Getting To Know Lior Gantz of Wealth Research Group

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Last week, I had the opportunity to visit with Lior Gantz, president of an interesting new company called Wealth Research Group.

As a favor for my friend, Dan Ameduri, I wanted to bring this new service to your attention. Wealth Research Group descibes itself as a place where "readers can expect high-quality ideas on personal finance, timeless stock market wealth principles, and monthly stock suggestions". It's a free service and you can find more information at their website here:

Lior Gantz is the president of the company and I hope you'll find this brief discussion to be both informative and interesting.



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Could it be?


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another fine day... in northern Canada.  Snow covering the ground, brilliant sunny skies, and a current temperature of minus 1 F (minus 19 C).  Nothing better than a beautiful winter day, a cozy cabin with a warm fire going, and a new TFMR podcast to listen to.  I hope everyone is finding such joy in their world !

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Fifth . . .

A quiet day, as we await the slow unraveling of the Eurozone . . .

chrtoo's picture

I'll take ,...

what billhilly's having. Man that looks peaceful; isolated, but peaceful!

Thanks for the Sunday listen, Turd!


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That's the bummer about palm trees !  sad  cheeky

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Forex trading resumes in 42 minutes.


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Standing Rock

May be announcement soon of relocating pipeline after a couple thousand former military showed up.

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I think the vote rejected the neo Fascist candidate.

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...not a bummer at all !!!!!  With Palm tress comes spiders and snakes and fleas and red ants and ticks and all kinds of troublesome insects.  This is what I love best about the far north, the absence of these headaches.  Okay, we have the mosquitoes in the summer (YIKES) but then the summers only last a couple of months. 

I used to live in the deep South (SC) and while it is certainly nice at times, I'd not move back now.  I do enjoy my visits down there though. 

I hope that wherever your palm trees are that they, and you, are enjoying sunshine and warm breezes !

Chrtoo, yes isolated, and WAY peaceful....except when I start watching these markets too closely, grrrrr.  frown

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OK, well, here we go


In the first five minutes, the eurusd is down 0.6%.

More importantly, perhaps, the USDJPY is down 49¢ at 113.03.

If these move hold or extend, should be good for a decent gold open.

Turd Ferguson's picture

"NO" wins


Looks like "NO" wins in Italy by something like 54-46.

Should be interesting to watch tonight. Maybe most of this is priced in? We'll see...


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Italy PM Renzi to speak


Some sort of press conference at the top of the next hour.

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No means exit was the vote?

yes means stay?

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I'm confused

clif notes version?

no means exit?

no means stay?

no means kick current PM out? But is PM stay or exit minded?

this is an actual "exit" vote or just something everyone is pretending is important?

is a recount allowed/assured like here?

is this a vote that actually has legal force, unlike "brexit"?

is there an electoral college in Italy? Lol

None of the above/other?

Inquiring minds want to know...confused here...

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Italian vote

"A “Yes” vote is effectively a vote of confidence in the current pro-EU Italian establishment. This is what the global elite wants.

A “No” vote is how the average Italian can give the finger to the faceless EU bureaucrats in Brussels, whom many blame—quite correctly—for their problems."

Turd Ferguson's picture

NO meaning


No means a vote of no confidence and a rejection of Renzi's constitutional reforms.

This will likely mean a new election to elect a new PM in the weeks ahead and, considering these results, the next PM will very likely be an Italian "nationalist" or "far right" type whose next move will be to stage an Italian-style, "Italexit" vote by summer of next year.

Mickey's picture

Dr p

this is about govt running and ruining things.

nothing is simple and ez to understand

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Craig, there you go.


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Means they are not changing their Constitution.

Turd Ferguson's picture

And in a shocking development


The euro goes down and stays far:

while the USDJPY goes down and then magically reverses after the first ten minutes...

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FLASH !!! PM Renzi has . . .

Tweeted out an invitation to Jill Stein to visit Italy for an unspecified and highly classified project  - - Pronto! 

Dr. P. Metals's picture

I see

So it's sort of like the first Greek vote out of 375 following it which actually changed/changes nothing. Got it.

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USDJPY another Whipsaw. Cross Currency Trade?

This will be interesting to see how this plays out  tonight.   Is it a EURJPY cross that is countering the sell off in the USDJPY ? Some YEN cross bidding I expect that may  keep the USDJPY from tanking is my guess. I hope the USDJPY  does sell off despite the drop in the EURO.  EDIT - Thanks for the Update Craig. BOJ of course-  LOL -What a circus act.. And the markets will be all green...

Turd Ferguson's picture

And in case you're wondering


I'm not the only one who can see what's obvious...


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EUR now down a full 1%


Turd Ferguson's picture

Let's play a guessing game


With five minutes to go before Globex trading resumes, where will Feb17 gold open?

Keep in mind...I have a lasts of:

1.0541 in the Euro or DOWN 1.14%

After a wonderful reversal, 112.90 and down 0.55% in the USDJPY.

I'll guess gold +$6.

Turd Ferguson's picture



Would have hit this right on the nose if it wasn't for another magical bounce in the USDJPY at 5:58.

Gold opens up $4.50.

Turd Ferguson's picture

Just utterly ridiculous


Blatant attempt to goose the USDJPY higher just before and as S&P futures opened at 6:00 EST. As noted above, this clipped gold's open, too.

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