A Visit With Bruce Bragagnolo of Inca One Gold Corp.


Throughout 2016, we've attempted to introduce you to a number of mining companies and mining executives. This initiative continues today through this discussion with Bruce Bragagnolo, Chairman of Inca One Gold Corp.

Over the course of this call, Bruce and I discuss:

  • Bruce's background as co-founder and former CEO of both Timmins Gold and Silvermex Resources
  • What is Inca One, what makes it unique and how it is positioned to profit and grow going forward
  • Bruce's thought on the upcoming U.S. election, Federal Reserve interest rate policy and the impact in the gold market
  • Why some gold producers hedge and why most put on their hedges at the wrong time

I think you'll find this to be a fascinating and informative discussion. Please have a listen then go out and do your own due diligence. You may find that a mineral processing company such as Inca One deserves a place in a balanced and diversified portfolio of mining industry shares.



Nov 7, 2016 - 9:00am

@Docdhj - thank you

One of the most powerful interviews I have listened to in a very long time...

The Anthony Ruiz Interview is IN YOUR FACE honest about reality!!!! Or is that just the way I see it?!?!?!

My greatest concern about Donald Trump is that he would be used to attack the "white middle class" once he is elected. Everything that will be done by Trump and the RINO infested party will be to swing the pendulum back to the other side. The imagery of another "elite" group doing battle with the one that has run this country for the last 100 years has been discounted and boo hoo'd for decades as total conspiracy. Yet, here we are and it is about to take a turn at the wheel.

Everyone who wants things to be different are about to learn a very painful lesson in be careful what you wish for. The higher the pendulum swings, the more force and speed it swings back the other direction. The only way for the pendulum to return to a more balanced rhythm is for a very violent/brutal force to stop it from going all the way back to the other side...

IF Trump will be that candidate, then it will be GAME ON over the next four years. This interview was so spot on for several issues that we will be facing. Being "metals rich" AFTER will only matter if you are still here! I'm not saying we all are going to die, but IF this pendulum is going to swing back to the other side (WHICH I AM ALL FOR) it will meet a great and angry force (Free Shit Society).

Militarized police? Do they stay out of it or encourage it? Feed the masses? Or let them starve? All measures will be used to depict the "white middle class" voter, err I mean the "deplorables" for what they really are to the other side of history... DO YOU SEE THE ARMIES BEING MADE AND MANIPULATED? You are being drafted into one of these armies as we speak, do you see it? Call it a camp, call it an ideology, call it whatever you want. But it will mean you will be taking a side. Free Shit versus accountability?

Lots to see, lots to see... I'm voting Trump, even if he is a tyrant (and he really is), than the free shit criminality that has enslaved us all.

Nov 7, 2016 - 9:31am


I never made any statement about Trump and gold being toast. I was just asking about the never ending barrage of unsupported claims about practically everything. Just trying to determine if any of it is true. The "fear mongering" is at an all time high. I don't think any of us know what those "in possession " of the emails know. Speculation is just that ...speculation.

Nov 7, 2016 - 9:59am

Lake / Got it

It's all good.

Check out the link above I posted. Actually this is a retweet from Dr Dave Janda.

A metaphor of this election?

Nov 7, 2016 - 10:56am

@ Antony Ruiz Podcast

Wow, talk about tin foil hats and belief that there really is a Great and Powerful OZ behind the curtain ... LOL

Well, there may be a man behind the curtain, but he really is incompetent.

After working on spooky government stuff for a career, my perception is that whenever a situation that is FUBAR arises, nine times out of ten it's just that ... incompetence. If you listen to Ruiz, he claims the Clinton v. Trump bout was arranged a long time ago to test or prepare the American populous for tyranny. While acceptance of tyranny might be the outcome if either candidate wins, it's the consequence of our culture not the election or people "installed" into the White House IMO.

Here's the story I'm telling myself:

Democrats have screwed the pooch with ACA and too many blunders/lies to count. They had a meeting and decided their only path to retaining the WH was with another novelty, especially with name recognition. After so successfully deceiving their supporters for eight years, they were convinced that her baggage was manageable.

Trump saw it coming, and after thirty years of toying with the idea he could run for President or at least do a better job if he sat in the seat, he jumped on it. He figured out exactly what most middle Americans wanted hear, plus how to do an end-run around the PC police. BINGO for the Republican nomination. (No shadowy characters orchestrating a constitutional coup are behind his run).

Within the government, some federal employees have decided it's time to stir things up, thus wiki-leak content and FBI churning. The motivation is varied, but essentially it comes out of frustration that the people benefiting from the establishment have moved beyond tipping the scales to all out yanking on them.

I think everyone would be better off if they put their tin foil hats back in the closet, and embraced the notion that desperate attempts to maintain power comes from establishment desire to control the government's response when the world's debt based monetary system fails. They have a general idea what they want to do, and it does include canceling civil liberties. And, they have no idea what it will look like, accept that it may involve bloodshed. ... sadness, as my daughter would say.

Nov 7, 2016 - 12:36pm

I am giving up

not on precious metals but society.

Its a shallow victory when pm will ramp up but everything else sucks.

Neither Trump nor Clinton are fit to be president. Just on who they are and what they stand for.

Unfortunately its our only choices.

If a gun is pointed to my head, and I feel it is and I have to vote for one of them, its Trump who is not as bad as others and offers some level of hope.

the problems economics wise is debt growth is going parabolic while the economy is headed south. It does not get much worse than that.

the politically incorrect problem to discuss is the dumbing of America.

Nov 7, 2016 - 2:37pm


....Most people don't understand economy 101, don't like to read about it...and has always been prone to easy manipulation. And still, most are convinced that they know better.

Economic education has been a neglected subject in schools.

Nov 7, 2016 - 8:20pm

Citizens determine how much oour Constitution will be abrogated.

I've been casually following the proceedings going on in Hong Kong and China about the interpretation of the "Basic Law" in Hong Kong. Back in 2003 Hong Kong had proposed an anti-terrorist law which apparently had some tenuous similarities to our "Patriot Act". From Wikipedia " The proposed legislation gave much power to the police, such as not requiring a search warrant to search a home of a "suspected terrorist". This has led to public outcry, and resulted in massive demonstrations (1 July marches), where it is estimated that over five hundred thousand people took to the streets, on 1 July 2003. After the demonstrations, the government indefinitely shelved its drafted law." It's just a crying shame that we have to be taking lessons from the Chinese about how we protect our rights.

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