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As per tradition here at TFMR, our pal Jim Willie stopped by to celebrate the 3-day holiday weekend of Labor Day in the U.S. You should be sure to carve out some time to give this audio a thorough listen.

I decided to change the format a bit for this show. Instead of a list of questions for The Jackass to answer, I thought it would be fun to just simply give him some general topics and then just let him ride a stream of consciousness to wherever his big brain leads him.

Those three topics could be loosely described as:

  • The Fed/Bonds/Derivatives/NIRP/EU Banks. This is the first 20 minutes or so.
  • The G20 meeting in September/The IMF SDR inclusion of the yuan in October/gold. This evolves over the next 15-20 minutes.
  • International rejection of US treasuries/The future of the dollar/Gold-backed bonds/Gold-backed trade notes. This is the final 25 minutes.

So, anyway, have fun listening. I tried to keep my input to a minimum as most subscribers here at TFMR already know what I think on most of these issues. These podcasts are designed to give you access to what The Jackass thinks, instead.




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who is not credible..Krieger or Savoie? eom


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@Libero re: Registering Shares

Hearing the GOTS call from Santa I started down the same path, but, as you found- way too big a pain in the ass- then what, no flexibility and an even bigger  PITA.  Maybe there is a middle way?

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I think Savoie's got something

Jeff Nielson likes to cite the study done by a couple of Swiss researchers showing that one conglomerate of many huge international corporations is so interconnected through ownership and common directors that it's effectively one corporate unit and that it amounts to something like 40% of all corporate income worldwide.

Savoie's stuff is a bit dry but he shows that, if you look at the known member of this "Pilgrim Society" group, over and over again you see guys serving on the boards of directors of 4, 5, 6 or more huge companies.  It would be a little ridiculous for each of those corporations.  How can Chadwick Q. Oldmoney give the attention to AT&T and Johnson & Johnson and General Electric and a couple other big firms as needed?  Well, I think Savoie's point is that he's not trying to.  He's part of a group of associated people on the board of each of those firms so he just votes with all the others and they make sure that AT&T and GE etc don't go wandering astray but serve whatever interest the Pilgrim Society has in its functioning.

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Right on, my man! I was using the wrong goon search term. Thanks! 100 h/ts

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Duterte makes me proud too

Somebody needs to call Obama out for whom he is. I couldn't agree more Tyberious. I wish we had courageous folks calling Obama out on a myriad of issues. Too bad we have a press like the presstitute that asked him the question.

I visited the Phillipines many times in the US Navy and they were a wonderful people. Obama likely treats them like he treats many patriots here, as an annoyance. Obama has done much to destroy the good things about our country and turn us into a country our founders would abhor.

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Sorry I wasn't clear, Krieger detailed his interaction with Savoy, in which Savoy acted unprofessionally.

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PHYS Direct Registration.

Thanx to all who responded to my inquiry.  Very helpful info from others who have already "broken trail".....much appreciated.

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