the mining shares and a look ahead to 2017
  • successful strategies for mining share investment
  • and much, much more!

Thanks for listening,



silver66's picture

2nd first of the new year

Not that I am keeping track

now to listen


Age Zilverstra's picture

First 2nd of the new year

Silver rules!

chrtoo's picture


I always like Dave!


BigJ's picture

First fourth

Where's Marchas?

chocolatechiphorses's picture

@JC & HumanMushroom & Admin

You Guys Rock!!

JC & HumanMushroom - Thank you so much for offering to let me dabble in Bitcoin by generously offering to send me $1 in Bitcoin.  I tried to open an account in Coinbase.   But, don't judge this 70 year old too harshly,  I don't have a smart phone.  smiley So I ran into problems generating the 2 step verification. 

Admin also generously clarified some questions and very clearly answered a few more questions for me, and that way I didn't have to post about BC here.  I need to learn how to Private Message.  lol

This entire community is the Best On The Web!!!

Sorry to all about the Bitcoin Post. 


Turd Ferguson's picture

As discussed in this show


In case anyone is wondering what remains the key driver of Comex digital gold...

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@Choccy - 3:42pm post - Private Message

Choccy - I have sent you a private message.  You access this by going to the top of this page and clicking on the "Inbox" tab at the top left, immediately to the right of "Turd's Vault"


Blaggers's picture


Early day's yet but the POSX is looking like it's just making the head of a 'Head n' Shoulders' pattern (left shoulder formed in November).

If the flag it's making now follows through then a measured move could take it down to the mid 100 and a bounce there could start forming the right shoulder.

Early day's but worth watching.


Joseph Warren's picture

Dave's a Level Headed Guy . . .

who tells it straight. I always enjoy Craig's discussions with him. 

AlphaRob's picture

Wave 4 bounce?

I have lots of phys and hope it blows up from here, but some of the wave guys think this could be a wave 4 big bounce, with possibility of a down move to $1,040, i hope they are wrong!

chrtoo's picture

SilverBearCafe report...42 Years

Nice to see Craig's January 3rd article reposted on the SilverBearCafe aggregation site. I quite enjoy the daily postings at this location and have supported it for several years.

Here is the Boss' post, over there:



Turd Ferguson's picture

The magnitude of today's move in rates


The Long Bond is now down a full 10 bps or 0.10% today alone.

This chart would suggest that any drop below 2.90-2.91% could make things very, very interesting.

Blaggers's picture


Hey TF.

'Interesting' because you think it might impact the stock market?

abundance's picture

look at the 10 yr as it's also being bought eom


Turd Ferguson's picture



More so because of this chart.

Recall that lower rates mean higher bond prices...which you see in candles below. Gold is in bars.

Response to: Bonds
Blaggers's picture



Nice chart comparison. Unbelievable correlation aye?

Have not mentioned it yet but thanks for all your hard work with TFMR.

JQuest's picture


Daily manipulators have gently massaged gold down to 1180...

Isn't that special?

texmex66's picture

@JQuest 1180

1180 formally support, then resistance, now support again?laugh


canary's picture

Manipulation aside...

Tomorrow's BLS report will be the least important, ever......It's all about Trump now.

Angry Chef's picture



Now you know why I call them the E-Leech.

canary's picture

The most interesting read for me today (Kyle Bass)


---As we enter 2017, we believe enormous macro imbalances are just beginning to unwind. As central bank monetary policies have become impotent, these imbalances will likely continue to unfold in what we believe to be a much more predictable manner.

---From here-on, we expect to encounter significant changes in global fiscal policies along with continuation of the upward movement in general price levels for costumers and producers alike.

---We hold a nuanced view of the world that contemplates higher global inflation, tepid real economic growth and severe imbalances in select Asian financial system and currency markets.

---Global markets are at the beginning of a tectonic shift from deflationary expectations to reflationary expectations.

---The enormity of the apparent disequilibrium (potent strengths of the world's largest economies with their inherent weaknesses...Max debt vs higher yields) is breathtaking, making today a tremendous time to invest.

billhilly's picture


...noticeably absent from the recent comments;  hope all is well for him !

viking-analytics.com's picture

re: wave 4 bounce

I don't know much about the Elliot Wave Theory, but yes the daily chart does indeed look like this could be the corrective 4th wave before the 5th downwave.

The online EWT guru Avi thinks we are heading higher.

Unfortunately, since everything is fractionally-reserved fiat, we are left with investor sentiment (and cartel control).  

No one knows.  Will be fun to watch.  GLTA.

Libero's picture

Canary... Much agreed

"It's all about Trump now."  Gold and silver taking turns rocketing higher.  Tomorrow will be silver's turn.  But the PM stocks... have a life of their own.  Such small money is invested in PM stocks, it doesn't take much for them to move.

pbfurn's picture

Good Thought!

Because I have been wondering the same thing....


Submitted by billhilly on January 5, 2017 - 7:33pm.

canary's picture

@Libero..It's all about...

Living near active volcanosurprise

Image result for live around volcanoes images

trx16's picture

Usdjpy funny business

Seems to me the BOJ has been intervening a ramp job since 1800 EST. Nice 60 cent move in a straight line for the most part for the last 3 hours. Nothing new here, going to be interesting after BLSBS.

lakedweller2's picture


Is it Trump or same-ol-same-ol Algos? 

Dr. P. Metals's picture

Enjoy (now it's $400 Gold)

Gold falls: This is the year we’ll see gold sink to $650-$750 per ounce, likely by late 2017 or shortly there after. I still see it dropping to as low as $400 (if not lower) before this down 30-year commodity cycle is over between early 2020 and early 2023.” – Harry Dent


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