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It was great fun to visit with my pal, The Doc, today. It was also highly informative as we discussed the dynamics of being a bullion dealer and how this impacts physical supply and demand of gold and silver coins.

Among the topics discussed in this 53-minute call:

  • How does "coin allocation" from the US Mint work
  • What does it mean to be an Authorized Participant at the wholesale level
  • How do large dealers manage risk and inventory
  • What types of coins are the biggest sellers and why
  • The advantages of 90% silver and why people own it
  • Current demand and supply trends within the industry

And much, much more. This was an extremely informative discussion, the likes of which you're simply not going to find anywhere else. Please carve out some time to give it a thorough listen. And, of course, you can always find excellent deals at www.sdbullion.com.



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Silver is #1

In my mind

ps. I've purchased 95% of my silver from sdbullion, never an issue.

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Keep Stacking

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T(H)URD!! AKA:   Marchas - 1


AKA:   Marchas - 1

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What the hey!!! Marchas Sparchas, there's a new fourth in town!

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Marchas +1


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No problem it only works for me. Keep Stacking

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Price Action

Well, Lil dip in spot has reinvigorated my stacking appetite! 

  Come to papa!

Now to listen  

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With the shit that hit the fan today in gold and silver we don't need an A2A but a podcast.

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Com'on now, we've been through much much worse than this ;^)

Buy The Friggin' (Shallow) Dips

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Most of us look forward to "strong" September

But don't you think that the CBs and cartel won't double (triple) their efforts to support DOW and keep pressure on PMs before the November 8th vote? .....Even loosing more gold if necessary?

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In an earlier Turdville Vault article I read many President opinions including TURD's who is voting independent.

I am also an independent and voted for Ron Paul twice and even voted for Ross Perot twice via write-in's because I wanted to be proud of my votes. I didn't realize what the ESTABLISHMENT Globalist Agenda was at the time and now realize that both my Democrat and Republican options were ESTABLISHMENT puppets.

This election is different - it's clearly ESTABLISHMENT vs. NON ESTABLISHMENT. When was the last non-ESTABLISHMENT candidate that actually had a chance to win? JFK and RR maybe?

Whether you LOVE or HATE Trump - voting for him is our only hope to combat the ESTABLISHMENT Globalist agenda which has ruined our country. Trump on his worst day is better than the ESTABLISHMENT!

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Actually, September should struggle


If you go back to July, I contended that August would see a move back close to or slightly above the old highs. So far, we've gotten close. The idea was that August would be a lot like April.

September, as we head toward October gold expirations, will likely see price pressure again, similar to March, May and July. The time period where I expect the highs of the year and a move toward $1500 and $24-26 is October-November.

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Trump Economic Advisors

Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal and Heritage Foundation.  Larry Kudlow of CNBC.  Sounds like establishment. 

Hillary has Gary Gensler, former Goldman, and worthless former do nothing head of CFTC.

Sounds like no choice.

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What makes things more confusing is that during the 2011-2015 downtrend metals would seem to usually get hit at the end of the month during expirations, delivery notice, etc...

But since the uptrend began last January it's hard to detect a downtrend pattern. I've seen the whole month down and part of the month down. Most of us have miners and I've seen them say F^%% Y$% to some gold/silver manipulative beatdowns YTD. Then you have the Indian Wedding Season - isn't that August and September?

Do you sell and realize a taxable gain? Do you sell a covered call or buy puts to hedge? Even when things are going our way - it isn't easy!

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Very interesting. Eagles = X, Maples =.33X, All rounds = X

It was interesting to hear the Doc's take on what part of the overall retail market is made up of sales of silver eagles, silver maples and rounds.  About a third as many silver maples sold as silver eagles and all rounds together roughly equaling the number of eagles.

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@lakedwellers. Moore used to be at the Cato Institute

Moore used to be at the cato institute and that was not the establishment as it was basically the libertarian economic platform.  But, yeah, Kudlow and Gensler are establishment hacks.

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Steve Moore

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I wonder if this means anything...


" Bulgaria had no Russian bases in Soviet times, but now has a number of US ones and is already in increasing danger at a time of growing Cold War 2.0 tensions. If Washington moved nukes into the country without the government’s permission, it would be a display of arrogance that could cost the USA dear.

But to use the huge US base in Kosovo would be to put the weapons just a few miles form major concentrations of armed Jihadists, surely unwise even by Washington’s standards of recklessly or deliberately sending weapons to places from which they are promptly seized by Al Qaeda or ISIS.

And how many of the 90 missiles did they even manage to spirit out of the country before President Erdogan, shocked by the fair-weather (dis)loyalty of his American allies stopped them moving out the rest?

For that was surely the purpose of the mass blockade by 5,000 Turkish nationalists, power cuts, and the sealing off of the whole base by 7,000 heavily armoured Turkish troops.

However many nukes are left, they certainly now form extra bones of contention between Ankara and Washington. This will, on balance, probably move the world’s nuclear Doomsday Clock back a minute, with anything that weakens the Nato encirclement of Russia making Planet Earth a slightly safer place. "

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Steve Moore

Could be nice guy but he used to be on CNBC quite often 10 or more years ago.  He could 't support deregulation and Wall Street enough.  All for the Central Bankers and and all the Wall Street people within the Bush Administration.  I couldn't tell you where he is today but he was out of touch years ago.  I would prefer someone along the lines of David Stockman or Kilitnakoff ( spelling?).  Moore just too elitist or was. 

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David Milpass

is a trump economic advisor-he was wall street not sure which firm. As Trump would say, low energy, so the guy must really be smart.

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Retail numbers....

Is there anyone out there who honestly thinks the retail numbers will be disappointing tomorrow? Just curious if anyone is actually entertaining that notion. If nothing else, it might present buying opportunities tomorrow that might not be there next week. Could be just what's needed to get the next leg up on price. I'm trying to look at this in the most positive way possible. It's hard to expect honesty out of these reports lately. Maybe I'm just a little beat down after the BLSBS, but expecting a nice work of fiction seems the best approach for the morning, with a nice buying opportunity.

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AG First Majestic

AG textbook rising wedge with negative divergence


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Marc Faber

20 minutes

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Just before the BLSBS....

I posted the one obscure online article out there that talked about how we might be expecting lousy job numbers. I don't want to say I was naive, but there was likely most of Turdville laughing hysterically at me for thinking a government report would paint a grim picture of the economy! Maybe now I've at least become a little more of a realist! I would post an article about the expectation of lousy retail numbers tomorrow, but I don't think one exists. So, to state the obvious, "Tomorrow will be a great buying opportunity"! My eyes are finally open! All economic reports before November are probably filtering through the Clinton campaign first. I think I can finally sleep well, knowing there are no mysteries left in government economic reports!

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One last Trump comment from me

Why doesn't the Trump campaign state that Bill Weld, the libertarian nominee, could have a seat at the table (cabinet position) ... if the Libertarian voters would vote Trump.  Sorta like a coalition .. having their position voiced "at the table" ...  Many of the Trump positions are favorited by Libertarians... like over-regulation .. defense of the constitution, etc. 

Weld has 11% of the vote in the polls ... that would put Trump over the top....  Has anyone ever thought about this out loud?  Pass the word ... lol

(apology to Turd... no more from me on this)

Brett828's picture

The call for Libertarians!

Some of the latest polling numbers are showing a much closer race when the polling considers all the candidates, not just Trump and Clinton. If you are pulling for Trump, that consideration provides a measure of hope. Clearly candidates like Bill Weld are taking votes away from Clinton. While Trump is more of a Libertarian, the polling doesn't suggest that he's splitting Libertarian votes with other candidates. For those of us out there that are considering other choices besides Trump and Clinton, maybe this is the year that someone other than a Republican or Democrat makes a race of this. I'm hoping that when debates begin, other candidates besides Trump and Clinton will be heard. If ever there was a time when America was begging for another choice, this is it!

matt_'s picture

You know Bill Weld is the VP pick, right?

Bill Weld isn't running for president, Gary Johnson is.

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Back to the Metals

I don't know how better to get us away from the political chaos than to have a few visual items to ponder..


All Silver Ever Mined in History - Cumulative Production - World Total 

Left Cube-Silver Currently in Existence                                            Right Cube-Silver Lost throughout History

777,275 Tonnes                                                                                             634,199 Tonnes
This is Silver in all existing forms,
not just accessible/purchasable Silver Reserves.                                Gold Cube-All the Gold every Mined in History

                                                                                                                          166,500 Tonnes

Brett828's picture


Sorry, my mistake. I just knew the 3rd part candidates were polling votes from Clnton, tightening the race. I didn't pay attention to it, my stupidity. I just was looking at the difference between Trump/Clinyon polling, and polling with additional candidates. Regardless, my point is that, Clinton suffers when there are more candidates. I also think that Gary Johnson could get a closer look if he comes off well in the debates. You have to admit, a lot of people aren't exactly excited about the Democratic and Republican choices.

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