Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and The Jackass

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On Thursday, our pal Jim Willie stopped by for another holiday weekend podcast. Making it even more special was conducting this program in our A2A format where our Vault subscribers got to ask the majority of the questions. The result is 90 minutes of compelling audio that you're definitely going to want to hear.

This was, as usual, great fun and extremely informative. Jim must have answered about 20 questions from listeners, covering topics as diverse as:

  • The current status of DeutscheBank
  • The impact of Brexit on the euro and NATO
  • Turkey's "reconciliation" with Russia
  • The coming paradigm shift in the global monetary structure
  • Whether silver be included in any new, asset-backed global currency regime
  • His thoughts on a proper allocation between gold and silver
  • And much, much, much more.

It's going to be a long, 3-day weekend and US futures markets won't re-open until late Monday. So sit back, relax and enjoy yourself some Jackass. I promise you will not be disappointed.



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Happy Fourth...

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Top Something

Maybe 2?

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Just bought a beautiful T-Bone steak! and come in Thurd..

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Oh yes, the most Coveted 4th on the 4th of July weekend!!!

Kicking it this holiday weekend.

Keep stacking while you still can afford to ;)

Please watch this video this weekend... Excellent documentary on just how deep the deep state goes...

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Wow - New music


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did the banksters fall asleep

did the banksters fall asleep or are they really gonna let silver out on it's high for the day? surprise

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Dumb monkeys!

Turned all the knobs the wrong way today.  What's a poor criminal bankster to do!??!  Ya just can't find good help these days.

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Top 10!

Yeehaw! It's been a while.

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The "supernote" I was reffering to is (from wikipedia):

A superdollar (also known as a superbill or supernote) is a very high quality counterfeit United States one hundred-dollar bill,[1] alleged by the U.S. Government to have been made by unknown organizations or governments.[2][3] In 2011 government sources stated that these "counterfeit bills were in worldwide circulation from the late 1980s until at least July 2000" in an extradition court case.[4] .

Being as $100 bills account for most the currency in circulation.  (80%ish?)

Personally I think the CIA is involved in making them. US ATM's know them instantly. Activating that portion of the software outside the USA would probably sieze up the system, and create another  dollar. The electronic dollars they already have under "control." It came to me when listening to Rob Kirby a while back, there already is a Shit Dollar.

So I was a little disapointed the JW didn't think as fraudlently I am, still a great interview!!

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Clif again / July Wild Ride Ahead....

Ack! ALTA report for July promised a 'wild ride'! No mistake on that title, eh silvertards!?!

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July 4th

No need to wait for the fireworks -- the sky is exploding with gold and silver right now!

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Can we get through $20! Looks like it, definitely next week. 

Have not been trading my uslv for several months as I felt this time is different. Traded uslv, dust and nugt during the first quarter with great results. I could always buy back as the price dropped. Now it seems like you might be left behind.

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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to the LCD we go . . .

Damn!  Went down to my LCD to pick up some ASE's (to celebrate today's festivities) and missed the Top Ten.  I guess phyzz trumps (no political connotation there!) a podcast . . .

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My doggies are afraid of fireworks...and thunder

The ones on my computer screen (AU/AG) don't seem to bother them at all.

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C'mon now.... there gonna be a pullback...what could you realistically expect from here? Shit, is it going to 22 first?....feels kinda like 2010....but the past beatdowns...over and over...I'm pushing through and adding right this second, but am I the only one that is slightly gun shy?

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Here comes the last minute smack-down.

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Now Here's A Sure Bet...

...and it dovetails nice with the Jackass

" Following the U.K. vote to leave the European Union, German regulatory filings show that Soros has bet over $100 million that the "Brexit" fallout will cross the channel to continental Europe and pummel the beleaguered German institution Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DB). "

Soros ought to have a pipeline of information that covers his risk here.

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Starting Out as One of the Best 4th of Julys . . .

that I recall in some time. smiley

Real money used by a free people is flexing its muscles. The American founders had experienced 'funny money' with their overly printed Continentals,  and they wanted no more of that.

Have a Great 4th of July everyone !  Please remember those who made it possible. They wanted a prosperous nation that defended personal Liberty and minded their own damned business. We got off that path more than a century ago - - but we can get back on it again.

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Am I reading this wrong?

Did gold close out the week over $1340? I have a last at $1342.42 The HUI chart is truly a thing beauty. This alone should get some high level investor attention. It may not be clear sailing but there's no question the wind is at our back.

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Special Music

For the 4th of July. I had forgotten about that song by Chicago.

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What a superb day!!

just wait til we are going up by $20 a day!! :p

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Thanks TF

You have been right about a lot,,,but, you have also maintained a positive attitude in the face of corruption and manipulation of the PMs.  Positive from the perspective that criminality will eventually fail.  I hope we are there...but, even if we are not there, you have been pretty well right in getting us here as winners.  I would like to stay a winner...with the help of TF and the rest of Turdville.  This 4th will be a little more relaxed than the last 15...until Tuesday.

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Limit up.

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If silver is making $20 a day moves, you should be focusing less on the amount of your stack, and more on the amount of your ammo . . .

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YAY!! how fun! makin' 4th treats and listening with a smile!

love puttin' around the kitchen, choppin' and mixin' and whistling!!! this made my day<3 the turd and the jackass and some good 'ole "saturday in the park" to get me in the mood<3
soooooooo in the mood for some ice cold beers, watching my brothers and the "man crew" setting up the pyrotechnics while all us girls cluck, on the porch under umbrellas, about how funny they are and how much we love them...
dang! family and friends...
enjoy these sweet days my dears.
THESE ARE THE GOOD TIMES!! <3 make sure to dole out extra hugs and sincere luvins this holiday...
get sunburnt! be the crazy auntie, uncle or gramma/, just have a dang good time!!!!
i can't wait for the fun! God bless all of ya's!!! be safe and happy this independence day...but heck, push the envelope abit and cut loose! dance and the kids chase lightning bugs and splash ALL of the water out of the pool!
hug someone you love and hold 'em close under the light of fireworks and allow yourself the silliness kids are lucky enuf to enjoy daily.
it goes like, "ooooooh ahhhhhhhh, WOW! HOLY COW!!!....OOOOH AHHHH..WOAHHHH, CRAP!HAHAHAH!!!"
...etc...*with stupid big smiles and glassy eyes*!"
love you all, sweeties! <3  HAPPY 4th OF JULY !!!
now, go stir up some good times and dance and love with abandon in the sweet summer breezes!!!
*eh hem...the extended cut, btw...
(really LOVE the garden tools on the cover!!!

with love and a silver lined snuggle for all of you<3<3<3

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Bought this @ 202.36 a few days ago.

10 oz. RCM Silver Bar - Royal Canadian Mint .9999 Fine

It came today @ 227.44

smiley  smiley  smiley

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