A Follow-up Visit with Greg Crowe of Silver One

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Back in September, we introduced everyone to Greg Crowe, president and CEO of a new junior resource company called Silver One. As a holiday treat, here's an update on how things are progressing for the company.

Again, we offer these interviews not as an endorsement but as an introduction and, as most everyone knows, the key to success in mining company investing is diversification. To that end, though, you still need more winners than losers and that's where great management often carries the day.

So please listen to this update from Greg. Last summer, Silver One purchased three properties from First Mining Finance and the long-term potential for success is there. Additionally, Greg's 30-year career in the sector certainly provides some wisdom when evaluating what transpired in 2016 and how the precious metals might react in 2017.

More information on Silver One can be found in these three links:

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Family Dinner Time!

Well, I have two large briskets on my Treager smoker.  My son is cooking the prime ribs.  Linda is making her famous homemade rolls.  The kids and grandkids will be hungry later and there will be many hugs and thankfulness for another year of life.

I would invite all of you for our family gathering, however, we lack space.  Therefor, I will eat an extra piece of brisket and an addition roll with butter and jam for you.  

I do miss the old days.  When we were dating in high school, we would go to both of our parents homes for a feast on this day.   Now, they have long ago passed into their rewards and we gather with the children of their generations.    Lots of hugs today.  Remember to hug those old baby boomers at grandma's house, they need it the most.    Jim

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The only reason Santa is so jolly...

is because he knows where all the bad girls live.

George Carlin quote.

I miss George.

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Lucifer's Banker Interview

In lieu of a podcast. This was quite good. And what does one get for blowing the whistle on all the fraud and tax evasion ? Thirty months in prison of course. He did eventually get a settlement after he got out of prison. Thus the reward for bringing back 15 billion dollars to the IRS and US Treasury.

Now we know what we're really up against.

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My Kind of Christmas Shopping:


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If you are a stacker in the Montreal area, and you have no one to celebrate Christmas with, or you are short on food, come on over.  I'm cooking a turkey for my Mom and I, and everyone we know has moved away, or died.  Plenty of turkey, but my dismal cooking skills and failure to read the instructions on the turkey until it was too late, mean that dinner will be late tonight, so no rush getting here.

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I didn't know you're living in my home town. Next time you have some cooking questions send them my way. I can help you out.


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I know you are from Montreal, but you are living in BC right now?

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The musician who gave us the "Last Christmas" song...died on Christmas Day.

I spent summer of 1985 in Italy, basking almost every day on the beach, drinking the cheapest wine I could buy. I had my favorite place, near the kiosk selling ice cream, because they played music there...and my favorite at that time "Last Christmas".... Since I didn't understand English, I had no clue it was a Christmas song.smiley ... They played that song every hour....in 95 degrees Italian summer....And I don't care. I loved that song then as much as I love it now.

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Good on both of you and Merry Christmas !

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Merry Christmas to you as well.

And, the good news is that Montreal stackers have family Christmases, with plenty of good food.  No takers, which in a way is a good thing, though any number I could handle would be welcome.  Hmmmmm..turkey sandwiches next week!

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I have family in Malone, NY. Not that far from you. Wish I could be there to break bread with a fellow traveler. Would it not be incredible to have a gathering of our internet family? I hope someone with better organizational skills than myself could put something together. Perhaps I am just lazy. All kidding aside though anyone from the Northeast, Great Lakes area that wanted to hang out in the Niagara Falls region, Canada or NY side, I would be all in. Merry Christmas to my extended family.

A few adult beverages and conversation with the awakened unwashed masses may be just what the doctor ordered. Appreciate all contributors here. I had a great time at my 25th USS Midway reunion in Columbia, SC. A once in a lifetime gathering of the regulars here would be priceless. Just sayin.

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Thanks for the HALLELUJAH Chorus! Nice end to a long day.
I drove 5 hours last year to listen to Handel's Messiah performed live. Amazing
In a time long ago, I belonged to a high school choir. We performed the entire Messiah. I doubt if a public high school would/could do such today.
Merry Christmas to All

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A little Jewish celerating might also be in order

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George Michael Rest in Peace.

George Michael Rest in Peace.  

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Beauty and the divine still exists. smiley

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The safe-haven from currency wars

bitcoin & gold & silver

Do listen - a great talk by Andreas Antonopoulos - talk 25 minutes; long Q&A


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