A2A with Willem Middelkoop, author of "The Big Reset"

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Our webinar guest this week was Willem Middelkoop, author of the best-selling book "The Big Reset". With the Chinese yuan set to be included in the IMF's SDR at the first of October, this conversation could not have been more timely.

First of all, Willem wrote "The Big Reset" back in 2013 and he updated/revised it in 2015. If you've not yet purchased a copy, what are you waiting for? Please use the links provided for this purpose. Additionally, Willem added an extra chapter for free back in August. Here's the link to the pdf: http://www.cdfund.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/SDR-Special-aug2016-DEF.pdf

Over the course of this call, we tried to hit as many topics as we could in the time we had. Among the issues addressed by Willem:

  • Brexit and the ramifications/implications for the euro and EU
  • The pending inclusion of the Chinese yuan/renminbi in the IMF's basket of currencies called the SDR
  • How The Big Reset will happen...overnight or gradually
  • How and why gold might one day be included in the SDR, as well
  • Willem's favorite commodity picks and why.

PLEASE be sure to listen to this entire recording. The SDR changes are just two weeks away and you need to be aware of the possible global effects and impacts. Thanks again to Willem for generously offering some of his limited time. We look forward to speaking with him again soon.



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Good try, Marchas!

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I'm looking forward to the adult comments that come right after the kids have had a chance to show off their immaturity.  

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Do you mean to imply that there are adults frequenting this site?  Well, I had no idea!

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Kiss My Scottish Ass.  Now That Is Immaturity. No I guess that is adult content.

Well anyway let us hear your mature thoughts on Willem's interview seeing that your so far above our childish ways. By the way welcome to Turdville. Keep Stacking

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Someone Dumped 70 Tons Of Paper Gold At 8:30 a.m.

From 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. EST, a total of 6,289,900 ozs of paper gold, or 196.5 tons was unloaded on the Comex.


like I said this morning it was a BRUTE FORCE (paper short) attack!


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Max Keiser interview: James Turk of Goldmoney.com

Max and Stacy discuss negative interest rates, bans on cash and the one-percenters destroying dollar stores. In the second half, Max interviews James Turk of Goldmoney.com about the basket of deplorables that is the US economy. They also discuss gold standards and Special Drawing Rights.



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Thanks Craig and Willem

Willem refers to Rickards sometimes, but I'm not getting the same vib at all from Willem that would support Rickards talk of a September shakeup. Am I missing something here? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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I see it as a way to initiate the conversation, material builds up over time?

Keep stacking too!

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Oh my, Marchas! You wish you would have such a cute ass! ;-)

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Now I gotta buy his book again! Craig I hope you are getting some "VIG" off the interview because he mentions "The Big Reset" no fewer than 10 times. His premise that everything changes with the SDR is so fucking flawed it's scary. Until someone can show us a military that can come within a pubic hair of the awesome power of the United States of America, then all of his assumptions are in the toilet. Just as "Britannia Rules the Waves" was the dominant feature of the 1900's, "America rules the Land, Sea, and Air" today.

When that changes, the investment landscape will change. Until then, it's all marketing and sizzle.

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USDJPY just blasted through 102 and is now back to 101.82

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Didn't need to see that.  smiley


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What a masterful job!

So, on July 20th – just to make a point – gold was also trading at $1319.

On that day, USD/JPY was at …………… 106.84 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here it is tonight, back below 102, with gold at 1319.

Nicely done. 

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Your Daily Deutsche (bank)

$DB getting hammered as US asks for $14 Billion in RMBS probe, stock down 7%

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$14 Billion, isn't that interesting? ;-) That's what I wrote on a Czech board 2 weeks ago. They nail Apple, asking nearly $14 Billion, so now -- let's see who gets nailed for $14 Bill in the EU.

So, experts expected some $2 Bill for DB and now -- it is $14 Bill? Cool.

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The Netherlands is a

The Netherlands is a beautiful country and the fresh fish is delicious. I cook in a Dutch oven all the time

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masterful job @ truthseeker

Thanks for that little tidbit. Sure shows the markets are completely confusing with no linkage to typical movements of the dollar to gold at times. 

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" Until someone can show us a military that can come within a pubic hair of the awesome power of the United States of America, then all of his assumptions are in the toilet . . . "

Hmmmm, North Korea launches a EMP-equipped missile at the United States, our missiles fail to intercept it successfully, so we "ask" the Israelis to do us a favor and "take care of it for us", which they do.

Double hmmmm, Russia warns a pair of U.S. fighter jets to "disengage and leave the area" [over Syria], which they do not do (at first), so, all of a sudden the American jets and their ground support simultaneously experience loss of navigation, communication, and operational command and control, causing the American jets to hastily comply and beat feet out of there.

So much for awesome . . .

Well, at least we [will eventually] have the F-35 to maintain our air superiority.


Just sayin'

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@ Goldcom Re; Rickards vs. Middlekoop

I think the flavor differences of the two mentioned authors might be what kind of a immediate change from the intro of the SDR will be.  (I'm no authority on this)

Willem answered my question about the amount of drama that will be involved in the reset via the SDR.  It'll be a step of a process of change.  There will be an adjustment period, and there are many other things that can happen to make further adjustments.  I got the feeling that he doesn't view it as a brick wall situation.  (Did I get that one wrong guys?)

So in my mind lets say the pressure upon the comparative-value of the dollar to other currencies will happen not with "poof", but with more like;

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GLD lost 3.27 tonnes (932.22 total)

No change in SLV (11,272.98 total).

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Dutch oven

Omg the dutch oven question had me in tears lmao


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Jackputter from Jackstar

I'm not an expert on this, but maybe the U.S. jets lingered in the area intentionally in order to goad the Russkies into illuminating them (electronically)  to get information about the Russian radars -- frequencies, operational cues, etc.  Just sayin'.

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@Beachedas - Dutch Oven

Me too, was hoping his answer was his wife or girlfriend.

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Willem says that the reset could take 15 or 20 years

The U.S. economy is in such a world of suck right now that I find it impossible to believe that this could be extended another 15 or 20 years in this fashion.  Look at all the measures of shipping and truck freight traffic that have absolutely collapsed.  Business is going to go on like this for another 15 years without a dramatic collapse or a seizing up of credit markets that have to be "rescued" with a bank holiday and some kind of reset?  I think that stretches credulity too far.  If not because of economic failure there would arise irresistible political response forcing some kind of a reset.  The people in team red essentially rejected all their previous standard bearers . . . because they were their previous standard bearers and nominated a guy who had no real political experience . . . because he had no real political experience.  The people in team blue didn't get as far but they got to really appreciate the utter contempt in which they're held by their party's hierarchy.  15 more years of this?   Nope.

Now, if he means more to say that it might take 15 years before we arrive at the final version of what will be the next international system of currency and money, sure, that seems possible.  Maybe the SDR is used for some interim period and then dropped as the renminbi takes the center stage of all international commerce.  That taking 15 years I guess I could believe.

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